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AYAH al-Qalam 68:27 

Arabic Source and Roman Transliteration
Arabic بَلْ نَحْنُ مَحْرُومُون zoom
Transliteration Bal nahnu mahroomoona zoom
Transliteration-2 bal naḥnu maḥrūmūn zoom
Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
 Nay! We (are) deprived." zoom

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad - [and then,] "Nay, but we have been rendered destitute!" zoom
M. M. Pickthall Nay, but we are desolate zoom
Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985) "Indeed we are shut out (of the fruits of our labour)!" zoom
Shakir Nay! we are made to suffer privation zoom
Wahiduddin Khan Indeed, we are utterly ruined zoom
Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar Nay! We are ones who are deprived. zoom
T.B.Irving In fact, we feel destitute." zoom
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab In fact, we have been deprived ˹of our livelihood˺.” zoom
Safi Kaskas Rather, we have been ruined. zoom
Abdul Hye (then they said): Nay! Indeed we have been deprived (of the fruits)!” zoom
The Study Quran Nay! we are deprived! zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition) "Now, we have nothing!" zoom
Abdel Haleem No- we are ruined!&rsquo zoom
Abdul Majid Daryabadi Aye! it is we who are deprived zoom
Ahmed Ali No. In fact we have been deprived of it." zoom
Aisha Bewley No, the truth is we are destitute!´ zoom
Ali Ünal (Then when they realized that it was indeed their garden:) "No, rather we are made destitute!" zoom
Ali Quli Qara'i ‘No, we are deprived!&rsquo zoom
Hamid S. Aziz "Nay! We are made to suffer privation." zoom
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali No indeed, (but) we are dispossessed!" zoom
Muhammad Sarwar (No, we are not lost.) In fact, we have been deprived of everything" zoom
Muhammad Taqi Usmani (Then, once they realized that the garden is the same, but it has been destroyed, they said,) .No, but we are deprived (of the fruits) zoom
Shabbir Ahmed (Then they realized), "Ah! Now we are destitute." zoom
Syed Vickar Ahamed "Nay! Indeed we are denied (of the fruits of our labor)!" zoom
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) Rather, we have been deprived." zoom
Farook Malik Nay, we have become destitute." zoom
Dr. Munir Munshey "No! Rather, we have been deprived!" zoom
Dr. Kamal Omar Nay! We are those who stand deprived (of our own produce).” zoom
Talal A. Itani (new translation) We are now deprived.' zoom
Maududi rather, we are utterly ruined." zoom
Ali Bakhtiari Nejad no, but we are deprived zoom
A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018) “Indeed we are shut out. zoom
Musharraf Hussain rather we are prevented from picking the fruit! zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition) "Now, we have nothing!" zoom
Mohammad Shafi "But, [no], utterly deprived are we!" zoom

Controversial, deprecated, or status undetermined works
Bijan Moeinian We have lost everything zoom
Faridul Haque “In fact, we are unfortunate.&rdquo zoom
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah No, rather, we have been prevented! zoom
Maulana Muhammad Ali Nay, we are made to suffer privation zoom
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira But we are deprived zoom
Sher Ali `Nay we have been deprived of all our fruits. zoom
Rashad Khalifa "Now, we have nothing!" zoom
Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi) Nay, rather we have been deprived of every thing. zoom
Amatul Rahman Omar `Rather we have been deprived (of all the fruit of our labour), Indeed we have lost every thing. zoom
Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (But when they saw it cautiously, they cried: ‘Oh no!) We have been deprived indeed. zoom
Muhsin Khan & Muhammad al-Hilali (Then they said): "Nay! Indeed we are deprived of (the fruits)!" zoom

Non-Muslim and/or Orientalist works
Arthur John Arberry nay, rather we have been robbed! zoom
Edward Henry Palmer Nay, we are forbidden (its fruit)! zoom
George Sale But when they found it to be their own garden, they cried, verily we are not permitted to reap the fruit thereof zoom
John Medows Rodwell Yes! we are forbidden our fruits." zoom
N J Dawood (2014) we are bereft.&lsquo zoom

New and/or Partial Translations, and works in progress
Linda “iLHam” Barto “No, we are deprived.” zoom
Ahmed Hulusi “No (this is the right place), but we have incurred loss!” zoom
Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim But having recognized the calamity, they said : "We have suffered a big loss; we will get no return for our labour and effort, and our expectant waiting has come to a moist mirage in desert eyes" zoom
Mir Aneesuddin no, we are those who have been deprived (of receiving the benefit of our labour).” zoom

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