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47:1  The works of the disbelievers - who obstruct people from accepting Allah’s religion - are wasted,
47:2  but the believers who are righteous and convinced of the truth revealed to Muhammad from His Lord, will be forgiven their sins, and Allah will improve their current situation.
47:3  This is because the disbelievers follow falsehood and the believers follow their Lord’s truth. This is how Allah presents examples for people.
47:4  When you encounter the disbelievers in battle beat their necks until they are thoroughly weakened, then tie them up with ropes as captives. Afterwards, you can release them gracefully or take a ransom from them, but they must have surrendered their weapons. That is an order. Had Allah wanted, He could have taken revenge Himself from them, but he wishes to test some of you with others. Allah will never let the deeds of those killed go to waste.
47:5  He will guide and improve their situation.
47:6  And He shall admit them into the Paradise He guided them to
47:7  Believers, if you help Allah’s religion then he will help you and make you firm and strong-minded.
47:8  On the other hand, the disbelievers will be ruined and their works will go to waste;
47:9  this is because they dislike what Allah reveals and wasted their works.
47:10  Haven’t they travelled about in the land so they may see the fate of those people before them? Allah destroyed them and the same fate awaits these disbelievers.
47:11  This is because Allah is the protector of believers, but the disbelievers have no protector.
47:12  Allah will admit the righteous believers into Paradise, with running streams. The disbelievers today are enjoying themselves and eating like cattle, although the Fire is their final home.
47:13  There were many towns more powerful than the town that expelled you, yet We destroyed their residents and they had no helper
47:14  Is the one who accepted the Lord’s clear arguments like the one whose evil deeds seem attractive and he follows his desires?
47:15  The Paradise promised to the Allah-conscious will have: rivers of water whose taste and smell never changes; rivers of milk whose taste never changes; rivers of wine that give pleasure to their drinkers; and rivers of pure honey; for them are all kinds of fruits as well as forgiveness from their Lord. Can these be like those who will be in the Fire forever, given boiling water to drink that cuts through their bowels
47:16  Some of them listen carefully to you until they leave you, and say to those who were given knowledge, “What was he saying just now?” These are people whose hearts Allah sealed and they followed their desires.
47:17  Those who followed the straight path, Allah increased their guidance and blessed them with piety.
47:18  So are they waiting for the Final Hour to overwhelm them suddenly? Its signs have already appeared, so what use will it be to pay attention then?
47:19  Know, there is no God but Allah, and pray that Allah protects your people from sins, and seek forgiveness for the sins of all believing men and women. Allah knows your places of work and rest
47:20  And the believers say, “Why hasn’t a surat been revealed about fighting?” When a decisive surat is revealed that mentions fighting, you will see people with a disease in their hearts looking at you like the one who is in death throes. It would be far better for them
47:21  to obey and to say a good thing when the commandment came to pass. If only they were sincere about Allah, that would be far better for them.
47:22  So if you turn away now perhaps you would create corruption on the land and sever your blood ties.
47:23  Allah cursed these people, made them deaf, and blinded their eyes.
47:24  Haven’t they reflected on the Quran? Or are there locks on their minds
47:25  Those who turn their backs after the truth was made clear to them have been fooled by Satan, and given false long hopes.
47:26  That is because they say to those who hate what Allah has revealed, “We will follow you in some things only.” Allah knows their secrets.
47:27  What will it be like when the angels take their souls at the time of death, and they will be striking them on their faces and backs.
47:28  That punishment will be because they followed what angers Allah, and they disliked seeking divine pleasure, so their works are now worthless
47:29  Or do those with disease in their heart think Allah will never expose their hatred?
47:30  If We wanted we can show them to you, and you will easily recognise them from their faces and from the tone of their speech. Allah knows your works.
47:31  We shall test you in order to see who among you strives hard and is patient and test the sincerity of your claims.
47:32  The disbelievers who stop others from Allah’s way and oppose the Messenger after the truth is made clear to them are incapable of harming Allah in the slightest. And their works will be worthless
47:33  Believers! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and don’t ruin your works.
47:34  Surely, the disbelievers who stop others from Allah’s way will not be forgiven if they die as disbelievers.
47:35  Believers! Never lose heart nor beg for peace; you shall be dominant and Allah will be with you, and He will not deprive you of the reward for your works
47:36  Indeed, the life of this world is an amusement and pleasant pastime. However, if you believe and are mindful, you will be have rewards, and He will not ask you to give all of your wealth.
47:37  Were He to demand from you to spend all of your wealth, you would be miserly and your dislike to spend would then be exposed.
47:38  You are called upon to spend some of it in Allah’s way, but some of you are miserly, and whoever is miserly deprives himself of goodness. Allah is Self-Sufficient, whereas you are in need of Him. And if you turn away, He will bring others in your place, and they will not be the likes of you