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34:1  Selective Praise suits Allah, That to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And for Him is the selective Praise in the Hereafter, and He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware
34:2  He knows what enters the earth and what comes out of it, and that what descends from towards the sky and whatever ascends therein. And He is the continuously Merciful, the Oft-Forgiving
34:3  And those who disbelieved said: "The Hour will not come to us.” Say: "Nay, by my Nourisher-Sustainer! Surely, it will come to you.” (Allah is) All-Knower of the unseen. Does not escape from him (even the) weight of a minute particle throughout the heavens, and nor in the earth; — and nor (any thing) smaller from this and nor greater — but it is in a crystal-clear record
34:4  so that He may reward those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds. Those: for them is forgiveness and an honourable provision
34:5  And those who strove in Ayaatina (‘Our Verses’) as those who are bent upon frustrating the purpose — those: for them will be punishment of a painful suffering
34:6  And those who have been given Al-Ilm (‘The Knowledge’), see (and mark out) that what has been sent to you from your Nourisher-Sustainer, it is Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’ or ‘The Original’), and it guides to the Path of the Exalted in Might, the Most Praised One
34:7  And those who have disbelieved said: “Shall we direct you to a male-adult who will tell you (that) when you have become (finally) disintegrated into dust with full dispersion — surely, you will indeed be in a new creation
34:8  (Either) he has forged a lie against Allah or there is fanaticism in him.” Nay, those who do not have faith in the Hereafter (shall be made to enter) into the torment and (they are) in ignorance of a far and remote nature
34:9  Have they then not seen towards what is between their two hands (i.e., facing them) and what is behind them out of the heaven and the earth? If We thought proper We shall make the earth slide-in alongwith them, or We shall cause a piece of the heaven (i.e., of any heavenly item like a meteor etc.) fall upon them. Verily, in this (warning) is surely a lesson for all human-subjects who turn (to Allah) in sincere devotion
34:10  And surely, indeed We bestowed on Daud from Us — Grace. (We said): O mountains! Echo (the statements) along with him; and (We also advised) the birds (likewise). And We made the iron soft for him —
34:11  (telling him) that: ' Manufacture protective jackets of armour and correctly balance the joints (and links of the composing plates), and perform righteous deeds. Truly, I am All-Seer of what you do.
34:12  And for Sulaiman (We subdued) the wind; its morning (stride from sunrise till midnoon was) a month (in journey), and its afternoon (stride from the decline of the sun to sunset was) a month (in journey, i.e., , in a day-time Sulaiman used to cover two months’ travel). And We caused a fount of (molten) copper to flow for him. And (there were) from amongst jinns that would work between his two hands (i.e., before him or in his presence or under his command) under the permission of his Nourisher-Sustainer. And whosoever of them will show dereliction of duty against Our Command, We shall cause him to taste of the torment of the blazing Fire
34:13  They produce for him what he desires out of fortified places for defence in war, and camouflages (to contain the enemy), and huge moveable storage tanks like (the size of natural) reservoirs (of water and oil), and built to measure storage-devices firmly fixed and anchored (on the surface of the dry earth, or on the ground under water). (Continue to) act, (O) followers of Daud, gratefully. But, very few of Ibad (human subjects) are truly grateful
34:14  So when We decreed death on him, did not inform them (i.e., to the jinns) about his (i.e., Sulaiman’s) death except a worm of the earth that nibbles his rostrum. So, as it fell down, the jinns plainly realised that if they had been knowing the unseen they would not have stayed in the degrading penalty
34:15  Surely, indeed there was for Saba (Sheba) a sign in their home-land — two gardens on the right (side) and on the left, (and it was said to them): ' Eat of the provisions of your Nourisher-Sustainer, and be grateful to Him ' — a palatable sinless city and an Oft-Forgiving Nourisher-Sustainer
34:16  Then they detached themselves (from the Teachings in Al-Kitab), so We directed over them Sail al’arim (flood released from the dam), and We replaced (for) them, in place of their two (ideal) gardens, (another) two gardens: producers of bad bitter fruit, and tamarisks, and a very meagre number out of the lote (trees)
34:17  This (was the way) We recompensed them because they disbelieved. And do We recompense (this way) — except the ungrateful disbelievers
34:18  And We placed between them and between the cities wherein We established (Our) Blessing, prominently visible towns; and We regulated therein the travel (saying): ' Travel through them by night and by day, feeling absolutely secure .
34:19  But they said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Make the stages between our journeys longer.” And they wronged themselves, so We made them as narrations (of the days gone by) and We dispersed them to a complete disintegration. Verily, in this are surely lessons for all those who are steadfast (and) grateful
34:20  And truly, indeed Iblis did prove his thought regarding them, so they followed him — except a group out of the Believers
34:21  And there is not in him (i.e., in Iblis), regarding them (i.e., the human beings), out of some authority — except that We may know (as to) who Believes in the Hereafter, as against one who is in doubt and suspicion about it. And your Nourisher-Sustainer is All-Protector and All-Surveillant over every thing
34:22  Say: “Invoke those whom you boasted (of as associate gods or authorities) besides Allah." They possess not even the weight of a small particle in the heavens, and nor in the earth, and (there is) not for them in these two any share. And there is not for Him, from amongst them any as one who may prevail (over Him, regarding His decisions)
34:23  And intercession does not profit (any one) before Him except in the interest of one for whom He permitted. Until when apprehension was removed from their hearts, they said (among themselves): “What is it (that) your Nourisher-Sustainer told (you)?” They said: “The Truth, and He is the Most High, the Most Great.”
34:24  Say: “Who gives you provision from the heavens and the earth?” Say: “Allah, and verily, (either) we or you are truly on guidance, or in plain error.”
34:25  Say: “You will not be asked about what we committed in crime, and nor shall we be asked of what you do.”
34:26  Say: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer will assemble us, afterwards He will judge between us through Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’), and He is the Most Well-Informed Judge.”
34:27  Say: “Show me those whom you have joined with Him as partners." Impossible! Rather, He is Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
34:28  And We have not sent you but as one who is sufficient for mankind as a giver of glad tidings and as a warner. But the majority of mankind do not know (this fact and position)
34:29  And people say: “When this promise is to be fulfilled if you are truthful?
34:30  Say: “The appointment to you is for a Day you shall not detain yourselves regarding it by an hour, and you shall not advance (your arrival) .
34:31  And those who have disbelieved said: “We shall never Believe in accordance with this Al-Quran and nor according to that which is in between its two hands." [They Believe not in Al-Quran being propagated to them through the mouth of the Prophet, and nor in Al-Kitab which is already available. They realise that Al-Kitab is Permanent and they still reject it]. And if you could see when the tansgressors are those made to stand before their Nourisher-Sustainer — some of them will make the blaming statement revert to some (other amongst themselves). Those who were prevailed upon will say to those who behaved in arrogance: “If you people were not (there to mislead us), surely we would have been Believers.”
34:32  And those who behaved in arrogance said to those, who were prevailed upon: “Did we obstruct you people from The Guidance after it had come to you? Nay, you (yourselves) were sinful.”
34:33  And those who were prevailed upon, said to those who behaved in arrogance: “Nay, (it was your) plotting by night and day when you order us that we may disbelieve in Allah and we may set rivals to Him.” And they (either of the two groups) concealed their regrets when they watched the punishment. And We placed iron-collars around the necks of those who disbelieved. Would they be rewarded (any thing else) except what they used to do
34:34  And We did not send to a township out of a warner, but those of its residents who were enjoying wealth and luxuries said: “Surely, we are disbelievers for that with which you (Messengers) have been sent (to us).”
34:35  And they said: “We are more in wealth and children, and we shall not be those who have been put to punishment.”
34:36  Say: “Verily, (it is) my Nourisher-Sustainer (Who) expands the provisions for whom He thinks proper and restricts to needs (when He thinks so), but the majority of mankind do not know
34:37  And (it is) not your wealth, and nor your children that bring you nearer to Us in closeness except (the personal performance of) that who Believed and did righteous deeds; so those people: for them is an enlarged and expanded reward because of what they did, and they will be those who are secure in the suites (of Paradise)
34:38  And those who strive against Ayaatina as those who are bent upon frustrating the purpose — those: would be those who have been thrown into the torment
34:39  Say: “Truly, my Nourisher-Sustainer enlarges the provision for whom He thinks proper out of His Ibad, and also restricts it for him (according to his needs, if He thinks proper)." And whatever you spent of anything, so He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers
34:40  And the Day He gathers them all together, (and) afterwards says to the angels: “Whether all these had been worshipping exclusively you?”
34:41  They (angels) said: “Glory be to You! You (Alone) are our Wali instead of them. Nay, they used to worship the jinns; most of them had been believers in them.”
34:42  So this Day, some of you do not possess any benefit for some (others amongst you), and nor (any) harm. And We shall say to those who transgressed: ' Taste the torment of the Fire which you used to belie .
34:43  And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, they said: “What is he, except a male-adult who intends that he may deviate you people from that what your fathers (i.e., ancestors) used to worship.” And they (also) said: “(It is) not but a lie which has been forged.” And those who disbelieved said regarding Al-Haqq (The Truth) when it reached them: “(It is) not but evident magic!” [Being convinced of its magical effects in demolishing their ancient beliefs and concepts, they brought such comments]
34:44  And We did not give them out of Books which they must take lessons thereof, (rather We sanctioned and specified for them Only One Book). And We did not send unto them out of a warner, before you
34:45  And those before them (also) belied, and they have not reached (even to) one tenth (1/10th) of what We had granted to those (who went as previous generations), yet they belied My Messengers. Then how (terrible) became My denial (in bringing a humiliating punishment for the deniers)
34:46  Say: “Verily what (is a fact is that) I admonish you through Wahidatin [‘One single Entity’. This is also an attribute for Allah’s Permanent Scripture]: that you standup for Allah in pairs and singly, (and) then ponder — there is no fanaticism in your companion. He is not but a warner unto you between the two hands (i.e., in face of) a severe torment.”
34:47  Say: “Whatever reward I might have asked of you, so it is for you. My reward is not (due) except on Allah, and He is Witness over all things.”
34:48  Say: “Certainly, my Nourisher-Sustainer strikes (on the target) with Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’), the All-Knower of the ghuyub (the unseens).”
34:49  Say: “Al-Haqq has arrived, and Al-Batil (‘The falsehood’. This refers to all false gods, deities and authorities) does not initiate and does not repeat (or resurrect any creation) .
34:50  Say: “If I strayed away (from the Path), then definitely what (is a fact is that) I go astray at the cost of my ownself. And if I found guidance then it is because of what my Nourisher-Sustainer inspires unto me. Truly, He is All-Hearer, Nigh .
34:51  And if you (could) watch when they got terrified, so (there is) no escape (available), and they were caught from a nearby place
34:52  And they said (at the stage of final accountability in the Hereafter): “We have (now) Believed in it (i.e., in Al-Kitab)." And how (could there be) for them a redemption from such a remote stage
34:53  And indeed, they did disbelieve in this (Al-Kitab) before (i.e., in their worldly life). And they (while in their worldly life) conjecture about the unseen (world of Resurrection, Accountability, Hell and Paradise etc.) from a remote place (i.e., while they are on the planet earth)
34:54  And (a barrier) got set between them and that which they desire, as was done with the sects (cults) similar to them in the past. Verily, they have remained in grave doubt (regarding the Book of Allah)