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7:2  A Book has been sent down to you, so let there be no constriction in your chest from it, that you may warn by it, a reminder to believers.
7:3  Follow what has been sent down to you all from your Lord, and follow no protector but God. Little do you heed.
7:4  How many communities have We destroyed and visited with Our vengeance in their homes by night or as they slept by day?
7:5  And never was their cry, when Our vengeance came to them, anything but "We were wrong!"
7:6  And We will question those to whom the message was sent, and We will question the messengers.
7:7  And we will tell them all with knowledge, for We are never absent.
7:8  And the balance on that day will be the Truth: and those whose scales are heavy are the happy ones.
7:9  And those whose scales are light are those who have lost their own souls because they mistreated Our signs.
7:10  We have established you on earth, and We have provided you livelihood there: little is your gratitude.
7:11  And We created you and formed you: and then We said to the angels, "'Bow to Adam." And they bowed, save Ibliis, who was not of those who bowed.
7:12  God said, "What prevented you from bowing when I commanded you?" Ibliis said, “I am better than he: You created me of fire,.• but You created him of clay.”
7:13  God said, “Then descend from here: it is not for you to exalt yourself here. Get out then; for you are among the vile.”
7:14  Ibliis said, "'Grant me respite until the day they are resurrected.”
7:15  God said, “You shall be of those granted respite."
7:16  Ibliis said, "Then in view of the fact that You have made me stray, I will lie in wait for them on Your righteous path.
7:17  "And I intend to come upon them, to their faces and behind their backs and from their right and their left: and You will not find most of them grateful to You."
7:18  God said, "Get out of here, despised and rejected: indeed, if any of them follow you, I will fill hell with you all.
7:19  "But you, Adam, dwell in the garden, you and your wife, and eat of whatever you want; but do not come near this tree, lest you become abusive oppressors."
7:20  Then the Obsessor whispered to them suggestions to expose to them their shame,· which had been hidden from them, and said, "Your Lord has only forbidden you this tree lest you become angels or immortals."
7:21  And he swore to them, "I am a sincere adviser to you."
7:22  So he made the two fall by means of vain hope: and when they tasted of the tree, their shame was exposed to them; and they began to sew together leaves from the garden to cover themselves. And their Lord called to them, "Did I not forbid you that tree, an
7:23  They said, “Our Lord! We have oppressed ourselves! And if You do not forgive u and have mercy on us, We will surely be lost."
7:24  God said, “Descend, enemies of one another: there is for you a dwelling on earth and provisions for a while.”
7:25  God said, “There you will live, and there you will die; but you will be taken out of there.”
7:26  Descendants of Adam! We have sent you clothing to hide your shame and adorn you; though the garment of conscience is best. That is among the signs of God, so they may take heed.
7:27  Descendants of Adam! I et the Obsessor not tempt you as when he had your ancestors expelled from the garden, stripping from them their clothing to show them their shame. Indeed, he sees you, he and his cohorts, from where you do not see them: for We have
7:28  And when they do what is shameful, they say, “we found our fathers at it, and God has directed us to it." Say, “God does not command anything that is shameful: will you say of God what you do not know?"
7:29  Say, “My Lord has commanded justice, and to direct your being right to God in every place of worship; and call upon God, true to God in faith: you shall revert to how God first made you."
7:30  Some God has guided, while some have deservingly strayed. for they took to obsessions, these instead of God, and think they are the guided ones.
7:31  Descendants of Adam. wear your adornments at every place of worship. and eat and drink: but do not be extravagant, for God does not love those who waste.
7:33  Say. “My Lord has only forbidden what is shameful. open or secret; and iniquity, and unjust oppression; and that you associate anything with God for which no authority has been revealed; and that you say of God what you do not know."
7:35  Descendants of Adam! Whenever a messenger from among you comes to you relating My signs, those who are conscientious and amend their lives have nothing to fear and they will not grieve.
7:36  But those who repudiate Our signs and treat them with contempt are the inhabitants of the fire, those who remain therein.
7:87  And if there is among you a group who believes in what I have been sent with, and a group who does not believe, then be patient until God judges between us, for God is the best of judges.
7:94  We never sent a prophet to a city without afflicting its people with misery and distress so that they might become humble.
7:95  Then We exchanged advantage for adversity until they grew, and said, "Our fathers too were touched by distress and prosperity.” Then We suddenly seized them, while they were unawares.
7:96  But if only the people of the cities were faithful and conscientious, We would surely have opened for them blessings from heaven and earth: but they repudiated truth as lies. so We took them to task for what they did deserve.
7:152  As for those who have made idols for themselves, wrath from their Lord will overtake them, and degradation in the life of this world: thus do We pay inventors of lies.
7:153  But to those who have done wrong yet repent thereafter and believe, your Lord is most forgiving after that, most merciful.
7:155  Moses chose seventy of his people for an appointment with God: and when violent shaking seized them, he said, "My Lord! If You wished, You could have already destroyed them, and me as well: will You destroy us for the deeds of the ignorant fools among us?
7:156  "And ordain good for us in this world and the hereafter: for we have turned to You.” God said, “I strike with My punishment whomever I will. But My mercy extends to all things; so I will make it the destiny of those who are conscientious and charitable, a
7:157  “those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, of whom they find notice in their own writings, in the Torah and the Gospel: he directs them to what is fair, and restrains them from iniquity; and he makes good things lawful to them, and prohibits
7:172  When your Lord brought forth from the offspring of Adam descendants from their loins and had them testify regarding themselves -“AM NOT YOUR LORD?” They said, “Oh yes! We so testify!” Lest you say on Judgment Day, “We were heedless of this!”
7:177  A bad example are the people who have repudiated Our signs, thus oppressing their own souls.
7:178  Those whom God does guide are thus those rightly guided; and those God leads astray are the ones who lose.
7:179  And We have made for hell many sprites and humans: they have hearts, but do not understand with them; and they have eyes, but do not see with them; and they have ears, but do not hear with them. They are like cattle, but even more astray; they are the hee
7:180  The most beautiful names are God's, so call on God by them, avoiding those who profane the names: they will be given their due for what they have been doing.
7:181  And of those We have created is a people who guide by truth and with it render justice.
7:204  And when the Recital is read. listen to it silently that you may be blessed with mercy.
7:205  And remember your Lord within your soul in humility and awe, morning and evening, without ostentation in words; and do not be of the heedless.
7:206  Those with your Lord are not too arrogant to worship; they honor and bow to God.