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40:1  Ha! Meem
40:2  The revelation of this book (the Qur´an), is Allah, the Powerful and the Knowledgeable
40:3  (He is the sole authority) to pardon the sins and to accept repentance! (He is) the stern and stringent Punisher, and the Lord and Master of (unbridled absolute) might. There is no god but He! Towards Him is the (final) destination
40:4  Except the unbelievers, no one disputes the signs of Allah. But do not let their exploits and activities in this world ever deceive you
40:5  Earlier, the people of Nooh and other groups after them, had rejected the truth. Every nation pounced on the messengers (of Allah), and attempted to quarrel with them by unfair and foul means. (They tried) to refute and undermine the truth by such means. (At last) I nabbed them. So (observe) how (severe) was My punishment
40:6  Thus, concerning the unbelievers, the words of your Lord prevailed and came to pass. They are the companions of hellfire
40:7  Those (angels) carrying His throne, and others present nearby, (incessantly) sing the praises of their Lord. They believe in Him and they seek His forgiveness for (all) those who believe in Him. They say, "Oh our Lord, You control and dominate everything with knowledge and mercy. Forgive those who turn to You in repentance and follow Your (straight) path. Save them from the torment of hellfire!"
40:8  "Oh Lord, usher the righteous ones, their parents, mates and offspring into paradise _ the paradise of Eden You have promised them. You are certainly the Powerful and the Wisest!"
40:9  "(Oh Lord)! Save them from the evil (outcome)! The one spared the evil (outcome) that day (would be successful) because of Your mercy upon him. That, in fact is the greatest (possible) success!"
40:10  (On the Day of Judgment) the unbelievers would be informed, "Surely at this time you hate yourself. But earlier (in the previous life) Allah´s hatred for you was far greater, because you refused when you were invited to believe."
40:11  They will say, "Our Lord, twice You gave us death and twice You brought us back to life! Now, we confess our sins, (oh Lord), is there any option (still open to us) to evade (the torment)?"
40:12  (They will be told) "You deserve this plight because when Allah, the One and the Only, was being worshipped, you turned away in disbelief. But you (readily) accepted when partners were set up with Him. Now the decision rests solely with Allah, the Exalted and the Greatest!"
40:13  It is He, Who shows you His signs and sends down the provisions for you from the sky. Only the one who turns in repentance (to Allah) heeds the advice
40:14  So call Allah and keep your faith exclusive for Him, even if the unbelievers dislike and detest
40:15  The One Who is of the highest status, the Owner of the (Exalted) throne, (Allah), sends the spirit carrying His message to any of His servants He wants. So that His servant may sound the alarm about the day of the meeting (with the Lord)
40:16  That day, (everything about) everyone would be fully exposed. Nothing about them is (ever) hidden from Allah. (That day, Allah will ask), "To whom belongs the kingdom today?" (They will respond in unison), "To Allah, the One and Only, (the Compeller) and the Invincible!"
40:17  Today, every soul will receive compensation according to (the deeds) it has earned. There shall be no injustice today. Allah is very swift in reckoning
40:18  Warn them about the day that creeps closer. The day when the heart will leap up to the throat and throttle it. The evildoers shall not have any protectors, or an acceptable mediator
40:19  Allah knows even the surreptitious and deceitful glance of the eye, as well as the secrets buried deep within the chest
40:20  Allah decides and concludes everything with justice. Those others they pray to beside Him, decide (absolutely) nothing. Allah is certainly the One Who hears and sees (all)
40:21  Have they not moved about in the land? Did they not observe the fate of those (who had lived) before them? They were stronger and left more enduring monuments (and influences) on the earth. But Allah grabbed them for their sins and there was no one to protect them from Allah
40:22  That is so because the messengers brought them clear proofs and they still rejected. Finally Allah seized them! Indeed, He is very Strong and Severe in punishment
40:23  We had certainly sent Musa with Our signs, and the manifest proofs
40:24  Towards the pharaoh, Haaman and Qaroon! But they said, "(He is) a magician! A liar!"
40:25  When he brought to them the truth from Us, they said, "Kill the sons of those who believe in Musa, and let their daughters live." But the evil tricks of the unbelievers always go awry
40:26  And the pharaoh said, "Let me kill Musa. Let him call his Lord (to rescue him). I am really afraid that he might change your way of life, or he might spread unrest in the country."
40:27  Musa responded, "I have sought refuge with my Lord and your Lord from every haughty person who does not believe in the day of reckoning!"
40:28  A man from the nation of pharaoh, who was a believer and was hiding his faith, said, "Would you kill a man just because he asserts that Allah is his Lord? He has brought you clear proofs from your Lord! Should he be a liar, let his lie be upon his conscience. But if he happens to be truthful, then you might suffer from some of the things with which he has threatened you! Indeed, Allah does not guide a liar and a transgressor!"
40:29  "Oh people, today the empire belongs to you and it is the dominant power in the world! But who will help us if the wrath of Allah comes down upon us?" The pharaoh said, "I only express what I think. I guide you along the path of reason (and logic)."
40:30  The one who had believed said, "(Oh my) people! I am really afraid that you might encounter (the same fate) as did the people of earlier times."
40:31  "The kind of fate that befell the nations of Nooh, ´Aads´, ´Samoods´ and others after them. Allah does not intend to be unjust to His servants."
40:32  "Oh people! I am really afraid that the day of wailing might overwhelm you. In a frantic frenzy, you would call each other (for help)."
40:33  "That day you would turn your backs and flee (in desperation). You shall have no one to protect you from Allah. Indeed, there is no guide for the one whom Allah misguides!"
40:34  "Earlier, Yusuf had brought you obvious proofs, but you remained skeptical about what he brought you. When he died you claimed that Allah would never raise another messenger after him. This is how Allah leads the transgressors and the skeptics astray,"
40:35  "Those who bicker about the verses of Allah without a valid reason or without any revelation having come to them! According to Allah, as well as those who believe, such an act is very disgusting. This is how Allah places a seal upon the heart of every arrogant and bullying person."
40:36  The pharaoh said, "Oh Haaman, build me a lofty tower so I may attain the (right) means,"
40:37  "The means to (reach) the heaven, so I may look at Musa´s God! But I really think he, (Musa), is just lying." Thus the wickedness of pharoah´s action was made to appear adorable to him, and he was prevented from the (straight) path. The tricks of the pharaoh merely led him to his ruin
40:38  The one who had believed said, "Oh my people! Follow me. Let me guide you along the (sensible) virtuous path."
40:39  "Oh my people, the life of this world is in fact a brief and transient enjoyment. While the afterlife is certainly the place of permanence."
40:40  The punishment of the one who does evil would only be equal to _ (and would not exceed) _ the nature (and the severity) of his sin. On the other hand, the men and women who perform the righteous deeds _ provided they are the believers _ would surely be the ones entering paradise. They would be granted abundant (infinite and endless) bounties without reckoning
40:41  "Oh my people, how (strange) is it, that I call you towards salvation but you respond by inviting me towards the hellfire!"
40:42  "You are asking me to reject Allah and set up partners with Him. I know nothing about (any partners)! The One I call you towards, (Allah), is the most Powerful and the most Forgiving!"
40:43  "No doubt at all! The one you are calling me towards, (Shaitan), in fact has no authority _ neither in this world, nor in the afterlife! Our return is surely towards Allah, and the transgressors are surely the companions of the fire!"
40:44  "Soon you will recall what I am telling you now. I entrust my affairs to Allah. Indeed, Allah watches over His servants."
40:45  So, Allah protected that believer from the evil schemes they hatched (against him). Instead, a treacherous torture engulfed the pharaoh (and his followers)
40:46  Now, every morning and every evening they are brought before the fire; (and that will continue unabated) until the day the hour of judgment takes place. (Then, the order would be), "Throw the pharaoh and his people into an even worse torture."
40:47  And (imagine) when they would argue with each other in the hellfire. The weak (in this life) would say to those who deemed themselves important, "We followed you, because we were under your dominion and control. Are you now able to help us avoid some (of the pain and suffering) of the fire?"
40:48  Those who pretend to be great would reply, "We are all in it together. Allah has already settled (all matters) between people."
40:49  Those in fire will say to the keeper of hell, "On our behalf, would you (please) ask your Lord to ease our punishment for just a day?"
40:50  The keeper of hell will reply, "Didn´t the messengers (of Allah) bring you the clear proofs?" They will reply, "Yes they did!" The keepers will then say, "So ask (Him) yourself!" But the calls (and prayers) of the unbelievers would come to no avail
40:51  We certainly help Our messengers and the believers in the life of this world. So, too, (We would help them) on the day the witnesses take stand
40:52  That day, the excuses (and apologies) of the evildoers would not benefit them at all. A curse would be (placed) upon them, and theirs would be the most abhorrent abode
40:53  We had surely granted Musa the guidance, and We made the Israelites inherit the book
40:54  Which was the guidance and advice for those with sense and intelligence
40:55  So, (be sure and) remain patient. The promise of your Lord is really true! Ask for your sins to be pardoned; and sing the praises of your Lord (every) morning and evening
40:56  Indeed those who argue about the verses of Allah _ concerning which no revelation (or knowledge) has come to them _ have nothing but pride (and images of self-grandeur) in their heart. Never shall they attain (such greatness). So seek refuge with Allah. Indeed He, (and only He) sees and hears all
40:57  Truly, creating the heavens and the earth is far greater than creating (and re-creating) the human beings. But most people (just) do not know
40:58  The blind and the one with sight cannot be equal. Similarly, the believers performing good deeds, and the evil ones cannot be equal. Seldom do you reflect
40:59  Very definitely, the hour (of judgment) is coming! There is no doubt about it! But most people (just) do not believe
40:60  Your Lord says, "Address your prayers to Me and I will grace them with acceptance. Indeed, those who disdainfully turn away from worshipping Me will soon enter the hellfire, shamed and disgraced."
40:61  Allah it is Who created the night for you to rest, and (He made) the day bright. Allah is surely very Gracious (and Benevolent) for the people. Yet, most people are (just) not grateful
40:62  Such is Allah, your Lord, the Creator of every (single) thing! There is no god but He! Why then are you (letting yourself be) hoodwinked
40:63  Those rejecting the signs (and verses) of Allah had also been deceived the same way
40:64  It is Allah Who arranged for this earth to be your (temporary) abode, and the sky to be the dome over you. He fashioned you in the best possible form and granted you the most wholesome (provisions). Such is Allah, your Lord! (High and) Hallowed is Allah, the Lord of the world
40:65  He is very much Alive _ (Vital and Vigorous)! There is no god but He. Therefore, call Him, and keep your faith exclusively for Him. All praise is for Allah, the Sustainer of the world
40:66  Say, "In fact, forbidden upon me is the worship of those you call (for help) other than Allah. Clear proofs have come to me from my Lord. I have been ordered to submit to (none except) the Lord of the world."
40:67  It is He Who created you first from dust and then from a drop (of semen), and then from a clot of blood. He brought you out as (a weak and helpless) infant. Then, (He lets you grow) so you may achieve your full potential. (He lets you live further) so that you may reach an advanced old age. (He causes) some of you to die prematurely! (All this is done) so you may reach the appointed time (set by Him), and so that you may understand (the reality of life)
40:68  It is He Who gives life as well as death. When He decides that an event should occur, He just says ´Be!´ and (at once) it becomes
40:69  Do you (ever) wonder about those who contest and dispute the verses of Allah? (What are they turning away from)? What are they being diverted to
40:70  Those who have rejected the book, and that which We revealed to Our messenger, would soon come to know (and regret)
40:71  (They would regret the decision to disbelieve) when, bound in chains and with shackles around their necks, they would be dragged
40:72  (Against their will) into the boiling water! After that, they would be hurled into the hellfire
40:73  Then they would be asked, "Where are those (gods) you used to worship,"
40:74  "Instead of Allah?" They will reply, "They have all ceased to exist _ vanished! Actually, earlier, we never really prayed to anything at all." In this manner, Allah lets the unbelievers go astray
40:75  (You suffer this plight) because you used to rejoice in the (affairs of the) world without any right (or reason), and because you used to gloat and exult (about falsehood)
40:76  (Now) enter the gates of hell and live there forever. What an abominable abode for the proud and the haughty
40:77  So be patient (Oh Muhammad, SAW), Allah´s promise is the absolute truth. We might let you watch them undergo some of the punishment We have promised them. Or else, We might first (recall you and) give you death. After all, towards Us they all have to return
40:78  Indeed, We sent (many) messengers before you. We have narrated to you the tales of some of them, and We have told you nothing about the others. Without the permission of Allah (and of his own accord) no messenger could ever perform any miracles. (In the case of all the messengers), once the order came from Allah, the matter was settled with total justice. Those insisting upon falsehood incurred a total loss at that time
40:79  Allah it is, Who created the cattle so you may ride them, or eat their flesh
40:80  You obtain many benefits from them. You also fulfill with them some of the other needs you have in mind (e.g. transporting goods). Mounted on them and aboard ships, you are transported (across land and sea)
40:81  He points out to you (so many of) His signs. How many signs of Allah will you deny
40:82  Have they not moved about in the land? Do they not see the fate of the people who lived before them? They were stronger and more in number. They have left their traces and vestiges in the land. What they earned (in this life) did not help them at all
40:83  Even though the messengers brought them clear proofs, yet they remained (smugly) pleased and contented with the (deficient) knowledge they possessed. Finally the torment they used to mock and ridicule, actually did surround them completely
40:84  Then, as they eyed the punishment they cried out, "We (now) believe in Allah, the One and the Only, and we reject everything (and everyone) we used to associate with Him."
40:85  But their belief conferred no benefits upon them at all, (because they accepted only) after having witnessed Our (power and) punishment. (Such is) the established practice of Allah. It has always been in effect for all His servants. At that time, the unbelievers suffered a (total) loss