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20:2  We have not sent the Recital down to you that you should be miserable,
20:3  but only as a reminder to those who fear God,
20:4  a revelation from the Creator of the earth and the heavens on high,
20:5  the Compassionate One established on the Throne,
20:6  to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth, and what is between them, and what is under the soil.
20:7  So if you speak the word aloud, surely God knows the secret, and what is most deeply concealed.
20:8  God is the only God, to whom belong the most beautiful names.
20:25  [Moses] said, "My Lord, expand my chest for me,
20:26  and ease my task for me,
20:27  and loosen the knot from my tongue,
20:28  that they may understand my speech.
20:29  And provide me a minister from my family,
20:30  Aaron, my brother;
20:31  increase my strength by him,
20:32  and have him share my task, that
20:33  we may glorify You much
20:34  and remember You often.
20:35  For You are watching over us."
20:36  God said, “Moses, your request is granted.”