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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 Noon By the pen, and by what they write
68:2 By your Lord's grace, you [Prophet Muhammad] are not mad
68:3 And, indeed, a never ending reward is there for you
68:4 And, indeed, you have a truly great character
68:5 Soon you will see, and so they wil
68:6 As to who of you is on trial
68:7 Your Lord does indeed know who has strayed from His Path, and He knows those on right guidance
68:8 Obey not then those who deny the Truth
68:9 They want you to compromise and then they will compromise.
68:10 And obey not any mean swearer of oath
68:11 Or [obey not] any gossip-monger going about with malicious gossip
68:12 Or [obey not] one who places obstacles in the way of good being done, transgressing with criminal inten
68:13 [And obey not] one who is cruel, besides being of no use to societ
68:14 Just because he has wealth and sons
68:15 When Our Verses are recited to him, he says, "These are just ancient tales."
68:16 Soon We will brand him on the nose [disgrace him]
68:17 We have indeed tried them as we tried the owners of the garden, who vowed to harvest its fruits the next mornin
68:18 And they made no exception
68:19 And then a calamity from your Lord befell it [the garden] as they slept
68:20 And by morning it lay barren as if already harvested
68:21 And at dawn, they [the owners] called each other out
68:22 "Reach your field early, to gather all your fruits!"
68:23 And so they proceeded, whispering to one another
68:24 "Let no pauper enter the garden and trouble you today."
68:25 And they went early, thinking they had the power to be firm
68:26 Then as they saw it, they said, "We must have lost our way."
68:27 "But, [no], utterly deprived are we!"
68:28 A moderate among them said, "Had I not asked you to invoke divine mercy and blessings?"
68:29 They said, "Glory be to our Lord! We have indeed been wrong."
68:30 Then they started blaming one another
68:31 They said, "Alas for us, we did indeed transgress!"
68:32 "May be our Lord will give us a garden better than this; we do indeed turn to Him now."
68:33 Such is the punishment [in this life]! And the punishment of the life to come is certainly more severe, if only they knew
68:34 Indeed, for those who fear Allah, there will be the gardens of bliss with their Lord
68:35 Would We then treat the believers like the sinners!
68:36 What is the matter with you? How ill you judge
68:37 Have you any book wherein you lear
68:38 That you will definitey have therein whatever you choose
68:39 Or do you have Our solemn pledges, binding upon Us till the Day of Resurrection, that you shall have whatever you order
68:40 Ask which of them will vouch for that [that there indeed are such solemn pledges divinely made]
68:41 Or do they worship gods besides Allah? Let them then come up with their other gods, if what they say be true
68:42 The Day the shin is laid bare, they will be called upon to prostrate themselves, but they will not be able to do so
68:43 Their glances will be downcast and ignominy shall cover them; they were called upon to prostrate [in this world], when they were safe and sound, [but they did not obey]
68:44 So leave to Me those who reject this Message. We shall rein them in, by degrees, from whence they know not
68:45 And I (Allah) give them a long rope. Indeed, My plan is fool-proof
68:46 Or do you demand some reward from them that would weigh them down with debt
68:47 Or, do they possess the knowledge of the unseen which they write down
68:48 So wait patiently for your Lord's decree! And be not like the companion of the fish, calling out in distress.
68:49 Had not his Lord's favour taken hold of him [Prophet Jonas], he would have surely been flung away in disgrace upon that desolate shore
68:50 His Lord then chose him and made him one of the righteous men
68:51 And when those who suppress the truth hear the Admonition [Qur'aan], they would almost make you stumble with their eyes! And they say, "He is indeed mad."
68:52 And it [Qur'aan] is not but an Admonition for all


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