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81:1  When the sun is wound up
81:2  when the stars scatter
81:3  when the mountains are set moving
81:4  when the pregnant camels are neglected
81:5  when the wild beasts are mustered
81:6  when the seas are set afire
81:7  when the souls are assorted
81:8  when the girl buried-alive will be aske
81:9  for what sin she was killed
81:10  When the records [of deeds] are unfolded
81:11  when the sky is stripped off
81:12  when hell is set ablaze
81:13  when paradise is brought near
81:14  then a soul shall know what it has readied [for itself]
81:15  So I swear by the stars that return
81:16  the planets that hide
81:17  by the night as it approaches
81:18  by the dawn as it breathes
81:19  it is indeed the speech of a noble apostle
81:20  powerful and eminent with the Lord of the Throne
81:21  one who is heard and trustworthy as well
81:22  Your companion is not crazy
81:23  certainly he saw him on the manifest horizon
81:24  and he is not miserly concerning the Unseen
81:25  And it is not the speech of an outcast Satan
81:26  So where are you going
81:27  It is just a reminder for all the nations
81:28  for those of you who wish to be steadfast
81:29  but you do not wish unless it is wished by Allah, the Lord of all the worlds