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82:1  When the heaven will be rent asunder
82:2  And when the planets will be strewn
82:3  And when the seas will be made to gush forth
82:4  And when the tombs will be scattered away
82:5  A self will know whatever it has forwarded and deferred
82:6  O you man! What has deluded you concerning your Ever-Honorable Lord
82:7  Who created you, then molded you, then proportioned you
82:8  In whichever fashion He (so) decides, He compounds you
82:9  Not at all! No indeed, (but) you cry lies to the Doom
82:10  And surely there are indeed over you Preservers
82:11  Honorable Writers
82:12  (Who) know whatever you perform
82:13  Surely the constantly benign will indeed be in Bliss
82:14  And surely the constantly impious will indeed be in Hell-Fire
82:15  Roasting therein on the Day of Doom
82:16  And in no way will they be absent from it
82:17  And what makes you realize what the Day of Doom is
82:18  Again, (Literally: Thereafter) what makes you realize what the Day of Doom is
82:19  A Day when no self will possess anything (to help) another self; and the Command upon that Day belongs to Allah