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34:1  All praise be to Allah to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and all praise be to Him in the Hereafter, and He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.
34:2  He knows what penetrates into the earth and what comes out of it, and what descends from the sky and what ascends to it, and He is the Bestower of mercy, the Oft-Forgiving.
34:3  Yet those who have denied have said, “The Hour is not coming upon us.” Saysg, “Yes indeed, by my Lord, the Knower of the hidden realm, it will come upon you.” Not an atom's weight in the heavens or in the earth escapes His knowledge, nor anything smaller or larger, except that it is in an evident record—
34:4  that He may repay those who have attained faith and have done righteous deeds; for those is forgiveness and noble provision.
34:5  Those who strove against Our signs, attempting to challenge (God) — those ones, for them is a painful punishment of torment.
34:6  And those who have received knowledge see that what was sent down to yousg from your Lord is the truth and guides to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.
34:7  And those who have denied said, “Shall we point out to youpl a man who tells you that, once you are torn into shreds, you will surely be in a new creation?”
34:8  Did he invent a lie about Allah or is there madness in him? Rather, those who do not believe in the Hereafter are in punishment and extreme misguidance.
34:9  Have they not seen what lies before them and behind them of the heaven and the earth? If We will, We can make the earth cave in beneath them, or let fall down on them pieces from the sky; indeed, in that is a sign for every penitent servant.
34:10  And surely, We bestowed upon David grace from Us: “O mountains, echo with him (My praises), and you birds (too).” And We softened iron for him.
34:11  “Makesg coats of armor and measure the links well, and dopl righteousness; indeed I am All-Seeing of what youpl do.”
34:12  And for Solomon (I subjected) the wind—its morning course (reaching a distance otherwise attained in) one month, and its evening course (reaching a distance otherwise attained in) one month. And We made a spring of molten brass flow for him, and there would be unseen beings working under him by the leave of his Lord. But whoever of them would swerve from Our command, We would make him taste of the punishment of the Blaze.
34:13  They would make for him whatever he wished of sanctuaries, and statues, and bowls like pools, and heavy cauldrons. “O David's folk, work in thankfulness.” But few of My servants are constantly thankful.
34:14  Then, when We decreed death for him, nothing indicated his death to them except the woodworm eating his staff. Then, when he fell down, it became clear to the unseen beings that, had they known what was hidden, they would not have remained in the demeaning punishment.
34:15  Surely, there used to be a sign for (the people of) Sheba in their residence: two gardens, on the right and on the left. “Eatpl of your Lord’s provision and give thanks to Him.” A good land and an Oft-Forgiving Lord.
34:16  But they disregarded (God), so We sent against them the torrent of the Arim (Dam), and We substituted for them their two gardens with two gardens of bitter crops and thorny shrubs and something of sparse lote-trees.
34:17  Thus We repaid them on account of how they denied, and do We (thus) repay anyone except the staunch denier?
34:18  And We made between them and the towns We had blessed visible towns, and We well determined the journey between. “Journeypl between them safely by night and day.”
34:19  But they said, “Our Lord, lengthen the distances of our journeys.” Thus they were unjust to themselves, so We made them history and We scattered them in every direction; indeed, in this are signs for everyone who is most patient, constantly thankful.
34:20  And surely, Iblis confirmed his assumption about them. So they followed him, except for a group of believers.
34:21  And never did he have any authority over them, except that We may know the one who believes in the Hereafter from the one who is doubtful about it. And yoursg Lord is a Constant Preserver over everything.
34:22  Saysg, “Call upon those whom you claimed (to be gods) apart from Allah; they do not possess an atom's weight in the heavens nor in the earth, and they do not have therein any association (with God), and He does not have any assistant from among them.”
34:23  And intercession cannot be of benefit before Him, except for one to whom He has given permission. Until, when fear has been dispelled from their hearts, they say, “What did yourpl Lord say?” They say, “The truth; and He is the All-High, the Supreme.”
34:24  Saysg, “Who provides for youpl from the heavens and the earth?” Say, “Allah—and indeed, either you or we are rightly guided or in evident misguidance.”
34:25  Saysg, “Youpl will not be asked about the crimes we committed, nor will we be asked about what you do.”
34:26  Saysg, “Our Lord will bring us together, then He will legislate justly for us with the truth, for He is the Legislator, the All-Knowing.”
34:27  Saysg, “Show me those you have attached to Him as associates. But no! Rather, He is Allah, the Almighty, the All-Wise.”
34:28  And We have not sent you but to the whole of mankind, as a herald of glad tidings and a warner, but the majority of mankind does not know.
34:29  Thus they say, “When is this promise due, if youpl are truthful?”
34:30  Saysg, “Youpl are promised a day which you can neither postpone for a while nor bring forward.”
34:31  Those who denied said, “We will never believe in this Recital nor in what came before it.” And if only yousg could see the unjust as they are brought to stand before their Lord, throwing back allegations at one another: those who had been deemed weak and oppressed say to the arrogant leaders, “Were it not for youpl, we would have been believers.”
34:32  The arrogant leaders said to those who had been deemed weak and oppressed, “Did we bar you from guidance after it had come to you? Rather, you yourselves were criminals.”
34:33  And those who had been deemed weak and oppressed said to the arrogant leaders, “Rather, it was your scheming by night and day as you used to command us to deny Allah and to set up rivals to Him.” Thus they hid their remorse when they saw the punishment. And We put the yokes around the necks of those who had denied. Are they being repaid except for what they used to do?
34:34  And never have We sent a warner to any town except that its affluent said, “Indeed, we deny what youpl have been sent with.”
34:35  And they said, “We have more wealth and more children (than the believers), and never shall we be punished.”
34:36  Saysg, “Indeed, my Lord extends provision for whomever He wills and He restrains (it), but the majority of mankind does not know.”
34:37  And it is neither yourpl wealth nor your children that bring you closer in position to Us—except whoever has attained faith and has acted righteously, for for those is a repayment of double(measure) for what they did, and in the Chambers (of Paradise) they remain safe.
34:38  But those who strove against Our signs attempting to challenge (God)—those are arraigned in the punishment.
34:39  Saysg, “Indeed, My Lord extends provision for whomever He wills of His servants and He restrains (it). And anything youpl spend (in His cause) He replaces it, and He is the Best of providers.”
34:40  And on the day when He herds them all together, then says to the angels, “Is it you that these used to worship?”
34:41  They said, “Highly Exalted are You; You are our Ultimate Guardian, not them. Rather, they used to worship the unseen beings; most of them are believers in them.”
34:42  “So today youpl possess for one another neither benefit nor harm.” And We will say to those who did injustices, “Taste the punishment of the Fire in which you used to disbelieve.”
34:43  And when Our signs are read to them, evident, they say, “This is nothing but a man who wants to bar youpl from what your forefathers used to worship.” And they say, “This is nothing but a fabricated lie.” And the deniers said of the truth when it came to them, “This is nothing but evident sorcery.”
34:44  Yet never before had We given them any books to study, nor had We sent them any warner before yousg.
34:45  And those before them also disbelieved, and never did they attain even a tenth of what We gave them. And they disbelieved My messengers, so how terrible was My condemnation!
34:46  Saysg, “Indeed, I admonish youpl with one thing: that you rise up for Allah in pairs or individually, then reflect. There is no madness in your fellow. He is just a warner to you before the advent of a severe punishment.”
34:47  Saysg, “Whatever reward I have asked of youpl, it is yours; my reward comes only from Allah, and He is Witness over everything.”
34:48  Saysg, “Indeed, My Lord projects the truth. He is the Superb Knower of the hidden realms.”
34:49  Saysg, “The truth has come, while falsehood can neither originate nor restore.”
34:50  Saysg, “If I go astray, I go astray only to my own loss; but if I am guided, it is by what my Lord reveals to me; He is indeed All-Hearing, Near.”
34:51  And if yousg could only see when they were terrified and there was no escape, and they were seized from a nearby place.
34:52  And they said, “We have believed in it.” But how can they attain it from such a distant place
34:53  when they had denied it before? And they throw about conjectures regarding the hidden realm from such a distant place.
34:54  And a barrier was placed between them and what they desire, as was done formerly with their likes. Indeed, they were in disturbing doubt.