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81:1  When the sun will be rolled, (i.e., folded; compressed)
81:2  And when the stars will be turbid
81:3  And when the mountains will be made to travel
81:4  And when the (she-camels) ten-months with young are untended
81:5  And when the savage beasts will be mustered
81:6  And when the seas will be seething
81:7  And when the (inner) selves will be paired, (i.e., joined to their bodies
81:8  And when the female infant buried alive will be asked
81:9  For whichever guilty deed she was killed
81:10  And when the Scrolls will be unrolled
81:11  And when the heaven will be scraped off
81:12  And when the Hell-Fire will be set blazing
81:13  And when the Garden will be drawn within reach
81:14  (Then) a self will know whatever it has presented
81:15  Then no! swear by the constant sinkers
81:16  The running "stars", the constant sinkers
81:17  And by the night when it darkens, (Or: swarms
81:18  And by the morning when it breathes
81:19  Surely it is indeed the Saying of an honorable Messenger (The Angel Jibril "Gabriel"
81:20  Owning power, established in the Providence of The Owner of the Throne
81:21  Obeyed there, (and) devoted
81:22  And in no ay is your companion (The Prophet) a madman
81:23  And indeed he (The Prophet) already saw him (The Angle Jibril "Gabriel") on the evident horizon
81:24  And in no way is he reluctant with the Unseen (i.e., the Prophet saw Jibril)
81:25  And in no way is it the saying of an outcast Shaytan (Ever-vicious "one", i.e., devil
81:26  Where then are you (The pronoun is plural) going
81:27  Decidedly it is nothing except a Remembrance to the world
81:28  For whomever of you who decides to go straight
81:29  And in no way can you decide except "when" Allah "so" decides, The Lord of the worlds