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34:1  The Praise for Allah, the one Who is for Him whatever in the skies and whatever in the earth; and for Him the praise in the Hereafter. And He is Al-Hakeem (The Wise), Al-Khabir (The Expert).
34:2  He knows what logs into the earth, and what exits out of it, and what descends from the sky, and what ascends serpentinely into it. And He is Al-Raheem (The merciful to his creation and himself), Al-Ghafor (The Forgiving).
34:3  Those who disbelieved said, “The Hour will not come to us.” Say, “Yes by my Lord, it will come to you. The Unseen Knower.” Not escaping from Him, an atom's weight in the skies nor in the earth, nor smaller than that nor larger, except it is in an obvious book.
34:4  To recompense those who believed and worked the righteous deeds. Those for them forgiveness, and a noble livelihood.
34:5  And those who strived in Our verses, to cause incapacitation, those for them is a torment from painful abomination.
34:6  And those who are given the knowledge see that what was sent down to you from your Lord is the right, and it guides to a path of Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hameed (The Praiseworthy).
34:7  And those who disbelieved said, “Shall we usher you upon a man, who will inform you that, if you have shredded in complete shredding, surely you will be in a new creation?
34:8  Did he slander against Allah a lie, or is there madness in him?” Nay, but those who do not believe in the Hereafter, are in the torment, and the farthest astray.
34:9  So, have they not seen what is between their hands and what is behind them, of the sky and the earth? If We will, We will collapse down the earth by them, or will fall fragments on them from the sky. Surely in that, is a verse for every penitent slave.
34:10  And We already gave David a bounty from Us: “O mountains, echo with him.” and the birds. And We softened the iron for him.
34:11  ““That you should work long coats of mail, and measure the ring links of chest armor; and work righteous. Surely, I am with what you work, Seeing.”
34:12  And to Solomon the wind, its outward morning journey is one month, and its return evening journey is one month. And We liquified the copper spring for him. And among the jinn who was working between his hands by the permission of his Lord. And whoever among them aberrated from Our command, We let him taste from the torment of blaze fire.
34:13  They work for him whatever he willed: from prayer’s niches, statues, food bowls like reservoirs, and pots fixed (to ground). “O David’s folks, work for thanking,” and a few among My slaves are thankful.
34:14  So, when We decreed death upon him, nothing ushered them upon his death except an earth’s moving creature (Termites) eating his thick staff. So, when he fell down, it demonstrated to the jinn that, if they were knowing the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating torment.
34:15  There was already for [the tribe of] Saba' in their residence a verse: two paradises about right and left. "Eat from your Lord’s livelihood and be thankful for Him. A good town, and a forgiving Lord."
34:16  So, they turned away, so We sent upon them the surging flood; and We substituted their two paradises with two paradises of bitter foods, tamarisks and something of sparse lote trees.
34:17  That is how We penalized them by what they have disbelieved. Would We penalize, except for the infidelity?
34:18  And We set up between them and between the villages which We had blessed within them, prominent villages, and We estimated the walk in them. “Walk in them nights, and days secured.”
34:19  So, they said, “Our Lord, lengthened the distances between our journeys.” And they oppressed themselves; So, We set them, narrations and We shredded them every shredding. Surely within that is verses for every patient, thankful one.
34:20  And already Iblis truthed his assumption upon them. So, they followed him, except a team among the believers.
34:21  And he had no Sultan over them; except that We might know who believes in the Hereafter, from him who is in suspicion from it. And your Lord, over everything, is Keeper.
34:22  Say, “Call those who you claim without Allah. They do not own an atom's weight in the skies nor in the earth, and they have not within them any partnership nor is there for Him among them a backup.”
34:23  And the intercession did not benefit Him except for whom He permitted for him. Until, if dismay was removed from their cores they said, “What did your Lord say?” They said, “the right, and He is Al-Aly (The High), Al-Kabeer (The Grand).”
34:24  Say, “Who provides livelihood to you from the skies and the earth?” Say, “Allah. And we or you are either upon guidance or in obvious astray.”
34:25  Say, “You will not be asked about what we criminalized, nor will we be asked about what you worked on.”
34:26  Say, “Our Lord will gather between us; then He will conquer between us with the right. And He is Al-Fatah (The Conqueror), Al- Aalim (The Knowledgeable).”
34:27  Say, “Show me those who you have attached to Him as associates. Nay, but He is Allah, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).”
34:28  And We have not sent you except for the people totally as a preacher and a warner. But most of the people are not knowing.
34:29  And they say, “When is this promise, if you are truthful?”
34:30  Say, "For you an appointment. A Day you will not be postponed from it an hour, nor will you precede."
34:31  And those who disbelieved said, “We will never believe in this Quran, nor by what is between its hands.” And if you see the oppressors were detained standing at their Lord referred some of them to some others the saying. Those who were weakened will say to those who were arrogant, “Were it not you, we would have been believers.”
34:32  Those who were arrogant will say to those who were weakened, “Are we hindered you about the guidance after it had come to you? Nay, but you were criminals.”
34:33  And those who were weakened will say to those who were arrogant, “Nay, but It was the night guile and the day; when you order us to disbelieve in Allah, and to set up rivals to Him.” And they secreted regret when they saw the torment. And We set up the shackles in the necks of those who disbelieved. Will they be penalized, except for what they were working on?
34:34  And We did not send in a village among a warner except that their luxuriant said, "Surely we by which you were sent by it, are infidels."
34:35  And they said, “We are more money and more progeny, and we will not be tormented.”
34:36  Say, “Surely My Lord extends the livelihood for whoever He wills, and quantized; but most people are not knowing.”
34:37  And your money nor your progeny will not, near you to Us a nearness, except whoever believed and worked righteous. So, those for them double reward by what they worked for; and they are in the Chambers, secure.
34:38  And those who strive within Our verses - to cause incapacitation - those who are brought, in the torment.
34:39  Say, “Surely My Lord extends the livelihood for whomever He wills among His slaves and quantized for it. And whatever you spend among a thing, He will remunerate it. And He is the Best of the livelihood providers.”
34:40  And on a Day when He musters them altogether, then says to the angels, “Were those to you they were worshiping?”
34:41  They said, “Glorified are you; You are our Guardian, without them. Nay, but they were worshiping the jinn, most of them were believers in them.”
34:42  “So, Today, some of you do not own for some others a benefit nor a harm.” And We will say to those who oppressed, “Taste the Fire torment which you were with it, falsifying.”
34:43  And if Our proof Verses are recited upon them, they say, “This is none except a man who wants to hinder you about what your fathers were worshiping." And they said, "This is none except, a slandered fake." And those who disbelieved said for the right when it has come to them, "This is none except an obvious magic."
34:44  And We did not give them among Books to study them, and We did not send to them before you, among any warner.
34:45  And those before them falsified, and they (Mecca infidels) had not reached one-tenth of what We had given them. So, they falsified My messengers, so how was My reproach?
34:46  Say, “I exhort you only with one: that you stand for Allah, in pairs, or individually; then you think. There is no madness in your friend. He is only, warner for you, between hands of a great torment.”
34:47  Say, "What wage I have asked you, so it is for yours. Surely my wage is not except, upon Allah, and He is over everything, Witness."
34:48  Say, “Surely my Lord throws by the right, the Unseen’s Knower.”
34:49  Say, “The Right has come; and the invalid neither starts, nor repeats.”
34:50  Say, “If I astray, so I only astray against myself; and if I am guided, so it is by what my Lord reveals to me. Surely, He is Hearer, near."
34:51  And if you could see when they were dismayed, so no escape, and they were taken from a nearby place.
34:52  And they said, “We have believed in it.” And how will it be for them, the skirmish from a far place?
34:53  And they have already disbelieved with it before, and they throw by the unseen from a far place.
34:54  And it was impeded between them and between what they desire, as was done to their sects before. Surely, they were in suspicious doubt.