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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 N and the writing utensil/pen and what they write/inscribe/draft
68:2 you are not with your Lord's blessing/goodness with mad/insane
68:3 And that truly for you (is) a reward (E) not interrupted/weakened (continuous)
68:4 And that you are on (E) great nature/character
68:5 So you will see/look/understand, and they (will) see/look/understand
68:6 With which of you (is) the insane
68:7 That truly your Lord He is more knowing with who misguided from His way/path , and He is more knowing with the guided
68:8 So do not obey the liars/deniers/falsifiers
68:9 They wished/desired if you grease/flatter with hypocrisy , so they grease/flatter with hypocrisy
68:10 And do not obey every/each habitual swearer despised/humiliated
68:11 Backbiter/urger , walking gossiper with slander/malice
68:12 Miser/often preventing to the good/generosity , transgressor/violator , sinner/criminal
68:13 Rough/rude , after that a known mean low or evil person
68:14 That (E) he was (owner) of property/wealth and sons and daughters
68:15 If Our verses/evidences are read/recited on him, he said: "The first's/beginner's myths ."
68:16 We will brand him by fire/mark him on the nose/trunk/snout (usually used for elephants)
68:17 We (E) tested them as/like We tested the treed garden's owners/friends/company when they swore/made oath (that) they will cut it off (E) (will harvest it) by the morning/day break
68:18 And nor they exempt/make exception
68:19 So a circler/walker (twister/tornado) circled/walked on them, and (while) they are sleeping/quiet/ still
68:20 So it became/became in the morning as/like the harvested land/isolated sandy area
68:21 So they called each other in the morning/daybreak
68:22 That (E) go early on (to) your cultivation/plantation if you were cutting/shearing off (harvesting)
68:23 So they left/set out , and they are conversing quietly
68:24 That (E) no poor oppressed enters it (E) on you today/the day
68:25 And they went early on anger/prevention , capable/able
68:26 So when they saw it, they said: "That we are misguided (E)."
68:27 But we are deprived
68:28 Their most honoured/moderate said: "Did I not say to you if only you praise/glorify?"
68:29 They said: "Our Lord's praise/glory, we were unjust/oppressive."
68:30 So some/part of them approached/came on (to) some (each other) blaming/reprimanding each other
68:31 They said: "Oh, our calamity , we (E), we were tyrannizing/arrogant ."
68:32 Maybe/perhaps that (E) our Lord exchanges/substitutes (for) us better than it, that we are to our Lord desiring/wishing
68:33 As/like that (is) the torture, and the end's (other life's) torture (E) (is) greater if they were knowing
68:34 That truly to the fearing and obeying at their Lord (are) the blessed treed gardens/paradises
68:35 Do We make the Moslems/submitters as the criminals/sinners
68:36 What/why (is it) for you, how you judge/rule
68:37 Or for you (is) a Book in it you study/read
68:38 That for you in it (is) what (E) you prefer choose
68:39 Or for you (are) rights/oaths on Us reaching to the Resurrection Day, that for you then (is) what (E) you judge/rule
68:40 Ask/question them which of them (is) with that a leader/grantor
68:41 Or for them (are) partners (with God)? So they should come with their partners (with God) if they were truthful
68:42 A day/time being uncovered/(relieved) of (a) shin/leg, and they be/are being called repeatedly to the prostration, so they are not able
68:43 Their eyesights/understanding (are) humble/submissive , humiliation/disgrace burdens/depresses them , and they had become being called repeatedly to the prostration and they are safe/secure
68:44 So leave Me and who lies/denies/falsifies with this the information/speech, We will lead them gradually from where/when they do not know
68:45 And I extend for them in time/life , that truly My plotting/conspiring (is) solid/strong
68:46 Or (do) you ask/question them (for) a wage/fee so they are heavy/loaded/burdened from (a) burdensome debt
68:47 Or at them (is) the unseen/absent/(future) , so they are writing/dictating/ordering
68:48 So be patient for your Lord's judgment/rule, and do not be as the large fish's/whale's owner/friend/company when he called/cried and he is held/quietened/suppressed
68:49 Had it not been for a blessing/goodness from his Lord, (that) caught up (to)/reached him , he would have been discarded/cast off at the open/space, and he is blamed/defamed
68:50 So his Lord chose/purified him, so He made him from the correct/righteous
68:51 And if those who disbelieved were about/almost to make you stumble/slip (E) with their eyesights when they heard/listened (to) the remembrance/reminder (the Koran), and they say: "That he truly is mad/insane (E) "
68:52 And he/it is not except a reminder to the creations all together/(universes)


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