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70:1  A demanding person has asked for the punishment that is going to befal
70:2  the disbelievers; there is no one to avert it
70:3  (and it will come) from Allah, the Lord of the stairways
70:4  to whom ascend the angels and the Spirit in a day the length of which is fifty thousand years
70:5  So, observe patience, a good patience
70:6  They see it far off
70:7  and We see it near
70:8  (This punishment will befall) on the Day when the sky will be like dregs of oil
70:9  and the mountains will be like dyed wool
70:10  and no friend will ask about any friend
70:11  (though) they will be made to see each other. A guilty person will desire that he may be able to ransom himself from the torment of that day even by his sons
70:12  and his wife and his brother
70:13  and his kindred that sheltered him
70:14  and all those on earth, then he may redeem himself
70:15  By no means! It is the flaming fir
70:16  that will pull out the skin of the scalp
70:17  It will call him who had turned his back and fled away (from the truth
70:18  and accumulated (wealth) and hoarded (it)
70:19  Indeed man is created weak in courage
70:20  very upset when touched by evil
70:21  and very niggard when visited by good (fortune)
70:22  except the performers of Salah
70:23  who are regular in their Salah
70:24  and those in whose riches there is a specified righ
70:25  for the one who asks and the one who is deprived
70:26  and those who believe in the Day of Judgment as true
70:27  and those who are fearful of the torment of their Lord_
70:28  __Indeed the torment of their Lord is not something to be fearless from._
70:29  and those who guard their private parts
70:30  except from their wives and those (slave-girls) owned by their hands,__ because they are not to be blamed
70:31  but the one who seeks (sexual gratification) beyond that, then such people are the transgressors,_
70:32  and those who are careful about their trusts and covenants
70:33  and those who are upright in their testimonies
70:34  and those who take due care of their Salah
70:35  Those will be honoured in gardens (of Jannah )
70:36  So what has happened to those who disbelieve that they are rushing towards yo
70:37  from the right and from the left, in groups
70:38  Does every one of them aspire to be admitted to the garden of bliss
70:39  By no means! We have created them from what they know
70:40  So, I swear by the Lord of the points of sunrise and those of sunset, We are powerfu
70:41  to bring those better than them in their place, and We are not to be frustrated
70:42  So, leave them involved in pastime and play until they encounter their Day, which they are promised
70:43  the Day they will come out of the graves quickly, as if they were rushing toward idols
70:44  with their eyes downcast, enveloped by ignominy. That is the Day, which they were being promised