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24:1  A chapter of the Koran , We descended it, and We made it a duty/commanded it , and We descended in it verses/evidences evidences, maybe/perhaps you mention/remember
24:2  The adulteress/fornicatress (F) and the adulterer/fornicator (M) , so whip/lash each one from them (B) one hundred whip(s)/lash(es), and mercy/compassion does not take you with them (B) in God's religion/judgment , if you were believing by God and the day the last/Resurrection Day, and a group of people from the believers should witnessed their (B)'s torture
24:3  The adulterer/fornicator does not marry except an the adulteress/fornicatress or a sharer/taker of partners (with God), and the adulteress/fornicatress , none marries her except an adulterer/fornicator or sharer/taker of partners (with God), and that (was) forbidden on the believers
24:4  And those who blame and accuse the chaste/married then they did not come with witnesses/testifiers ,so whip/lash them eighty whip(s)/lash(es), and do not accept for them a testimony/certification , ever (E), and those are the debauchers
24:5  Except those who repented from after that, and corrected/repaired , so then God (is) forgiving, merciful
24:6  And those who blame and accuse their spouses , and (there) were not for them witnesses/testifiers except themselves, so testimony/certification (of) one of them, four testimonies/certifications by God that he truly is from (E) the truthful
24:7  And the fifth that God's curse/torture (is) on him, if he was from the liars/deniers/falsifiers
24:8  And pushes away/repels the torture from her that she witnesses/testifies four testimonies/certifications by God that he truly is from (E) the liars/deniers/falsifiers
24:9  And the fifth, that God's anger (is) on her if he was from the truthful
24:10  And where it not for God's grace/blessing on you and His mercy, and that God (is) forgiving, wise/judicious
24:11  That those who came with the lies/falsehood a group/band/company from you, do not think/suppose it (is) bad/evil/harm for you, rather/but it is best for you to each/every human from them what he earned/gained from the sin/crime; and who followed his arrogance/great sin from them (there is) for him a great torture
24:12  Where it not for when you heard it , the believers (M) and the believers (F) thought/assumed goodness with themselves, and they said: "That (is) evident lies/falsehood."
24:13  Unless they come on it with four witnesses/testifiers, so if they do not come with witnesses/testifiers, so those are at God they are the liars/deniers/falsifiers
24:14  And where it not for God's grace/favour/blessing on you and His mercy in the present world and the end (other life), great torture would have touched you in what you flowed/spread in it
24:15  When you receive it with your tongues/languages and you say with your mouths what knowledge is not for you with it (you have no knowledge of) and you think/suppose it (is) easy/light, and it is at God great
24:16  And if only when you want/listened (to) it, you said: "It (is) not to be for us that we converse/speak with that, Your praise/glory, that (is) great falsehood/slander ."
24:17  God advises/warns you that you return to similar/equal to it ever, if you were believing
24:18  And God clarifies/explains for you the verses/evidences , and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
24:19  That those who love/like that the enormous/atrocious deed spread/circulate in (between) those who believed, for them (is a) painful torture in the present world and the end (other life), and God knows, and you do not know
24:20  And where it not for God's grace/favour/blessing on you and His mercy, and that God (is) compassionate/merciful, merciful
24:21  You, you those who believed, do not follow the devil's foot steps, and who follows the devil's foot steps, so that he truly orders/commands with the enormous/atrocious deeds , and the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity , and where it not for God's grace/favour/blessing on you and His mercy (there would) not (be) from one from you ever (E) (that) purified/corrected , and but God purifies/corrects whom He wills/wants/intends, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable
24:22  (Owners) of the grace/favour/blessing and the wealth/abundance from you do not slacken/relax , that they give/bring (those) of the relations/near, and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the emigrants in God's sake/path , and to forgive/pardon, and they should forgive/pardon, do you not love/like that God forgives for you? And God (is) forgiving, merciful
24:23  That truly those who blame and accuse the chaste/married , the neglecting/disregarding (F) , the believing (F), were cursed/humiliated in the present world, and the end (other life) and for them (is) a great torture
24:24  A day/time their tongues , and their hands, and their feet witness/testify on them becuase (of) what they were making/doing
24:25  That day God fulfills/completes (to) them their religion/reimbursement the truth , and they know that God, He is the truth , the clear/evident
24:26  The cheaters/wicked (F) (are) to the cheaters/wicked (M) , and the cheaters/wicked (M) (are) to the cheaters/wicked (F) , and the good/pure (F) (are) to good/pure (M) , and the good/pure (M) (are) to the good/pure (F) , those are being made innocent/pure from what they are saying, for them (is) forgiveness and generous/kind (reimbursement)
24:27  You, you those who believed, do not enter houses/homes other than your houses/homes, until you perceive (seek permission), and you greet on (to) its family/people , that (is) best for you, maybe/perhaps you mention/remember
24:28  So if you did not find in it anyone, so do not enter it until (it) be permitted/allowed for you, and if (it) was said to you: "Return." So return, it is more pure/correct for you, and God (is) with what you make/do knowledgeable
24:29  An offense/guilt/sin is not on you that you enter houses/homes not resided in/inhabited, in it (is) enjoyment for you, and God knows what you show, and what you hide/conceal
24:30  Say to the believers (to) lower/humble from their eye sights , and they protect/safe keep from their genital parts between their legs, that is more pure/correct for them, that God (is) expert/experienced with what they make/do
24:31  And say to the believers they (F) lower/humble from their eye sights, and they (F) protect/safe keep from their genital parts between their legs, and they do not show their decoration/beauty except what appeared/is visible from it, and they hold in place/sew (E) with their head covers/covers on their collar opening in clothes/chests , and they do not show their decoration/beauty except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband's fathers (fathers in-law), or their sons, or their husband's sons (step- sons), or their brothers, or their brother's sons (nephews), or their sisters' sons (nephews), or their women, or what their right (hands) owned/possessed (i.e. care-giers under contract), or the followers/servants (those) not (owners) of need/desire/intelligence and resourcefulness (without a sexual drive) from the men or the child/children (the very old or very young), those who did not see and know of on the women's shameful genital parts , and they (F) do not beat/strike with their (F) feet to be known what they (F) hide from their decoration/beauty , and repent to God all together , oh you the believers, maybe/perhaps you succeed/win
24:32  And marry the widows/widowers from you, and the correct/righteous from your slaves/servants and your owned (F) slaves, if they be poor/needy God enriches/suffices them from His grace/favour/blessing, and God (is) rich/spread , knowledgeable
24:33  And those who do not find marriage should refrain/be chaste until God enriches/suffices them from His grace/favour/blessing, and those who ask/wish/desire the destiny/fate/term (marriage) from what your rights owned/possessed, so write with them (marry them), if you knew goodness in them, and give/bring them from God's property/possession/wealth which He gave you, and do not compel/force your young women/(F) youths on (to) the prostitution, if they (F) wanted/intended chastity, to desire the life the present's/worldly life's vanities/non-essentials, and who compels/forces them (F), so then God (is) from after their having been compelled/forced, forgiving, merciful
24:34  And We had descended to you verses/evidences evident, and an example/proverb from those who past/expired from before you, and an advice/warning to the fearing and obeying
24:35  God (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's light, His light's example/proverb (is) as/like a niche in it a light/lamp, the light/lamp (is) in a clear and transparent glass container , the clear and transparent glass container is as though it (is) a pearly/luminous star/planet, (it) is being ignited/lit from a blessed tree, an olive not eastern and not western, its oil is about to/almost to lighten/illuminate, and even if fire did not touch it. Light on/over light, God guides to His light whom He wills/wants , and God gives the examples/proverbs to the people, and God (is) with every thing knowledgeable
24:36  In houses/homes God permitted/allowed that (it) be raised/honoured and be mentioned/remembered in it his name; praises/glorifies to Him in it at the early morning and the evenings to sunsets
24:37  Men commercial trade and nor selling/trading does not distract/divert them from mentioning/remembering God, and keeping up the prayers and giving/bringing the charity/purification , they fear a day/time the hearts/minds and the eye sight/knowledge turns around in it
24:38  (For) God to reward/reimburse them best (of) what they made/did , and He increases them from His grace/favour/blessing , and God provides for whom He wills/wants without counting/calculating
24:39  And those who disbelieved their deeds (are) as a mirage at a plain land (desert) the thirsty thinks/supposes it (is) water, until when he came to it, he did not find it a thing, and he found God at it, so He fulfilled/completed him his account/calculation, and God (is) fast/quick (in) the counting/calculating
24:40  Or as darknesses in a wide roaring and noisy sea/ocean , waves/surges cover/darken him/it , from above it waves/surges, from above it clouds, darknesses, some of it (is) above some, if he brought out his hand he is not about to/almost see it, and who God did not make/put for him light, so (there is) none from light (is) to/for him
24:41  Do you see/understand that God praises/glorifies for Him whom (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and birds (with) expanded and motionless wings in a row? Each had known its prayers and its praise/glorification, and God (is) knowledgeable with what they make/do
24:42  And to God (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's ownership/kingdom , and to God (is) the end/destination
24:43  Do you not see/understand that God drives/eases gently clouds, then He unites/joins between it, then He makes it piled/accumulated , so you see the rain emerges from in between and around it, and He descends from the sky from mountains in it from hail , so He strikes with it whom He wills/wants , and He diverts it from whom He wills/wants, its lightning's shine/flash almost eliminates with the eye sights/knowledge
24:44  God turns the night and the daytime, that truly in that (is) an example/warning (E) to (those) of the eye sights/knowledge
24:45  And God created every/each walker/creeper/crawler from water, so from them who walks (moves) on its belly , and from them who walks on two feet, and from them who walks on four, God creates what He wills/wants , that truly God (is) on every thing capable/powerful
24:46  We had descended verses/evidences evident, and God guides whom He wills/wants to a straight/direct road/way
24:47  And they say: "We believed by God and with the messenger, and we obeyed." Then a group from them turns away from after that, and those are not with the believers
24:48  And if they were called to God and His messenger to judge/rule between them, then a group from them (are) objecting/opposing
24:49  And if the truth/right (is) for them, they come to Him submissive/obedient
24:50  Is there in their hearts/minds sickness/disease, or they became doubtful/suspicious, or they fear that God and His messenger be unfair/inequitable on (to) them? But those are the unjust/oppressive
24:51  But the believers' word/opinion and belief if they were called to God and His messenger to judge/rule between them was that they say: "We heard/listened and we obeyed." And those are the successful/winners
24:52  And who obeys God and His messenger, and fears God, and fears and obeys Him, so those are the successful/triumphant
24:53  And they swore/made oath by God their rights'/oaths' utmost , if (E) you ordered/commanded them they will get out (E), say: "Do not swear/make oath, known obedience, that God (is) expert/experienced with what you make/do ."
24:54  Say: "Obey God and obey the messenger." So if they turned away, so but on him what he was made to carry ,and on you what you were made to carry , and if you obey him/Him you will be guided, and nothing (is) on the messenger except the information/communication, the clear/evident ."
24:55  God promised those who believed from you, and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, He makes them successors in the earth/Planet Earth, as He made successors those from before them, and to highly position/strengthen (E) for them their religion which He accepted/approved for them, He will exchange/replace them (E) safety/security from after their fear/fright, they worship Me, they do not share/made partners with Me a thing, and who disbelieved after that, so those are the debauchers
24:56  And keep up the prayers, and give/bring the charity/purification , and obey the messenger, maybe/perhaps you attain mercy
24:57  Do not think/suppose those who disbelieved (are) disabling/frustrating in the earth/Planet Earth, and their shelter/refuge (is) the fire , and how bad (E) (is) the end/destination
24:58  You, you those who believed, those who your rights (hands) owned/possessed (i.e. care-givers under contract), and those who did not reach the puberty/sexual maturity from you should ask for your permission three times, from before the dawn's prayers, and when you put your clothes/garments (on) from the noon/midday, and from after the evening/first darkness prayers, three shameful genital parts (protective times are) for you, an offense/sin is not on you, and nor on them after them (the three times) circling/walking around on you, some of you to some, as/like that God clarifies/shows/explains for you the verses/evidences , and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
24:59  And if the children from you reached the puberty/sexual maturity so they should ask for permission/pardon, as/like those from before them asked for permission/pardon, as/like that God clarifies/shows/explains for you His verses/evidences , and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
24:60  And the menopausal/non child bearing from the women, those who do not hope/expect marriage, so an offense/guilt/sin is not on them (F) that they put (on) their clothes/garments not showing off beauty/decoration with decoration/ornament , and that they be chaste/pure (is) best for them, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable
24:61  Blame/hardship (is) not on the blind, and nor on the lame/limper (from) blame/hardship , and nor on the sick/diseased (from) blame/hardship , and nor on yourselves that you eat from your houses/homes, or your fathers'/forefathers' houses/homes, or your mothers' houses/homes, or your brothers' houses/homes, or your sisters' houses/homes, or your paternal uncles' houses/homes, or your paternal aunts' houses/homes, or your maternal uncles' houses/homes, or your maternal aunts' houses/homes, or what you owned/possessed its keys ,or your friend, an offense/guilt/sin (is) not on you that you eat all together or separately, so if you entered houses/homes, so greet on yourselves a greeting from at God, blessed, pure ; as/like that God clarifies/shows/explains to you the verses/evidences , maybe you reason/comprehend
24:62  But the believers (are) those who believed by God and His messenger, and if they were with Him on (a) gathering and important matter/affair, they do not go/go away until they ask for his permission/pardon, that those who ask for your permission/pardon, those are, those who believe by God and His messenger, so if they asked for your permission/pardon for some (of) their affair/concern , so permit/allow to whom you willed/wanted from them, and ask God for forgiveness for them, that God (is) forgiving, merciful
24:63  Do not make calling the messenger between you as calling some of you (to) some, God had been know(ing) those who sneak/slip away taking refuge/dodging from you, so those who differ/disagree from His order/command should be warned/cautious that misguidance/seduction or a painful torture strikes them
24:64  Is it not that to God what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth? God has been know(ing) what you are on it, and a day/time they be return(ed) to Him, so He informs them with what they made/did, and God (is) with every thing knowledgeable