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46:1  H.M
46:2  This book is revealed by God, the Most powerful, the Most Wise
46:3  There is a rational and high purpose in the creation of the heavens and the earth. The whole universe has a destiny and will be recalled back one day. What a pity that the disbelievers do not care about God’s warnings
46:4  Ask them: “Have you ever seen with your own eyes those whom you consider as gods instead of God? Show me what they have created in this world. Do these imaginary gods have any share in the creation and the control of the universe? Are these gods of yours mentioned in any scriptures sent down before Qur’an? Do you have any reference to the teaching of previous Prophets regarding the existence of more then one Creator? Show your references, if you are truthful
46:5  Who is more unjust to himself than the one who worships gods [in any form or shape] who can not answer their prayers [by the virtue of their limitation] as long as the world last. As a matter of fact they are not even aware that they are being worshipped
46:6  On the Day of Judgment, the same idols that were being worshipped will turn to be the enemies of their worshippers and testify against them in the court of Almighty
46:7  Whenever My (God’s) clear revelations are recited to the disbelievers, they realize the truth; but instead of submission they call Qur’an a “plain magic!”
46:8  Do they mean by “plain magic” that the Prophet himself has fabricated the Qur’an. If so, tell them: “If I have fabricated the Qur’an, God is going to punish me and none of you can save me. God knows that your accusations are baseless and He will be judge between you and me. God is the Most Forgiving [so take advantage of it as the door is still open], the Most Merciful [that He still gives you time.]
46:9  Tell people: “I am not different from other Prophets. I do not know what will happen to you or me. I only follow what God has revealed to me. My only mission is to relay the message.”
46:10  Tell them: “Just for the sake of argument, suppose for a moment that Qur’an is a revelation from God and you deny it; [what a terrible destiny awaits you then]. A Jewish scholar among you has already declared that Qur’an is a true revelation of God and you are still stubborn in facing the truth! Know that God does not guide such unjust people.”
46:11  The disbelievers say to the believers: “If Qur’an was any good, they [a bunch of young and poor converse] would not be at the forefront [our leaders and “noblemen” would have accepted it first].” As disbelievers are not guided by Qur’an, they refer to it as “a fabrication like the false ones before.”
46:12  Before the revelation of Qur’an, God reveled Torah to Moses as a guidance in account of His Mercy. This Qur’an is the confirmation of [the authentic] Torah [which was lost long before] in Arabic in order to warn the wrongdoers and to give good news to the righteous ones
46:13  As a matter of fact, those who say,” God is our only Lord” and lead a God pleasing life will have nothing to fear nor to be sad about
46:14  They will be the inhabitants of Paradise who will live there forever. This is their reward for their good deeds
46:15  God hereby orders man to treat his parents with kindness. Especially the mother who went through lots of hardship in carrying the unborn baby inside her, then suffered a lot while giving birth and gave milk to the baby for some thirty months. When the child grows up and becomes mature, at the age of forty, he should say: “O Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings that you have showered me and my parent with and enable me to engage in God pleasing deeds. May you let my children to grow up righteous too. I turn to you and I submit myself to your will.”
46:16  I will accept such person’s good deed and cover his wrongdoings. Such person will inhabit in Paradise as I have truly promised
46:17  As for the one who mocks his parent saying: “Do you want me to believe that I will be brought back to life after my death? How come none has been brought back out of so many generations before?” The parents will turn then to God to guide their child and say: “Please believe; God’s promise is true.” Such disbeliever will then say: “These none senses are ancient mythology!”
46:18  Disbelieving men and extra-terrestrials (Jinns) with such an attitude are already sentenced to punishment. Indeed they are the losers
46:19  The severity of their punishment depends upon the severity of their deeds. God will render full justice
46:20  When the disbelievers are thrown into the Fire, they will be told: “You lost your fair chances while you were on earth; so, taste the fruit of your uncalled for arrogance and wrongdoings.”
46:21  Recall that the brother of Ad (Hud) warned his people (as they were warned many times before and after this) saying: “Do not worship anyone but God. Indeed I am worried about the terrible punishment of a gloomy Day which is awaiting you.”
46:22  They replied: “Do you want to take away our gods [our style of life]. Go ahead; bring upon us the punishment that you are talking so much about.”
46:23  He said: “Only God knows when that Day will come; my only mission is to relay the message that I am commissioned for. What a shame that you take my warnings as a joke in your ignorance.”
46:24  When they saw that the punishment is approaching their valleys, they said: “Here comes the cloud with much needed rain in for us.” No way; it is the punishment that you were challenging your Prophet to bring upon you
46:25  It will destroy everything by the will of its Lord. So, nothing left behind except the ruins of their empty places. This is the way that I (God) deal with guilty people
46:26  I had given them much more than I have given you. But they closed their ears, eyes and hearts to the truth and denied the revelations of their Lord. Consequently, they got exactly the same punishment that they were mocking at
46:27  I have destroyed many nations around you [in Arabian Peninsula]. I sent my messages to them over and over again in various ways so that they might stop wrongdoings
46:28  Why their idols did then abandoned them instead of helping them? That is because those gods were fake; invented by their imaginations
46:29  I (God) led a group of extra-terrestrials (Jinns) to one of your Qur’an recitation sessions. When they arrived, they listened carefully. Then they returned to their people as Warner
46:30  They reported: “We have just listened to the recitation of a Book that…
46:31  has been sent down after Moses. It contains the previous scriptures [lost throughout the time] and is a guidance to the truth; to the right path. We urge you, our people, to accept the invitation of the one who calls us to believe in God. By doing so, God will forgive your sins and will save you from a painful punishment.”
46:32  There is no escape for those who fail to respond to God’s call. After all [whether they accept or not], their Lord is God. They are indeed wrong
46:33  Do they not realize that God (Who created the entire universe without any pain) is capable of summon them back to life? Indeed God is capable of doing whatever He wills
46:34  The Day the disbelievers are led to the Fire, they will be asked: “Is not this the Truth?” They will say: “By our Lord, indeed it is the Truth.” God will say: “Then taste the fruit of your denying the Truth.”
46:35  Be patient (O Mohammad), as the Prophet before you endured the patience and do not be in a hurry to see the punishment that inevitable will overtake them. When the Day comes, it will seem to them that it was only an hour ago that they were living on earth! Now the message has been delivered. Only the evil doers will be destroyed