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82:1  When the sky is damaged
82:2  And when the planets are scattered
82:3  And when the seas burst
82:4  And when the graves are laid open
82:5  Then the soul will know what it has brought forth and what it has left behind
82:6  O man, what has turned you arrogant against your Lord, the Most Generous
82:7  The One who created you, then evolved you, then made you uprigh
82:8  In any which picture He chooses, He places you
82:9  No, you are but deniers of the system
82:10  And over you are those who watch
82:11  Honourable scribes
82:12  They know what you do
82:13  The pious are in Paradise
82:14  And the wicked are in Hell
82:15  They will enter it on the Day of recompense
82:16  And they will not be absent from it
82:17  And do you know what is the Day of recompense
82:18  Then again, do you know what is the Day of recompense
82:19  The Day when no soul possesses anything for any other soul, and the decision on that Day is to God