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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 N. By the pen, and what they write
68:2 thou, O Mohammed, through the grace of thy Lord, art not distracted
68:3 Verily there is prepared for thee an everlasting reward
68:4 For thou art of a noble disposition
68:5 Thou shalt see, and the infidels shall see
68:6 which of you are bereaved of your senses
68:7 Verily thy Lord well knoweth him who wandereth from his path; and He well knoweth those who are rightly directed
68:8 Wherefore obey not those who charge thee with imposture
68:9 They desire that thou shouldest be easy with them, and they will be easy with thee
68:10 But obey not any who is a common swearer, a despicable fellow
68:11 a defamer, going about with slander
68:12 who forbiddeth that which is good, who is also a transgressor, a wicked person
68:13 cruel, and besides this, of spurious birth
68:14 Although he be possessed of wealth and many children
68:15 When our signs are rehearsed unto him, he saith, they are fables of the ancients
68:16 We will stigmatize him on the nose
68:17 Verily We have tried the Meccans, as We formerly tried the owners of the garden; when they swore that they would gather the fruit thereof in the morning
68:18 and added not the exception, if it please God
68:19 Wherefore a surrounding destruction from thy Lord encompassed it, while they slept
68:20 and in the morning it became like a garden whose fruits had been gathered
68:21 And they called the one to the other as they rose in the morning, saying
68:22 Go out early to your plantation, if ye intend to gather the fruit thereof
68:23 So they went on, whispering to one another
68:24 no poor man shall enter the garden upon you, this day
68:25 And they went forth early, with a determined purpose
68:26 And when they saw the garden blasted and destroyed, they said, we have certainly mistaken our way
68:27 But when they found it to be their own garden, they cried, verily we are not permitted to reap the fruit thereof
68:28 The worthier of them said, did I not say unto you, will ye not give praise unto God
68:29 They answered, praise be unto our Lord! Verily we have been unjust doers
68:30 And they began to blame one another
68:31 and they said, woe be unto us! Verily we have been transgressors
68:32 Peradventure our Lord will give us in exchange a better garden than this: And we earnestly beseech our Lord to pardon us
68:33 Thus is the chastisement of this life: But the chastisement of the next shall be more grievous; if they had known it, they would have taken heed
68:34 Verily for the pious are prepared, with their Lord, gardens of delight
68:35 Shall we deal with the Moslems, as with the wicked
68:36 What aileth you that ye judge thus
68:37 Have ye a book from heaven, wherein ye rea
68:38 that ye are therein promised that which ye shall choose
68:39 Or have ye received oaths which shall be binding upon us to the day of resurrection, that ye shall enjoy what ye imagine
68:40 Ask them, which of them will be the voucher of this
68:41 Or have they companions who will vouch for them? Let them produce their companions, therefore, if they speak truth
68:42 On a certain day the leg shall be made bare; and they shall be called upon to worship, but they shall not be able
68:43 Their looks shall be cast down: Ignominy shall attend them: For that they were invited to the worship of God, while they were in safety, but would not hear
68:44 Let Me alone, therefore, with him who accuseth this new revelation of imposture. We will lead them gradually to destruction, by ways which they know not
68:45 And I will bear with them for a long time; for my stratagem is effectual
68:46 Dost thou ask them any reward for thy preaching? But they are laden with debts
68:47 Are the secrets of futurity with them; and do they transcribe the same from the table of God's decrees
68:48 Wherefore patiently wait the judgment of thy Lord: And be not like him who was swallowed by the fish; when he cried unto God, being inwardly vexed
68:49 Had not grace from his Lord reached him, he had surely been cast forth on the naked shore, covered with shame
68:50 But his Lord chose him, and made him one of the righteous
68:51 It wanteth little but that the unbelievers strike thee down with their malicious looks, when they hear the admonition of the Koran; and they say, he is certainly distracted
68:52 But it is no other than an admonition unto all creatures


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