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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 Nun (the letter N), by the pen and what they write
68:2 you are not a madman by your Master's grace
68:3 And indeed an unending reward is for you
68:4 And you are indeed of a great character (and morality)
68:5 So you are going to see and they will see
68:6 which of you is the crazy one
68:7 Indeed your Master knows best who is lost from His way, and He knows best who the guided ones are
68:8 So do not obey the deniers
68:9 They wish that you be flexible, then they would be flexible
68:10 So do not obey any insignificant oath taker
68:11 slandering, going around (spreading) malicious lies
68:12 preventing the good, exceeding the limits, sinful
68:13 ill-mannered (and despicable), and after all this mean (and notorious)
68:14 even if he is wealthy and has many children
68:15 When Our verses are read to him, he says: stories of the earlier ones
68:16 We are going to brand him on the nose
68:17 Indeed We test them as We tested the owners of the garden when they swore that they shall pick it in the morning
68:18 with no exceptions
68:19 Then a disaster, from your Master, came to it while they were sleep
68:20 so it became as like a totally picked field
68:21 Then they called one another in the mornin
68:22 (saying): go to your crop early if you are picker
68:23 so they went on, and they were talking softly (saying)
68:24 no poor shall enter it over you today
68:25 And they went out early determined and capable
68:26 Then when they saw it they said: we are lost
68:27 no, but we are deprived
68:28 The fairest of them said: did I not tell you, why do you not glorify (God)
68:29 They said: our Master is flawless, indeed we were wrongdoers
68:30 So they turned on each other blaming one another
68:31 They said: woe to us, indeed we were rebellious
68:32 Perhaps our Master gives us better than that in exchange, indeed we are fond of our Master
68:33 That is how the punishment is, and the punishment of the hereafter is certainly greater, if they knew
68:34 Indeed there are gardens of delight for those who control themselves with their Master
68:35 Should We place the submitted ones the same as the guilty ones
68:36 What is with you, how do you judge (like this)
68:37 Do you have a book that you study from it
68:38 and indeed whatever you choose is in it for you?
68:39 Or do you have any vows (binding) on Us, reaching to the resurrection day, that whatever you judge is yours
68:40 Ask them which one of them guarantees this
68:41 Or do they have associates? Then let them bring their associates if they are truthful
68:42 On a day when leg is bared (and the deeds are exposed) and they are called to the prostration, but they cannot
68:43 Lowering their eyes, humiliation overcomes them, and they had been called to show humbleness while they were sound and healthy
68:44 So leave Me (alone) with anyone who denies this saying, We are going to gradually lure them to destruction from where they do not know
68:45 And I give them time, as My plan is solid
68:46 Or do you ask them for a wage, and they are weighed down by the debt
68:47 Or is the unseen with them, so they write it
68:48 So be patient for judgment of your Master and do not be like companion of the fish (Jonah) when he called out while he was irritated
68:49 If it was not for a favor from his Master that had reached him, he would have been thrown to the desert shore while he was condemned
68:50 But his Master chose him and made him of the righteous
68:51 And those who disbelieved almost make you slip with their eyes when they hear the reminder, and they say: he is certainly mad
68:52 And it is only a reminder for humankind


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