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40:1  Haa. Me’im.
40:2  The Revelation Knowledge of this book, (Qur’ān), is from Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing
40:3  The Forgiver of sin, the Acceptor of repentance., the Rigorous in punishment, the Lord of the abundant grace. There is no God but He. Towards Him is the eventual return.
40:4  No one (dares) to dispute over the (Holy) ‘Verses’ of Allâh except for those who lack Faith (in the oneness of Allâh). Therefore, let not their successful movement throughout the land delude you.
40:5  The people of ‘Noah’ and the confederates after them belied (their Messengers) before the Pagan Arabs. And every nation purposed to persecute their messenger, and disputed by all means of falsehood to rebut therewith the Truth. Thus, I seized them. How dreadful was My requital!
40:6  Thus, was the Word, (i.e. the divine tribulation), of your Lord rightfully fulfilled against those who lack Faith (in the oneness of Allâh). They are indeed the ‘Companions of the Fire’.
40:7  Those (‘Angels’) who bear the ‘( Glorious) Throne’ and all those around it do glorify the praises of their Lord and believe in Him, asking forgiveness for those who adhere to Islamic monotheism, (saying), “Our Lord, You encompass all things in mercy and knowledge and therefore forgive those who repent and follow Your path, and protect them from the chastisement of ‘Hellfire’.
40:8  Our Lord, admit them into the ‘Gardens of Eden’, which you have promised them, with the righteous among their fathers, their wives, and their progeny. Indeed, You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.
40:9  And ward off from them evil deeds. Whomever You ward him off evil deeds this day has received mercy from You. This is most ultimate success and the supreme one.
40:10  Those who persist in disbelief in Allâh will be told: “The reluctance of Allâh towards you is much greater than your reluctance towards one another, because whenever you are called to Faith, you choose to act impiously ( & to walk in the path of disobedience)."
40:11  They will say: “Our Lord, You have caused us to die twice. And You have given us life twice. Thus, we confess our sins. Is there then any way out of this?”
40:12  (It will be said unto them): This is (your plight) because when Allâh was called upon, you persist in disbelief ( in Him). But if others were associated with Him, you would accept it as true. Thus, the verdict belongs to Allâh, the Most High, the Most Great."
40:13  He is the One Who shows you His signs ( of power & glory) and sends down for you livelihood from the heavens. No one remembers but the one who turns unto Allâh in repentance.
40:14  Therefor, (O' ‘Monotheistic Believers’), implore and pray to Allâh (Alone), dedicating yourselves to the worship and service of (almighty Allâh). No matter how detestable is to those who lack Faith (in the oneness of Allâh)
40:15  (Allâh is the) Possessor of the highest ranks, Lord of the (Glorious) Throne. He places the inspiration of His Command upon whom He wills of His servants to warn (all) of the day of meeting (Him).
40:16  The day will come when they appear before Allâh, nothing will remain hidden from Allâh concerning them. Unto Whom belongs the (absolute) sovereignty this day? Unto Allâh, the One, the Omnipotent!
40:17  On that day, every ‘Human Self’ will be remunerated (fairly) for what it earned. There will be no injustice on that day. Indeed, Allâh is extremely Swift in reckoning.
40:18  Warn them, (O’ ‘Muhammad’), against an ‘ imminent day’ when hearts will rise up to the throats, grieving inwardly. Those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong will have neither an intimate friend, nor an intercessor whose intercession might be accepted (by the Lord).
40:19  He knows perfectly well that which beguiles the eyes, and what the hearts conceal.
40:20  Allâh judges (the peoples) with equity. And those to whom they implore and pray besides Him cannot judge anything. Indeed, Allâh is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.
40:21  Have they, ( the Pagan Arabs), not travelled through the land and seen what was the dreadful outcome of those who were before them? They were more powerful than them in strength, and in leaving behind their traces on earth. But Allâh destroyed them for their sins. They had none to defend and to save them from the retribution of Allâh.
40:22  That was because there came to them their ‘Messengers’ with the full knowledge of the truth, but they persist in denying. Therefore, Allâh seized them. Indeed, He is All-Strong, Rigorous in executing punishment.
40:23  Indeed, We sent ‘Moses’ (as Our ‘Messenger’) with Our Sings (of power & glory) as well as with evident authority
40:24  To ‘Pharaoh’, ‘Hāmān’ and ‘Korah’, but they said: ”(This man is) a sorcerer and big liar!”
40:25  Then, when he brought to them the Truth from Us, they said: “Kill the sons of those who adhere to monotheism, and spare their women." But the guile of those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) ends in naught but deception.
40:26  ‘Pharaoh’ said: "Allow me to kill ‘Moses’, and let him implore and pray to his Lord. Indeed, I truly fear that he may change your system of faith and worship, or he may cause corruption to appear throughout the land."
40:27  ‘Moses’ said: "Indeed, I seek earnestly refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every arrogant who refuses to believe in the ‘Day of Judgment’.”
40:28  A monotheistic believer from the clan of ‘Pharaoh’ who hid his faith said: "Do you kill a man just because he says Allâh is my Lord? He has come to you with the knowledge of the truth from your Lord. However, if it happens that he is a liar, upon him will be his lie, and if he is truthful, there will befall you some of that which he threatens you with. Indeed, Allâh illuminates not the path of the one who is a prodigal, a liar.
40:29  O’ my people, yours is the sovereignty today. You are being dominant in the land. But who could protect us from the retribution of Allâh if it came to us.” ‘Pharaoh’ said: "I let you see only which I see and guide you only to the right way."
40:30  The monotheistic believer said: "O’ my people, indeed, I truly fear for you (a dreadful) day like that one of the Confederates.
40:31  (A calamity) like that of the people of ‘Noah’, ‘‘Ād’, ‘Thamūd’, and those who came after them. Allâh never intends to do injustice to his Servants.
40:32  O’ my people, I truly fear for you the day of calling out.
40:33  The day when you will turn your backs and flee while having no protector from the (the divine tribulation) of Allâh. Whomsoever Allâh caused to go astray will have no one to guide him.”
40:34  Indeed, ‘Joseph’ came to you before with the knowledge of the truth but you continued to doubt concerning what he brought you. Then, when he died you said: "Allâh will not send any ‘Messenger’ after him."Thus, Allâh lets the one who is prodigal and skeptic live in deception.
40:35  Those who dispute over the ‘Revelations of Allâh’ without any authority that has come to them (need to know that) disputing over ‘the Revelations of Allâh’ is greatly detestable in the sight of Allâh, and in the sight of those who adhere to monotheism. Thus does Allâh seal up the heart of every arrogant, supercilious.
40:36  ‘Pharaoh’ said: "O’ Hāmān, construct for me a high tower so that I may attain the means of access,
40:37  The means of access to the heavens, and then I will climb up to the Lord of ‘Moses’. I definitely think that ‘Moses’ is lying." Thus, the evil deed of ‘Pharaoh’ seemed appealing to his eye and prevented him from following the right path. The guile of ‘Pharaoh’ is nothing but perdition.
40:38  The monotheistic believer said: “O’ my people, follow me! I will lead you to the right way.
40:39  O’ my people, indeed, this ‘worldly life’ is nothing but provisions of illusion while the ‘Hereafter’ is truly the Eternal Home.
40:40  Whoever does one evil deed will be requited only with the like of it. Whoever does one righteous good deed, whether male or female, while being a monotheistic believer, those are the ones who will be admitted into ‘Al- Jannah’, wherein they will receive their sustenance without any measure.
40:41  O’ my people, how is it possible that I invite you to salvation while you are inviting me to ‘Hellfire’?
40:42  You invite me to disbelieve in Allâh and to associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge while I am calling you to (believe in) the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving!
40:43  Unquestionably, what you invite me to do has no basis in this ‘worldly life’; neither in ‘Hereafter’. Indeed, our eventual return will be towards Allâh. Indeed, the prodigals will be the ‘companions of the Fire’.
40:44  Someday you will remember what I say unto you. I confide my issue to Allâh. Indeed, Allâh is Well Aware of all His servants."
40:45  Thus, Allâh saved him from the evil consequences of what they conspired, while the evil punishment encompassed the clan of ‘Pharaoh’:
40:46  They are exposed to Fire (in their graves) morning and evening. On the day when the ‘Hour’ of (Reckoning) comes to pass, (it will be said to the ‘Angels’): “Let the clan of ‘Pharaoh’ enter the most severe chastisement."
40:47  (Mention) when they will quarrel in the Fire, the weak will say to those who used to act superciliously: “Indeed, we were your followers. Will you then avert from us a portion of the Fire?"
40:48  The ones who used to act superciliously: “We are all in it. Indeed, Allâh has already judged between the servants!"
40:49  Those in the Fire will say to the guards of Gehenna: ""Call upon your Lord to lighten for us the chastisement for a day."
40:50  They will say: “Did not your ‘Messengers’ come to you with the knowledge of the truth?” They will say: "Yea." The guards will then say: "You may pray and implore (as much as you can) but the supplication of those who lack Faith (in the oneness of Allâh) will be totally in vain."
40:51  Verily, We will grant victory to Our ‘Messengers’ and to those who adhere firmly to monotheism in this ‘worldly life’, and on the day when the witnesses will stand forth,
40:52  The day when their excuses will not avail those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong. For them will be the curse (of Allâh), and for them will be the evil abode.
40:53  Indeed We gave ‘Moses’ the guidance (into all the truth); and We let the Children of Israel inherit the ‘Scripture’,
40:54  A source of spiritual insight and a reminder for those who possess self- awareness that allows them to understand.
40:55  Therefore, endure patiently! Indeed, the promise of Allâh is all true. Seek forgiveness for your sins, celebrate the praises of your Lord and declare His divine glory in the evenings and in the early mornings.
40:56  Those who dispute over the ‘Revelations’ of Allâh without any authority that has come to them, there is nothing else in their hearts but greed for dominance, which they will never be able to obtain. Therefore, seek refuge in Allâh. Indeed, He is the One Who is the All- Hearer, the All-Seer.
40:57  Verily, the creation of the heavens and earth is greater than the creation of human beings, but most people do lack knowledge (of Allâh).
40:58  Not equal are the (spiritual) blind person and the enlightened one, neither are those who attain to Faith (in Allâh) and do righteous acts equal to the sinners. Little do you cerebrate!
40:59  Indeed, the ‘Hour’ (of Reckoning) is about to come, there is no doubt therein, but most people refuse to accept Allâh (into their life).
40:60  Your Lord says: "Implore and pray to Me, I will answer you. Those who are too proud to worship Me will definitely be admitted into ‘Hellfire’, forcibly."
40:61  Allâh is the One Who has made the night for you so that you may be able to rest therein, and the day for you to be able to see. Allâh is Benevolent towards the people, but most people are ungrateful.
40:62  This is Allâh, your Lord, the Creator of all things. There is no God but He. So how they are deceived into going away?
40:63  This is how those who used to act impiously towards the ‘Revelations’ of Allâh were also deceived.
40:64  Allâh is the One Who has made for you the earth a dwelling place and the heavens a structure, and fashioned you in the best form, providing you with wholesome good things. This is Allâh, your Lord. So blessed is Allâh, the Lord of all the worlds.
40:65  He is the Ever Living One. There is no God but He. Therefore, implore and pray to Allâh, dedicating yourselves to the worship and service of (almighty Allâh). All the praises and gratitude belong to Allâh, the Lord of all the worlds.
40:66  Say, (O’ ‘Muhammad’): "I am forbidden to worship ( & venerate) those whom you implore and pray besides Allâh, since there have come to me the full knowledge of the truth from my Lord. And I am commanded to submit (myself completely) to the Lord of all the worlds.
40:67  He is the One Who created you from dust, then from a semen-drop, then from a clinging substance, then He brings you forth as a child, then He makes you reach maturity, then you become old - though some among you die before - and that you may reach a predetermined age, and that you may be able to comprehend.
40:68  He is the One Who gives life and causes death. When He decrees a matter, He only says unto it, "Be," consequently, there it is.
40:69  Have you not seen those who dispute over the ‘Revelations’ of Allâh? How could they give no heed?!
40:70  Those who give no credence to the ‘Book’, (-this Qur’ān-), and to the (revelations) with which We sent down to our ‘Messengers’, will come to know (the consequences of their denial).
40:71  (The day will come) when the shackles will be placed around their necks and be dragged
40:72  Into the scalding water, and then they will be completely burned in the Fire.
40:73  Then it will be said unto them: "Where are (the deities) which you used to associate (with Him in worship)
40:74  Besides Allâh?" They will say: “They have vanished away from us. Actually, we used to worship (& venerate) nothing.” This is how Allâh leaves those who lack Faith (in Him) to go astray.
40:75  (They will be told),˺ “(This punishment) is for being prideful on earth unjustly and for behaving insolently.
40:76  Thus, enter the gates of ‘Hellfire’ to abide therein. How dreadful is the abode of the imperious!”
40:77  Therefore, endure patiently, (O’ ‘Prophet’)! Surely the Promise of Allâh is all true. Whether We may allow you to see part of what We threaten them with, or We may cause you to die (before that) , still unto Us will they be returned.
40:78  Indeed We have sent ‘Messengers’ before you, among them those of whom We have mentioned to you, and some of whom We have not mentioned to you. It is not possible for a ‘Messenger’ to be able to produce any revelation knowledge without the permission of Allâh. Thus, when the Command of Allâh comes, the matter will be decided with truth. And there where the promoters of falsehood are the ones who are doomed to eternal perdition.
40:79  Allâh is the One Who has created the livestock for you so that you may ride on some of them, and some of them you may eat.
40:80  There are many benefits in them for you so that you may satisfy by their means a need that is in your hearts. On them and on ships, you are carried.
40:81  He shows you His Signs (of power & glory). Then, which is it, of the Sings of your Lord, that you seek to deny?
40:82  Have they (-the Pagan Arabs-) not travelled through the land and seen what was the dreadful consequence of those who were before them? They were more powerful than them in strength, and in leaving behind their traces on earth, yet all that which they used to earn did not avail them .
40:83  Then when their ‘Messengers’ came to them with the full knowledge of the truth, they rejoiced over the (worldly) knowledge that they had. However, they were encompassed by what they used to scoff.
40:84  Then, when they saw Our divine retribution, they said: “We believe in Allâh only, and disbelieve in all what we used to associate with Him,"
40:85  But their faith could not avail them, when they saw Our divine retribution. This is the (divine) law of Allâh, which has been established to deal with His servants. And there where those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) are doomed to eternal perdition.