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67:1  Blessed be He who has the Kingdom in His Hand! He has power over all things.
67:2  He who created death and life to test which of you is best in action. He is the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving.
67:3  He who created the seven heavens in layers. You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful. Look again — do you see any gaps?
67:4  Then look again and again. Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted!
67:5  We have adorned the lowest heaven with lamps and made some of them stones for the shaytans for whom We have prepared the punishment of the Blaze.
67:6  Those who reject their Lord will have the punishment of Hell. What an evil destination!
67:7  When they are flung into it they will hear it gasping harshly as it seethes.
67:8  It all but bursts with rage. Each time a group is flung into it its custodians will question them: ´Did no warner come to you?´
67:9  They will say, ´Yes indeed, a warner did come to us but we denied him and said, "Allah has sent nothing down. You are just greatly misguided."´
67:10  They will say, ´If only we had really listened and used our intellect, we would not have been Companions of the Blaze.´
67:11  Then they will acknowledge their wrong actions. Away with the Companions of the Blaze!
67:12  Those who fear their Lord in the Unseen will have forgiveness and an immense reward.
67:13  Whether you keep your words secret or say them out loud He knows what the heart contains.
67:14  Does He who created not then know? He is the All-Pervading, the All-Aware.
67:15  It is He who made the earth submissive to you, so walk its broad trails and eat what it provides. The Resurrection is to Him.
67:16  Do you feel secure against Him Who is in heaven causing the earth to swallow you up when suddenly it rocks from side to side?
67:17  Or do you feel secure against Him Who is in heaven releasing against you a sudden squall of stones, so that you will know how true My warning was?
67:18  Those before them also denied but then how great was My denial!
67:19  Have they not looked at the birds above them, with wings outspread and folded back? Nothing holds them up but the All-Merciful. He sees all things.
67:20  Who is there who could be a force for you, to come to your support, apart from the All-Merciful? The kafirun are only living in delusion.
67:21  Who is there who could provide for you if He withholds His provision? Yet still they obstinately persist in insolence and evasion.
67:22  Who is better guided: he who goes grovelling on his face or he who walks upright on a straight path?
67:23  Say: ´It is He who brought you into being and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!´
67:24  Say: ´It is He who scattered you about the earth and you will be gathered to Him.´
67:25  They say, ´When will this promise come about if you are telling the truth?´
67:26  Say: ´The knowledge is with Allah alone and I am only a clear warner.´
67:27  When they see it right up close, the faces of those who are kafir will be appalled and they will be told, ´This is what you were calling for.´
67:28  Say: ´What do you think? If Allah destroys me and those with me, or if He has mercy on us, who can shelter the kafirun from a painful punishment?´
67:29  Say: ´He is the All-Merciful. We have iman in Him and trust in Him. You will soon know who is clearly misguided.´
67:30  Say: ´What do you think? If, one morning, your water disappears into the earth who will bring you running water?´