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24:2  So if you do not do it, which you will never do, then be cautious of the fire which is prepared for the disbelievers whose fuel is people and rocks.
24:3  This is because they say: “The fire will never touch us except for a few days.” And what they were fabricating deceived them in their way of life (religion).
24:4  And (forbidden to you are) all married women except what your right hands own (those captives that their husbands have not asked for them or do not want to go back). This is God's prescription for you. And (other women) apart from these are made lawful for you, that you look for them with your wealth for marriage and not fornication/adultery. So for what you enjoyed from them (consummation of marriage), give them their compensations (marriage portions) as a mandate. And there is no blame on you for what you mutually agree about it after the mandate. Indeed God is knowledgeable and wise.
24:5  They said: “Moses, we will never ever enter it as long as they are in it, so you and your Lord go and fight, we sit here.”
24:6  See how they lied to themselves, and what they used to fabricate has abandoned them.
24:7  He (God) said: “Go down, some of you will be enemies of the others, and you will have a place to stay, and provision for a while (your lifetime).”
24:8  You who believe, answer the call of God and His messenger when he calls you to what gives you life, and know that God comes between the person and his heart (his desires), and you will be gathered to Him.
24:9  Say: “If your fathers, your sons, your spouses, your family (and tribe members), the wealth that you acquired, the business that you are afraid of its decline, and the homes that please you are dearer to you than God and His messenger and trying hard in His way, then wait until God gives His command. God does not guide the disobedient people.
24:10  The example of this world's life is indeed like a rain that We sent it down from the sky, then the plants of the earth, from which people and livestock eat, mixes with it, until the earth takes its decoration and is beautified, and its inhabitants think that they have power over it, then Our command comes to it by night or day and We make it as a mowed-down field as if it did not exist the day before. That is how We explain the signs for people who think.
24:11  Example of the two groups is like the blind and deaf, and the one who sees and hears. Are the two examples equal? Do you not take notice?
24:12  And she had certainly desired him, and he would have desired her if he had not seen his Lord's proof. So it was, that We turned badness and indecency away from him. He was indeed one of Our devoted servants.
24:13  “Peace (and well-being) upon you for your perseverance.” And how excellent is the final home!
24:14  Do you not see how God gives an example? Good word is like a good tree, its root is firm and its branches are in the sky.
24:15  And We have certainly known those who came before you, and We certainly know those who come after you.
24:16  And when they are told: “What did your Lord send down?” They say: “Stories of the earlier ones.”
24:17  And spread the wing of humility (and respect) for them out of kindness, and say: “My Lord, have mercy on them as they brought me up (since I was) a child.”
24:18  Unless (you say:) “If God wants.” And remember your Lord when you forget and say: “Perhaps my Lord will guide me to (a way) closer to the right way than this.”
24:19  Then (a voice) called her from under her (saying:) “Do not be sad, your Lord has placed a stream under you,
24:20  go to Pharaoh, indeed he rebelled.”
24:21  Or have they taken gods besides Him? Say: “Bring your proof. This is the message of those with me and the message of those before me.” But most of them do not know the truth and they turn away.
24:22  And they will be guided to the good words (praising God), and they will be guided to the path of the praiseworthy (paradise).
24:23  The leaders of those who disbelieved among his people said: “He is only a human being like you who wants to be superior over you, and if God wanted He would have sent down angels, we did not hear of this among our forefathers,
24:24  on a day that their tongues and their hands and their feet testify against them for what they used to do,
24:25  On that day, inhabitants of the garden have a good place to stay and a better relaxing place.
24:26  He (Moses) said: “The Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever between them, if you are sure.”
24:27  I found her and her people prostrate (and show humbleness) to the sun instead of God, and Satan beautified their deeds for them, and kept them away from the (right) way, so they are not guided,
24:28  So he watered (their animals) for them, then he went back to the shade and said: “My Lord, indeed I am in need of anything good you send down to me.”
24:29  So there was no answer from his people except to say: “Kill him or burn him.” So God saved him from the fire. Indeed there are signs in that for people who believe.
24:30  And among His signs (that) He shows you the lightning as a fear and a hope, and He sends down rain from the sky bringing the land back to life with it after its death. Indeed there are signs in that for people who understand.
24:31  We let them enjoy for a little, then We force them into a severe punishment.
24:32  And We appointed leaders among them to guide by Our command because they persevered and were certain of Our signs.
24:33  So that God rewards the truthful for their truth, and punishes the hypocrites if He wants, or turns to them (in mercy). Indeed God is forgiving and merciful.
24:34  Say: “Who provides for you from the skies and the earth?” Say: “God, and indeed (either) we or you are on guidance or in obvious error.”
24:35  Indeed We have sent you with the truth as a giver of good news and as a warner. And there is not any community unless a warner has passed through it.
24:36  Then, I am certainly in obvious error.
24:37  And stop them (on the way), indeed they are questioned (and are responsible).
24:38  He (David) said: “He has certainly wronged you by asking (to add) your female sheep to his female sheep, and indeed most partners do wrong to one another, except those who believe and do good, and they are few.” And David assumed that We have tested him, so he asked forgiveness of his Lord, and fell down humbly and repented.
24:39  Is someone who protects (himself) with his face against the terrible punishment of the Resurrection Day (same as one who has no punishment)? And it will be said to the wrongdoers: “Taste what you were earning.”
24:40  to Pharaoh and Haman and Qarun (Korah), but they said: “A lying magician.”
24:41  And if they are patient, then (they will find out that) the fire is the place for them, and if they want to plea (to appease God), they are not of those whose plea is accepted.
24:42  Or do they say: “He has made up a lie (and attributes it) to God?” Then if God wants, He would seal your heart, but God eliminates the falsehood and proves the truth with His words. Indeed He knows what is inside the chests/minds.
24:43  He (the warner) said: “Even if I have brought you a better guidance than what you found your fathers upon it?” They said: “We disbelieve in what you were sent with.”
24:44  and leave the sea calmly, indeed they will be a drowned army.”
24:45  And they say: “There is nothing except our life of this world, we die and we live (and world goes on), and only time destroys us.” They have no knowledge of this, they only guess.
24:46  So when they saw it (the punishment) as a cloud moving toward their valleys, they said: “This is a cloud bringing us rain.” No, but this is what you wanted it to be rushed, a wind with a painful punishment in it.
24:47  Do they not think about (the consequences of instructions of) Quran, or are there locks on (their) hearts?
24:48  And He is the One Who held back their hands from you and your hands from them inside Mecca after He made you victorious over them. And God is watchful of whatever you do.
24:50  (And it will be said:) “Throw into hell every stubborn disbeliever,
24:51  Did the story of the noble guests of Abraham reach you?
24:52  And servants who are like hidden pearls go around them (to serve).
24:53  Or does human being have whatever he desires?
24:54  And they said: “Should we follow him, a single human being among us? Then indeed we are in error and madness.
24:55  And the sailing ships raised in the sea like the mountains/road signs belong to Him.
24:56  as a reward for what they used to do.
24:57  those who are stingy and order people to stinginess. And anyone who turns back, God is indeed rich (without any need) and praiseworthy.
24:59  He is God, the creator, the inventor, the designer. All the good attributes (and names) belong to Him. Whatever is in the skies and is on the earth glorifies Him, and He is the powerful, the wise.
24:67  Say: “He is the One Who scattered you on the earth, and you will be gathered to Him.”
24:68  “No poor shall enter it over you today.”
24:69  (They are told:) “Eat and drink joyfully for what you sent in advance in the days gone by.”
24:70  and those in their wealth there is a known right
24:71  And (Noah said:) “They have misguided many (people), so (my Lord,) do not increase the wrongdoers except in error.”
24:72  Until when they see what they are promised, then they are going to know who is weaker in helper and fewer in number.
24:74  Then he said: “This (Quran) is only a handed-down magic,
24:75  And on that day some faces are gloomy (from sadness),
24:76  So persevere (and be patient) for your Lord's command, and do not obey any sinful or ungrateful (disbeliever) among them.
24:77  Woe to the deniers on that day.
24:78  They do not taste anything cool or any drink in there,
24:79  and said: “I am your lord, the highest.”
24:80  So the human being should look at his food.
24:81  And he is not stingy with the unseen (that is revealed to him),
24:83  You will recognize the glow of delight in their faces.
24:84  So give them the news of a painful punishment,
24:88  then God punishes him with the great punishment.
24:89  He says: “I wish that I had sent ahead (something) for my (new) life.”