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45:1  H.M
45:2  This book has been sent down by God the Almighty, the Most Wise
45:3  The heavens and the earth is fool of proofs for those who believe in God
45:4  Those who are sure that there is a God, can see the power of the One and Only One God in their own creation, as well as the creation of other living species that God has scattered all over
45:5  Those who understand, can see the sings for the existence of God in the appearance of the day after night, the rain that God sends from the sky to bring life into a dead land and the blow of the wind
45:6  These verses are the words of God being sent to you. What source better than God Himself exists that people should refer to find an answer to their questions
45:7  Shame to sinful people who hide the truth and recourse to lies
45:8  These sinful people listen to the word of God recited to them, then turn they back and proudly denounce it. Let them know that a terrible punishment is waiting for them
45:9  Those people who listen to God’s word and then make a mockery will be severely punished
45:10  The Hell is waiting for such people. The idols that they worship, as well as whatever they have got, can not save them from an awful punishment which is waiting for them
45:11  Qur’an is a guidance. Those who disregard the verses of Qur’an will insure God’s most terrible punishment
45:12  God is the One Who submitted the seas to your service so that you may sail your ships by His Grace and ask God to help you to obtain your needed materials [food, oil, minerals, jewelry, etc.] from it. May you be grateful to your Lord
45:13  God has also submitted whatever is in the heavens and earth for you [exploring other planets, therefore, is the man’s to achieve]. There are hints in this statement for the visionary thinkers
45:14  Ask the believers to [be patient with and] forgive the shortsightedness of the disbelievers who do not believe in the Day of Judgment. [God will reward them for their patience and punish the disbelievers Himself as] God will fully pay for whatever each person has earned
45:15  If you do a good deed, your soul will benefit from it and if you do an evil deed, you will bear its burden. You will all return one Day to face your Lord
45:16  I (God) gave the Jews the Scripture, Divine criteria for judgment and Prophet hood. I showered them with good things of life and made them superior [in account of their prescribed style of life] to other nations
45:17  I gave them clear instructions in dealing with their affairs. Once they got the knowledge, they started to dispute among themselves [scientific jealousy]! Indeed your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection [regarding their short sightedness]
45:18  Now I am passing the law to you. Follow it and do not follow the laws of the others who [in spite of all their claims] do not have [God’s] knowledge
45:19  [If you make any change in the law to please them,] God’s anger upon you can not be stopped by them. The wrongdoers ally together; God allies with the righteous ones [what an imbalance of alliance]
45:20  The law is a beacon for the entire humanity. Only those who believe will receive guidance from this Mercy
45:21  Do wrongdoers expect that I (God) will treat them in the same way that I treat the believers, who do good deeds? Can their life and death be equal? If so, they are wrong
45:22  God has created the heavens and the earth based upon the Law so that each soul be justly rewarded for what it has earned. There will be no injustice in the Court of God
45:23  Have you ever noticed a person who has made his whims his God [and has become a slave to his lust] in spite of his knowledge? God [in response] makes his hearing, sight and mind insensitive to the truth. Who can help such a person? Would you not then be mindful
45:24  The disbelievers say: “We only live this life; as time goes, by we become old and die.” They have no knowledge about the subject and their saying is merely a guess
45:25  When MY clear Revelations are recited to them, their only response is: “Bring our forefathers back to life, if you are truthful.”
45:26  Tell them that the same God Who brings them to life and takes their lives away will gather together [and not individually as they are jokingly asking for] on the Day of Resurrection. This will surely take place but most people do not know that [as most people do not know the future]
45:27  God [has created and] governs over the heavens and the earth [therefore he is capable of re-creating it again]. When the Resurrection takes place, the worshippers of falsehood will be doomed to loss
45:28  You will see every nation [including the stubborn disbelievers] will [be so overtaken by the occasion that they will] fall kneeling before God. They will review their deeds. They will be told: “Today you will be rewarded according to your deeds.”
45:29  “Look at your actions; they are recorded as they happened.”
45:30  As for those who believed and did good deeds, The Lord will let them admit them to His mercy; this will be the greatest achievement
45:31  As for those who disbelieved, your Lord will say: “Were not My Revelations recited to you? What a shame that you showed arrogance and chose to become criminals
45:32  Remember when it was said that: “God’s promises is true and the upcoming Resurrection is inevitable” you used to recourse to any excuse saying: “We are not sure about it, we do not know when it will happen and how can we accept something that has not happened on the basis of a guess?”
45:33  Then they will realize that what they were doing was wrong and whatever they were mocking at will come back to haunt them
45:34  God will then say: “Today I forget about you as you forgot about your being held responsible on this Day of Judgment. Your abode is the Hellfire and nobody is going to help you.”
45:35  “This is because you took the word of God lightly and were too involved with the worldly affairs.” They will never get out of the Hell and their excuses will not heard
45:36  Only God is worthy of Praise: the Lord of the heaven, the Lord of the earth and the Lord of the entire universe
45:37  To Lord is Glory throughout the heavens and the earth. God is Almighty, the Most Wise