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46:1  Ha. Mim
46:2  (This is) the Book being sent down in parts from God, the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise
46:3  We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them save with truth (for meaningful purposes, and on solid foundations of truth), and for an appointed term. But those who disbelieve turn away from that (Day of Judgment) about which they are warned
46:4  Say: "Do you not consider what those are whom (you deify and) invoke apart from God? Show me what they have created of the earth. Or do they have a share in (the creation and maintenance of) the heavens? Bring me a Book (revealed) before this one (the Qur’an) or some remnant of knowledge (accurately preserved and transmitted), if you are truthful (in your claims)."
46:5  Who is more astray than one who invokes, apart from God, such as will not make any answer to him until the Day of Resurrection, and are (self-evidently) unconscious and heedless of their invocation
46:6  When all people are raised from the dead and gathered together for judgment, they (whom they invoked) will be enemies to them, and will disown their worshipping them
46:7  When Our Revelations, clear as evidence and in meaning are recited (and conveyed) to them, those who disbelieve say of the truth when it reaches them: "This is clearly nothing but sorcery."
46:8  Or do they say, "He (the Messenger) has fabricated it (the Qur’an)?" Say: "If I have fabricated it, you have no power at all to help me against God. He knows best all that you are busy inventing concerning it (the Qur’an). He suffices for a Witness between me and you. He is the All-Forgiving, the All-Compassionate
46:9  "I am no novelty (either in my person or in the message I have brought) among the Messengers, and (being human) I do not know (unless God informs me) what (will happen in the future in the world and therefore what will) be done to me and to you. I only follow what is revealed to me, and I am only a plain warner."
46:10  Say: "Do you ever consider that if this Qur’an is from God, and you disbelieve in it while (many) a witness from among the Children of Israel (those who had knowledge of Revelation) had already testified to the like of it and (also) believed, whereas you are too arrogant to believe: (is this not plain deviation and wrong)? Surely God does not guide the wrongdoing people."
46:11  Those who disbelieve say of those who believe (as another pretext for their rejection of faith in the Qur’an): "If it (the Qur’an) had been something good and useful, those people would not have preceded us in accepting it." And as they (having refused it) have not found guidance through it, they say: "This is a fabrication from ancient times."
46:12  (They say so despite the fact that) before this there was the Book of Moses as a guide and mercy (for the Children of Israel); and this (Qur’an) is a Book confirming (the truth in the earlier Scriptures) and revealed in Arabic to warn those who commit wrong, and as a good tiding for those devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them
46:13  Surely those who profess, "Our Lord is God," and then follow the Straight Path (in their belief, thought, and actions), they will have no fear, nor will they grieve
46:14  They are the companions of Paradise, abiding therein as a reward for what they used to do
46:15  Now (among the good deeds) We have enjoined on human is the best treatment towards his parents. His mother bore him in pain, and in pain did she give him birth. The bearing of him and suckling of him (until weaned) is thirty months, until when he has reached his full manhood and reached forty years of age, he says: "My Lord! Arouse me that I may be thankful for all Your favors (life, health, sustenance, faith, and submission, and more) that You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do good, righteous deeds with which You will be pleased, and grant me righteous offspring (so that they treat me righteously, as I treat my parents). I have turned to You, and I am one of those who have submitted to You."
46:16  Those are they from whom We will accept (their good deeds in a manner to reward them in accordance with) the best of what they ever did, and whose evil deeds We will overlook, (and include them) among the companions of Paradise. This is a true promise which they have been given (here in the world)
46:17  But (there is many a one) who says to his parents (who call him to righteousness and faith): "Uff to you both! (I am fed up with you!) Do you threaten me that I will be brought forth from the dead (to a new life and judgment), while so many generations have passed away before me (and so far not a single person has been raised)?" And they both pray to God for help (in the guidance of their child, and say to him): "Woe to you! Believe! God’s promise is certainly true!" But he says: "All this is nothing but fables of the ancients!"
46:18  Such are they upon whom the word (of God’s punishment) is rightly due (as included) among the (similar) communities of jinn and humankind before them. Surely they are the ones ruined in loss
46:19  For all (individuals and groups) there will be degrees of their own, according to what they have done, and so God will pay them fully for their deeds, and they will not be wronged
46:20  On that Day, those who disbelieve will be brought to the Fire (and they will be told): "You consumed in your worldly life your (share of) pure, wholesome things, and enjoyed them fully (without considering the due of the Hereafter, and so have taken in the world the reward of all your good deeds). So this Day you are recompensed with the punishment of abasement because of your scornful arrogance on the earth against all right, and because of your transgressing (the bounds set by God)."
46:21  Make mention of (Hud) the brother of Ad: he warned his people in al-Ahqaf – as indeed warners came and went before and after him (to warn their peoples) – saying: "Worship none but God alone. I surely fear for you the punishment of an awesome day."
46:22  They said: "Have you come to us to turn us away from our deities? If you are truthful in your claims, then bring us what you are threatening us with."
46:23  He said: "The knowledge (of when it will come) is only with God. I convey to you that with which I have been sent as a Messenger, but I see you are a people acting ignorantly."
46:24  Then (as the events unfolded) they saw that (which they were threatened with) as a dense cloud in the sky advancing towards their valleys, and they said: "This is a cloud bringing us rain." No; it is what you have (derisively) asked to be hastened: a wind bearing a painful punishment
46:25  Bound to devastate everything by the command of its Lord. And so they became such that nothing was to be seen except their dwellings. Thus do We recompense the guilty people committed to accumulating sin
46:26  We had, assuredly, given them such power and prosperity (on the earth) that We have not given to you (O Quraysh), and We had endowed them with hearing and eyes and hearts (all the means of perception, outward and inward). But neither their ears, nor their eyes, nor their hearts, availed them anything, as they obstinately rejected God’s signs and Revelations, and what they used to mock overwhelmed them
46:27  We have, assuredly, destroyed many townships that are around you, and (before that) We had set out the signs and Revelations in diverse ways, so that they might turn back (from their wrong ways)
46:28  So, why did those whom they took for deities apart from God as a means of nearness (to God) not help them (against God’s punishment)? Rather, they failed them. That was (the end result of) their falsehood and all that they used to fabricate (of slanders against God)
46:29  We directed a company of jinn towards you in order that they might listen to the Qur’an (while you were reciting of it). When they were present for it, they said (to one another): "Be silent and listen!" When the recitation finished, they returned to their community as warners
46:30  They said: "O our people! We have listened to a Book which has been sent after Moses, confirming (the Divine origin of and the truths that are still contained by) the Revelations prior to it: It guides towards the truth and towards a straight road (in all matters)
46:31  "O our people! Respond (affirmatively) to him who calls to God, and believe in him. God will forgive you your sins (which you have committed so far), and save you from a painful punishment
46:32  "Whoever does not respond (affirmatively) to him who calls to God, he cannot frustrate (God’s will) on the earth, and no guardian will he have apart from God (once God has disowned him): those (who seek to do so) are in obvious error."
46:33  Have they (the unbelievers) not considered that surely God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and never wearied with their creation, is able to bring the dead to life? Certainly He is; He has full power over everything
46:34  On the Day when those who disbelieve are brought to the Fire (they will be asked): "Is this not true?" They will say: "Yes, most certainly, by our Lord!" He (God) will say: "Taste the punishment in which you used to disbelieve!"
46:35  So, be patient (O Messenger), (with their rejection of faith and with whatever they do), just as those of greatest steadfastness and resolution among the Messengers were patient, and do not seek to hasten (the judgment on) them. The Day when they see what they are threatened with, (they will feel) as if they had not stayed (in the world) save a short while of the day only. The message has been conveyed. Will, then, any be destroyed save the people who transgress the bounds (in belief and action)