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34:1  Praise be to Allah, to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and to Him be praise in the Hereafter; and He is The Ever-Wise, The Ever-Cognizant
34:2  He knows whatever penetrates into the earth and whatever goes out of it, and whatever comes down from the heaven, and whatever ascends with difficulty into it; and He is The Ever-Merciful, The Ever-Forgiving
34:3  And the ones who disbelieve have said, "The Hour will not come up to us." Say, "Yes indeed, by my Lord, indeed it will definitely come up to you. (He is) The Knower of the Unseen; not so much as an atom's weight in the heavens or in the earth shifts away from Him; neither is anything smaller than that, or greater, except that it is in an Evident Book
34:4  That He may recompense (the ones) who have believed and done deeds of righteousness; those will have forgiveness and an honorable provision."
34:5  And (the ones) who endeavor against Our signs trying to defy them, those will have a torment of painful chastisement
34:6  And the ones who were brought knowledge see (that) what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the Truth and guides to the path of the Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Praiseworthy
34:7  And the ones who have disbelieved have said, "Shall we indicate to you a man who will (really) inform you when you have been utterly torn to pieces, (Literally: torn all manner of tearing) (that) indeed you will surely be in a new creation?"
34:8  Has he fabricated against Allah a lie, or is there in him a madness? No indeed, (but) the ones who do not believe in the Hereafter are in the torment and in the farthest error
34:9  So, have they not regarded whatever is before them (Literally: between their hands) and whatever is behind them of the heaven and the earth? In case We (so) decide, We would make the earth to cave in with them, or We would let fall down on them lumps from the heaven. Surely in that is indeed a sign to every penitent bondman
34:10  And indeed We already brought Dawud (David) Grace from Us: "O you mountains, reiterate Allah's praises) with him, and you birds!" And We softened for him iron
34:11  (Saying), "Make (wide) coats of mail, and determine well the links." And do all of you righteousness, (for) surely I am Ever-Beholding whatever you do
34:12  And to Sulayman (Solomon) (We subjected) the wind. Its (course) in the early morning was a month's (journey), and its (course) home in the late afternoon was a month's (journey). And we made the spring of molten brass to flow for him. And of the jinn there were (the ones) who worked before him (Literally: between his hands) by the permission of his Lord. And whoever of them swerved away from our Command, We would let him taste of the torment of the Blaze
34:13  Making (Literally: between) for him whatever he decided: chambers and statues, and bowls like water-troughs, and anchored cauldrons. "Do (righteousness), House of Dawud, in thankfulness; and few of My bondmen are constantly thankful."
34:14  So, as soon as We decreed death for him, in no way did anything indicate to them his death except the beast of the earth eating his rod. Then, as soon as he collapsed, the jinn evidently (saw) that; if they had known the Unseen, in no way would they have lingered in the degrading torment
34:15  Indeed there was already for Saba (Sheba) a sign in their dwelling-place: two gardens, (one) on the right and (one) on the left. "Eat of the provision of your Lord, and give thanks to Him; a good country and a Lord Ever-Forgiving."
34:16  Yet, they veered away; so We sent on them the Flood of Arim, and We gave them in exchange for their two gardens, two gardens (comprising) meager crops and tamarisk-bushes, and (some) little (fruit) of the lote- trees
34:17  That (was) what We recompensed them for that they disbelieved; and do We recompense (thus) except the ever-disbelieving (one)
34:18  And We made, between them and the towns which We have blessed, towns apparent, and We well determined traveling between them: "Travel among them nights and days secure."
34:19  Yet they said, "Our Lord, prolong (the stages) between our journeys." And they did injustice to themselves, so We made them (as only) discourses, and we tore them utterly to pieces. Surely in that are indeed signs for every (person) most patient, (and) constantly thankful
34:20  And indeed Iblis already verified his expectation of them, so they closely followed him, except a group of the believers
34:21  And in no way did he have any all-binding authority over them, except that We would know him who believed in the Hereafter from him who was in doubt thereof. And your Lord is Ever-Preserving over everything
34:22  Say, "Invoke the ones you have asserted apart form Allah! They possess not so much as an atom's weight in the heavens nor in the earth; and in no way do they have any associating in either of them, (Literally: the two of them) and in no way has He in them any backer."
34:23  And intercession will not profit in His Reckoning except for him to whom He gives permission; till, when alarm (is lifted) from their hearts, they will say, "What did your Lord say?" They will say, "The Truth; and He is The Ever-Exalted, The Ever-Great."
34:24  Say, "Who provides you from the heavens and the earth?" Say, " Allah! And surely, either we or you (only) are indeed upon (right) guidance or in evident error."
34:25  Say, "You will not be questioned about whatever crimes (we committed), nor will we be questioned about whatever you do."
34:26  Say, "Our Lord will gather us together; (Literally: "between" us) thereafter He will arbitrate between us with the Truth, and He is The Superb Arbiter, The Ever- Knowing."
34:27  Say, "Show me (the ones) you have joined to Him as associates! Not at all. No indeed, He is Allah, The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise."
34:28  And in no way have We sent you except as a constant bearer of good tidings and a constant warner to the whole of mankind; but most of mankind do not know
34:29  And they say, "When will this promise (come to pass), in case you are sincere?"
34:30  Say, "You have the promised Appointment of a Day that you cannot postpone by a (single) hour, nor can you put it forward."
34:31  And (the ones) who have disbelieved have said, "We will never believe in this Qur'an, nor in that before it." (Literally: between its two hands) And if you could see as the unjust ones are being made to stand in the Reckoning of their Lord, bandying argument the one against the other! (Literally: some of them returning the saying to some "others") (The ones) who were deemed weak will say to the ones who waxed proud, "Had it not been for you, we would indeed have been believers."
34:32  (The ones) who waxed proud will say to (the ones) who were deemed weak, "Did we bar you from the guidance after it came to you? No indeed, (but) you were criminals."
34:33  And (the ones) who were deemed weak will say to (the ones) who waxed proud, "No indeed, (but) (it was your) scheming night and day-time as you commanded us to disbelieve in Allah and make up compeers to Him." And they will keep secret (their) remorse as soon as they see the torment. And We made shackles on the necks of the ones who disbelieved; will they be recompensed except for whatever they were doing
34:34  And in no way did We send into any town any constant warner except that its population living in ease and luxury said, "Surely we are disbelievers in what you have been sent with."
34:35  And they said, "We are more (than you) in riches and children, and in no way will we be tormented"
34:36  Say, "Surely my Lord outspreads the provision for whomever He decides and estimates (it); but most of mankind do not know it."
34:37  And in no way will your riches, nor your children, bring you in proximity of Our Providence except for him who believes and does righteousness. So, those will have the double recompense for what they did, and they will be in (lofty) compartments secure
34:38  And (the ones) who endeavor against Our signs trying to defy them, those will be presented forward into the torment
34:39  Say, "Surely my Lord outspreads the provision for whomever He decides of His bondmen and He estimates (it) for him; and whatever thing you expend, He will then replace it. And He is The Most Charitable of providers."
34:40  And on the Day when He will muster them altogether, thereafter He will say to the Angels, "Was it you (only) these were worshiping?"
34:41  They will say, All Extolment be to You! You are our Ever-Patronizing Patron, apart from them. No indeed, (but) they were worshiping the jinn; most of them were believers in them
34:42  "So today none of you will possess (any power) for profit or adversity for another." (Literally: some of you with not possess any profit or adversity for some "others") And We will say to (the ones) who did injustice, "Taste the torment of the Fire which you used to cry lies to."
34:43  And when Our ayat (Verses, signs) are recited to them, supremely evident (signs), they say, "In no way is this (anything) except a man who is willing to bar you from what your fathers were worshiping." And they say, "In no way is this (anything) except fabricated falsehood." And the ones who disbelieved say to the Truth, as soon as it has come to them, "Decidedly this is (nothing) except an evident sorcery."
34:44  And in no way have We brought them any Books which they study, and in no way have We sent them before you any constant warner
34:45  And (the ones) before them cried lies, and in no way did they reach a tenth of what We brought them. So they cried lies to My Messengers. Then how was My disclaiming
34:46  Say, "Surely I admonish you with one (thing) only, that you rise up to Allah by twos and singly; thereafter meditate: in no way is there any madness in your Companion. Decidedly he is nothing except a constant warner to you, before (Literally: between the hands of) a strict torment."
34:47  Say, "Whatever reward I ask of you, then it is for you (i.e., for benefit and your guidance) Decidedly my reward (falls) upon none except Allah, and He is an Ever - Present Witness over everything."
34:48  Say, "Surely my Lord hurls the Truth (against the untruth)-The Sublime Knower of the (things) Unseen."
34:49  Say, "The Truth has come; and in no way (can) untruth start (anything) and in no way (can) it bring back (anything)."
34:50  Say, "In case I err, surely I will err away only against my (own) self; and in case I am guided, then it is by what my Lord reveals to me. Surely He is Ever-Hearing, Ever-Near."
34:51  And if you could see (them) as they get alarmed; so there is no eluding, (i.e., there is no escaping) and they are taken (away) from a place near (at hand)
34:52  And they say, "We (now) believe in it." And however can they succeed in the effort to achieve (belief) from a place far (away)
34:53  And they already disbelieved in it earlier, and they hurl (their guesses) at the Unseen from a place far (away)
34:54  And a barrier was interposed between them and what they desire (i.e., repentance) as was performed to sects similar to them earlier; surely they were in doubt, causing suspicion