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83:1  Woe unto the fraudulents.
83:2  Those who, when they seek measure [and weight] from other men, they exact full measure.
83:3  But when they measure or weigh for them [the other people], they cheat.
83:4  Do these men not know that they are going to be raised?
83:5  For a day most awesome,
83:6  a day when the mankind will stand [for witness] for Lord of the worlds.
83:7  Not at all! Truly the book of the transgressors is indeed in Sijjin.
83:8  And what do you know about what Sijjin is?
83:9  It is a book written in full detail.
83:10  Woe on that day is for the beliers.
83:11  Those who belie the day of the recompense.
83:12  And none belie it except every transgressing sinful one.
83:13  When Our signs are related unto him, he says, “fables of the people of ancient times.”
83:14  Not at all! Nay it is the evils that they used to perpetrate that have encrusted on their hearts.
83:15  Not at all! Truly on that day, they are surely veiled from their Lord.
83:16  Thereafter they indeed are surely going to burn in the hellfire.
83:17  Then it will be said unto them, “This is that which you used to belie.”
83:18  Not at all! Indeed the book of the pious is certainly in 'Illiyin.
83:19  And what do you know about what 'Illiyin is?
83:20  It is a book written in full detail.
83:21  Those drawn near do witness it.
83:22  Indeed the pious will surely be in felicity.
83:23  On the couches, while they gaze.
83:24  In their faces you will recognize the luster of the felicity.
83:25  They will be given a drink from nectar well sealed.
83:26  Its seal is from Musk and in that let those who vie, vie.
83:27  And its admixture is from Tasnim.
83:28  Those drawn near to Allah will drink from the very source of it.
83:29  Truly those who perpetrated evil used to laugh at those who believed.
83:30  And when they passed by them, they used to wink at one another.
83:31  And when they returned to their own people, they returned in a jestful manner.
83:32  And whenever they saw them they said, “Indeed these are surely people who have gone astray.”
83:33  But they were not sent as watchers over them.
83:34  So today those who believed will laugh at those who were the disbelievers,
83:35  on the couches, gazing.
83:36  Have not the disbelieves been paid in full for all that they used to do?