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46:1  Ha Meem
46:2  This glorious Book is sent down by Allah, the Almighty, the Wise.
46:3  We created Heavens and the Earth and what lies between them with a purpose only, for a fixed term. The disbelievers turn away from the warning given to them.
46:4  Say: “Have you seriously considered those you worship beside Allah? Show me what they have created on Earth, or were they partners in the creation of Heavens? Bring me a book from the past or any remnants of knowledge if you are truthful.”
46:5  Who is more misguided than the one who worships things that don’t answer him beside Allah, till Judgement Day they will be unaware of their worship.
46:6  When they’re gathered they will be their enemies, and will reject their worship
46:7  When Our verses are recited before the disbelievers, they speak about the truth saying, “This is plain magic!”
46:8  Or they say, “he has made this up.” Say: “If I made it up you can’t save me from Allah; He knows very well what you say about it. He is a sufficient witness between me and you. He is Forgiving and Most Caring.”
46:9  Say: “ I am not the first of the messengers nor do I claim that I know what will happen to me and you, I only follow what is revealed to me and I am a clear warner.”
46:10  Say: “Have you considered: if this was from Allah and you denied it, what would be the consequences? A witness from the Israelites testified to the coming of one like himself and has believed, yet you are being arrogant. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers
46:11  The disbelievers say to the believers, “If this religion was good, then you couldn’t have believed it before we did.” Since they didn’t get any guidance from the Quran, they say, “This is an old lie,”
46:12  although before this Musa’s Book came as a guide and a useful manual; and this Book too confirms it in the Arabic language to warn the wicked people, and to give good news to the righteous.
46:13  The people who say, “Our Lord is Allah,” remain steadfast without fear, without worry –
46:14  these are people of Paradise, where they will live forever, a reward for what they did
46:15  We advised humanity to care for parents; in pregnancy, his mother carried him with difficulty, and with greater difficulty she gave him birth. The pregnancy and the weaning took thirty months; when he reached his full maturity and the fortieth year, he prayed: “My Lord, inspire me to thank You for the gifts that You have blessed me and my parents with, and give me the ability to be righteous, to please You; make my children righteous, too. I turn towards You, and I am a Muslim.”
46:16  These are the people whose good deeds We shall accept and forgive their sins, and they shall be people of Paradise. This is a true promise, Allah made with the faithful
46:17  Theres the one who angrily said to his parents, “How come! You threaten me with being brought out of the grave, yet generations have passed away before me.” Both parents beg Allah for help and say to the son, “Woe to you! Believe in Allah’s true promise.” He replies by saying, “These are stories of the ancient.”
46:18  These are the ones who justly deserve the fate of the bygone nations of jinn and humans. They were losers.
46:19  People will have rank according to their works, and will get full reward for their works, and they won’t be deprived of their rights.
46:20  The Day when the disbelievers will be brought in front of the Fire it will be said: “You wasted the precious gifts of worldly life and indulged in pleasures, so today you will be rewarded with a humiliating punishment for your arrogance without any right on Earth, and for your disobedience
46:21  And remember Prophet Hud of the tribe of Ad. When he warned his people living near the sand dunes – and many messengers had come to them before and after him – telling them, “Do not worship anyone except Allah. I fear for you the punishment of a mighty Day,”
46:22  they said, “Have you come to turn us away from our gods? If that is so, then bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are truthful.”
46:23  Prophet Hud said, “Allah alone knows it’s time; however, I will keep delivering what message is given to me, but you are stubbornly ignorant people.”
46:24  When they saw the punishment coming, it was a cloud moving towards their valleys; they said, “This cloud will bring us rain.” Hud said, “Yes, it’s what you eagerly wanted, a sandstorm carrying painful torment.
46:25  It will destroy everything in its path by the Lord’s command.” Next morning, there was nothing to see except their ruined homes. That is how We repay the sinners
46:26  We made them stronger than you, and gave them ears, eyes and hearts, yet they didn’t benefit the slightest from their ears, their eyes and their hearts, since they denied Allah’s verses. What they used to mock overwhelmed them as punishment.
46:27  We destroyed many towns that once flourished around you, and made clear to them the Scripture, so they may return.
46:28  So why weren’t they helped by the idols they took for nearness to gods beside Allah? In fact they deserted them, and this was the lie they invented
46:29  Remember when We sent a group of jinn, they came and listened to the Quran, and said, “Listen silently.” When the recitation had finished, they returned to their people to warn them.
46:30  They told them, “Our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Musa, confirming previous Scriptures, and it guides to the truth and to the straight path.
46:31  They continued, “Accept the invitation of the one who calls you to Allah, and believe him and Allah will forgive your sins and save you from a painful punishment.”
46:32  Whoever does not answer the one who summons to Allah, cannot escape the plan of Allah on Earth, and will have no helpers. They are clearly misguided
46:33  Don’t they see that Allah created Heavens and the Earth, and its creation didn’t tire Him out, and He is capable of giving life to the dead. Yes, He has control over all things.
46:34  The Day when the disbelievers will be brought in front of the Fire, it will be said: “Isn’t this the truth?” They will say, “By our Lord, this is truth.” Allah will say, “Taste the punishment for your disbelief.
46:35  Be patient, like the strong-willed messengers were patient, and don’t wish to hasten the punishment for them. The day they see the punishment they were warned about, they will think they only lived an hour of the day. This is a true message. Only the disobedient will be destroyed