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66:1  O Prophet! Why do you make haram what Allah has made halal for you, seeking to please your wives? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
66:2  Allah has made the expiation of your oaths obligatory for you. Allah is your Master — He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.
66:3  The Prophet confided a certain matter to one of his wives, then when she divulged it Allah disclosed that to him, and he communicated part of it and withheld part of it. When he told her of it, she said, ´Who told you of this?´ He said, ´The All-Knowing and All-Aware informed me of it.´
66:4  If the two of you would only turn to Allah, for your hearts clearly deviated . . . But if you support one another against him, Allah is his Protector and so are Jibril and every right-acting man of the muminun and, furthermore, the angels too will come to his support.
66:5  It may be that if he does divorce you, his Lord will give him in exchange better wives than you: Muslim women, believing women, obedient women, penitent women, women who worship, women who fast much — previously married women as well as virgins.
66:6  You who have iman! safeguard yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones. Harsh, terrible angels are in charge of it who do not disobey Allah in respect of any order He gives them and carry out what they are ordered to do.
66:7  ´You who are kafir! do not try to excuse yourselves today. You are merely being repaid for what you did.´
66:8  You who have iman! repent sincerely to Allah. It may be that your Lord will erase your bad actions from you and admit you into Gardens with rivers flowing under them on the Day when Allah will not disgrace the Prophet and those who had iman along with him. Their light will stream out ahead of them and on their right. They will say, ´Our Lord, perfect our light for us and forgive us! You have power over all things.´
66:9  O Prophet! do jihad against the kafirun and hypocrites and be harsh with them. Their refuge is Hell. What an evil destination!
66:10  Allah has made an example for those who are kafir: the wife of Nuh and the wife of Lut. They were married to two of Our slaves who were righteous but they betrayed them and were not helped at all against Allah. They were told, ´Enter the Fire along with all who enter it.´
66:11  Allah has made an example for those who have iman: the wife of Pharaoh when she said, ´My Lord, build a house in the Garden for me in Your presence and rescue me from Pharaoh and his deeds and rescue me from this wrongdoing people.´
66:12  And Maryam, the daughter of ´Imran, who guarded her chastity — We breathed Our Ruh into her and she confirmed the Words of her Lord and His Books and was one of the obedient.