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82:1  When the sky rents asunder.
82:2  And then the stars scatter far and wide.
82:3  And when the oceans are caused to burst their banks.
82:4  And when the graves are shaken to dust.
82:5  Then each soul will know for certain that which it had sent before and sent after.
82:6  O you the human being! What has kept you in delusion regarding your Lord, The All-gracious?
82:7  He who created you, then made you proportionate then gave you an upright posture.
82:8  In any shape which He pleases, He molds you.
82:9  Not at all! Nay you do belie the day of the recompense.
82:10  And truly there are indeed guardians over you;
82:11  scribes, most gracious.
82:12  They know for certain all that you do.
82:13  Truly the pious will indeed be in bliss.
82:14  And truly the transgressors will indeed be in hellfire.
82:15  They will burn therein on the day of recompense.
82:16  And they are not going to be absent from there.
82:17  And what tells you about what is the day of recompense?
82:18  Again what do you know what is the day of the recompense?
82:19  That will be the day when a soul lays claim to nothing for the benefit of any soul and the commandment that day is only for Allah.