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46:1  Ha, Meem
46:2  The revelation of this book is from Allah, the Mighty and the Wise
46:3  We did not create the heavens and the earth and all that exists between them, except with justice, for a specified time (and a specific purpose). Yet, the unbelievers have ignored the warning
46:4  Say, "Do you (ever pause to) think about the beings you worship instead of Allah? Show me if they have created anything (anywhere) on earth! Or do (you think) they have a share (of authority) in the heavens? Quote from the scriptures revealed prior to this (Qur´an) or produce any trace (or form) of knowledge (to support your claim), if you are right."
46:5  Who could be more at fault, (and further removed from the truth), than the one worshipping others instead of Allah? Those others will never respond to their prayers, till the day of resurrection. They are, indeed, oblivious of the fact that they are being worshipped
46:6  (On the day of resurrection) when all mankind is assembled, these false deities would turn hostile against their worshippers, and would disown their adherents´ acts of devotion
46:7  Our clear lucid verses were read to them. But, referring to the truth as it came to them, the unbelievers said, "This is obviously a magic!"
46:8  Or do they say that he, (the messenger), has made it all up? Say, "If this is so, then you have no ability at all to back me against Allah! He is better aware of the rancorous remarks you utter against it, (the Qur´an). He suffices as a witness between you and me. He is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful."
46:9  Say, "I am neither novel nor unprecedented among the messengers. I do not know what will happen to you or me. I merely follow what is revealed to me. I am simply a clear-cut warner."
46:10  When you rejected this Qur´an, did you ever pause to ponder? What if it really is from Allah? A (learned) witness amongst the Israelites declared his belief in it, while you displayed arrogance! Indeed, Allah does not guide the nation of evildoers
46:11  The unbelievers say about those who believe, "Had it been the truth, they could not have surpassed us in faith. "Since they did not gain any guidance from it (the Qur´an), the unbelievers say, "It is the same old trumped up lie!"
46:12  Prior to this, the book of Musa was the guide and mercy. This book, (the Qur´an) is in the Arabic language and it confirms and validates (the book of Musa). It warns those committing evil, and gives the good news to the righteous
46:13  Indeed! Those who say, "Allah is our Lord" and then stand firm (on their belief) shall have nothing to fear. Nor will they ever grieve (or be sorry)
46:14  Such are the inhabitants of paradise! They shall live there forever; their reward for what they used to do
46:15  We have made it incumbent upon man to treat his parents with kindness. His mother carried him with difficulty, and went through labor in pain. The pregnancy and weaning takes a total period of thirty months. Then when he reaches forty years of age and has attained his full strength (and potential), he says, "My Lord, instill in me the courage to be grateful for the blessings You have showered upon me and my parents. Inspire me to do good deeds _ the deeds that please You. (My Lord) make my offspring righteous. I turn to You in repentance and I am one of those who submit (to Your will)."
46:16  Such are the ones! We would accept the best of their deeds, and We would overlook their faults and shortcomings. They shall be among the inhabitants of paradise. The solemn and sincere promise made to them (in the life of the world) will indeed be fulfilled
46:17  (On the other hand), there is the one who says to his parents, "Oh really, I am fed up with you two! Are you really asking me to believe that I would be restored back to life (after my death)? Generations have passed before me, (and nobody has ever come back)!" His parents invoke Allah´s help and say, "Woe unto you! Believe it! Allah´s promise is indeed the truth." But he (doesn´t listen, and) says, "These are nothing but (old) tales of people long gone."
46:18  Such are the ones who deserve the doom. The decision has been decreed against them, and other jinn and humans (like them) in the generations gone by. Indeed, all of them are the losers
46:19  Based on his deeds, each one will have a different status (in paradise, and in hell), so that He may fully (and appropriately) compensate them for their deeds. No one will be wronged
46:20  The day the unbelievers are brought before the hellfire (they would be told), "You availed and squandered the good things in the life of the world. Today, you would be punished with a disgraceful torment, because you were arrogant in the land without a reason, and because you transgressed and disobeyed."
46:21  And remember (Hood), the brother of a people called ´Aad´? He warned his folks who lived in (a place called) ´Aikah´. Other warners had gone by ahead of him, and had followed him (in that land). He said, "Do not worship anyone except Allah! In fact, I am afraid that a torment of a tremendous day might strike you down."
46:22  They replied, "Have you come to lure us away from our gods. So, go ahead! If you are truthful, have that torment _ the one with which you threaten us _ visit us."
46:23  (The messenger) said, "Indeed, the knowledge (about the time of that torment) rests with Allah alone. I conveyed to you whatever was revealed to me. But I see that you are an ignorant people."
46:24  Then, as they saw the dense cloud advancing towards their valleys, they said, "This is the cloud! It will bring us (the welcome) rain." ….. "No it will not! Rather, it is that which you had asked to be hastened. Wind! In it is a painful punishment!"
46:25  "By its Lord´s command, it will destroy everything." They were wiped out completely! Except for their ruins and dwellings, no traces of them could be seen! This is how We punish the guilty nation
46:26  We had certainly consolidated them; We had strengthened (and established) them much more than We have strengthened you. We granted them the faculties of hearing, sight and intellect. But since they used to dispute and deny the revelations of Allah, their hearing, sight and intellect did not benefit them a bit. What they used to mock (and deride), surrounded and overwhelmed them
46:27  Indeed, We have destroyed several of the towns around you; We amply explained and exhibited Our signs, so that they might come back (to the right path)
46:28  They took other beings instead of Allah _ the ones they thought would confer upon them a privileged status with Him. Why do those beings not help them (now)? In fact, those beings have now vanished. They are just some trumped up tales and lies, they had invented
46:29  And recall the time (oh Muhammad, SAW) when We turned a small group of jinn towards you to hear the Qur´an (being recited). As they came closer, they said (to each other), "Be quiet and listen attentively." When the recitation ended they went back to their people to warn them
46:30  "Oh our people! We (just) listened to a book revealed after (the book of) Musa. It confirms the one (revealed) before it; and it guides towards the truth, and along the straight path."
46:31  "Oh our people! Respond to the one calling towards Allah, and believe in him! (Allah) will forgive your sins; and He will spare you from the painful punishment."
46:32  Whoever refuses to respond to the one calling towards Allah, cannot elude Him on earth; he cannot find any friends or protectors to guard him against (Allah). Such ones are clearly lost and wayward
46:33  And do they not see that Allah it is Who created the heavens and the earth. He did not feel tired by this creation, and He is capable of giving life to the dead. Of course, He is indeed capable of doing everything
46:34  On that day as they are brought before the hellfire, the unbelievers would be asked, "Is this not the truth?" They would reply, "It is, and (we swear) by our Lord, (it is the truth). He, (the Lord) would say, "So, because you used to disbelieve, taste the torment now."
46:35  So, (oh prophet), be patient! Just as (all) the determined messengers (of earlier times) had endured with patience. Concerning the unbelievers, do not be in a haste (to seek the verdict against them). On that day, they will clearly see the torment with which they are being threatened (today). It would seem to them, as if they did not stay (in the world) for more than an hour of a day. The message is conveyed! Now, who else would face destruction, if not the nation of evil doers _ the rebels