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34:1  Praise be to God, unto Whom belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth. His is the praise in the Hereafter, and He is the Wise, the Aware
34:2  He knows that which enters the earth and that which issues therefrom, that which descends from Heaven and that which ascends thereto. And He is the Merciful, the Forgiving
34:3  Those who disbelieve say, “The Hour will never come upon us.” Say, “Nay! By my Lord, by the Knower of the Unseen, it will surely come unto you.” Not a mote’s weight evades Him in the heavens or on the earth, nor smaller than that, nor larger, but that it is in a clear Book
34:4  that He may recompense those who believe and perform righteous deeds; theirs shall be forgiveness and a generous provision
34:5  But those who endeavor to thwart Our signs, for them there shall be a painful punishment of torment
34:6  Those who have been given knowledge see that what is sent down upon thee from thy Lord is the truth and that it guides to the path of the Mighty, the Praised
34:7  And those who disbelieve say, “Shall we show you a man who will inform you that, when you have been completely torn to pieces, you shall be in a new creation
34:8  Has he fabricated a lie against God, or is he possessed?” Nay, but those who believe not in the Hereafter shall be in punishment and extreme error
34:9  Have they not considered that which is before them and that which is behind them of the sky and the earth? If We will, We cause the earth to engulf them or fragments from the sky to fall upon them. Truly in that is a sign for every penitent servant
34:10  And indeed We gave David bounty from Us: “O mountains! Echo God’s praises with him, likewise you birds!” And We made iron supple for him
34:11  [saying], “Make coats of mail, and measure well the links thereof, and work righteousness. Truly I see whatsoever you do.
34:12  And unto Solomon the wind, whose morning course was a month and whose evening course was a month. And We caused a fount of molten copper to flow for him. And of the jinn some worked before him by the leave of his Lord—and those of them that deviated from Our Command, We would cause them to taste the punishment of the Blaze
34:13  making for him whatsoever he willed: places of worship, statues, basins like reservoirs, and cauldrons firmly anchored. “Work, O family of David, in thankfulness, though few of My servants are thankful.
34:14  And when We decreed death for him, naught showed his death to them save a creeping creature of the earth eating his staff. And when he fell down, the jinn saw clearly that, had they known the Unseen, they would not have tarried in humiliating punishment
34:15  For Sheba too there was certainly a sign in their dwelling—two gardens, one to the right and one to the left: “Eat of the provision of your Lord and give thanks to Him—a good land, and a forgiving Lord.
34:16  But they turned away. So We sent the flood of ?Arim upon them and exchanged their two gardens for two gardens bearing bitter fruit, tamarisks, and a few lote trees
34:17  Thus did We recompense them for having disbelieved. And do We recompense any but the disbeliever
34:18  And We set between them and the towns that We had blessed towns easily seen, and We measured the distance between them: “Journey between them in security by night and by day.
34:19  But they said, “Our Lord, increase the distance of our journeys.” And they wronged themselves; so We made them as tales [of old] and tore them completely to pieces. Truly in that are signs for all who are patient, thankful
34:20  And Iblis did indeed prove his opinion of them to be true; and they followed him, save for a group among the believers
34:21  And yet he had no authority over them, save that We might know one who believes in the Hereafter from one who is in doubt thereof. And thy Lord guards over all things
34:22  Say, “Call upon those whom you claim apart from God; they have not a mote’s weight of power in the heavens or on the earth, and they have no share in either; nor has He a helper among them.
34:23  And intercession will benefit none with Him, save whomsoever He gives leave, such that when terror is banished from their hearts, they will ask, “What did your Lord say?” They will reply, “The truth, and He is the Exalted, the Great.
34:24  Say, “Who provides for you from the heavens and the earth?” Say, “God. And surely either we or you are upon guidance or in manifest error.
34:25  Say, “You will not be questioned concerning that of which we were guilty; nor will we be questioned concerning what you do.
34:26  Say, “Our Lord will gather us together; then He will decide between us with truth; and He is the Arbiter, the Knower.
34:27  Say, “Show me those whom you have joined with Him as partners. Nay! Rather, He is God, the Mighty, the Wise.
34:28  And We sent thee not, save as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner to mankind entire. But most of mankind know not
34:29  And they say, “When will this promise come to pass, if you are truthful?
34:30  Say, “Yours shall be the tryst of a Day that you cannot delay by a single hour, nor advance.
34:31  The disbelievers say, “We shall not believe in this Quran, nor in that which was before it.” Couldst thou but see when the wrongdoers are made to stand before their Lord, hurling reproach upon one another! Those who had been weak and oppressed will say to those who had waxed arrogant, “If not for you, we would have been believers.
34:32  Those who waxed arrogant will say to those who had been weak and oppressed, “Did we turn you away from guidance after it had come unto you? Nay! But you were guilty.
34:33  Those who had been weak and oppressed will say to those who waxed arrogant, “Nay! But there was plotting by night and day when you ordered us to disbelieve in God, and to set up equals unto Him.” And they will hide their remorse when they see the punishment, and We put shackles upon the necks of those who disbelieve. Will they be requited for aught but what they used to do
34:34  And We sent no warner unto a town, but that those living in luxury therein said, “We disbelieve in that wherewith you have been sent.
34:35  And they say, “We are greater in wealth and children, and we shall not be punished.
34:36  Say, “Truly my Lord outspreads and straitens provision for whomsoever He will, but most of mankind know not.
34:37  It is not your wealth or your children that bring you nigh in nearness unto Us, save those who believe and work righteousness—theirs is a manifold reward for what they did, and they will be secure in lofty chambers
34:38  And those who endeavor to thwart Our signs, they will be arraigned unto the punishment
34:39  Say, “Truly my Lord outspreads and straitens provision for whomsoever He will among His servants. Whatsoever you have spent, He will replace; and He is the best of providers.
34:40  Upon the Day when He will gather them all together, then He shall say unto the angels, “Were these the ones worshipping you?
34:41  They will reply, “Glory be to Thee! Thou art our Protector, apart from them!” Nay, they worshipped jinn, most of them believing in them
34:42  And on that Day no one of you will have power over what benefit or harm may come to the other, and We shall say to those who do wrong, “Taste the punishment of the Fire that you used to deny!
34:43  And when Our signs are recited unto them as clear proofs, they say, “This is naught but a man who desires to turn you from that which your fathers used to worship.” And they say, “This is naught but a fabricated perversion.” And those who disbelieve say to the Truth when it comes to them, “This is naught but manifest sorcery,
34:44  though We have not given them any books that they study; nor have We sent them a warner before thee
34:45  And those before them denied; and these have not attained a tenth of that which We gave them; yet they denied My messengers. How, then, was the change I wrought
34:46  Say, “I exhort you unto one thing only, that you stand for God in pairs or singly and then reflect. There is no madness in your companion. He is naught but a warner unto you before a severe punishment.
34:47  Say, “I ask not of you any reward; that shall be yours. My reward lies only with God, and He is Witness over all things.
34:48  Say, “Truly my Lord doth cast the truth, Knower of things unseen.
34:49  Say, “Truth has come, and falsehood originates naught, nor restores.
34:50  Say, “If I have gone astray, I have only gone astray to my own loss. And if I am rightly guided, it is through that which my Lord reveals unto me. Truly He is Hearing, Near.
34:51  Couldst thou but see when they are terrified and there is no escape, and they are seized from a place near at hand
34:52  And they will say, “We believe in it.” But how can they attain from a place far off
34:53  when they had disbelieved in it beforehand, while impugning the unseen from a place far off
34:54  And a barrier is set between them and that which they desire, as was done with the likes of them before. Truly they were confounded by doubt