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81:1  When the sun implodes
81:2  And when the stars cannot be seen
81:3  And when the mountains are made to move
81:4  And when the reproduction is ended
81:5  And when the beasts are gathered
81:6  And when the seas are made to boil
81:7  And when the souls are paired
81:8  And when the girl killed in infancy is asked
81:9  "For what crime was she killed"
81:10  And when the records are displayed
81:11  And when the sky is removed
81:12  And when Hell is ignited
81:13  And when Paradise is made near
81:14  Every soul will know what it had done
81:15  So, I swear by the receding stars
81:16  Their orbits swept away
81:17  And the night when it passes
81:18  And the morning when it breathes
81:19  It is the saying of an honourable messenger
81:20  With power and influence from the One of the throne
81:21  Obeyed, and trustworthy
81:22  And your friend is not crazy
81:23  And he saw him by the clear horizon
81:24  And he has no knowledge of the future
81:25  And it is not the saying of an outcast devil
81:26  So where will you g
81:27  It is but a reminder for the worlds
81:28  For whomever of you wishes to be straight
81:29  And you cannot will anything except if God also wills, the Lord of the worlds