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al-`Alaq (The Clot, Read)
as rendered by Ali Ãœnal
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Ali Ünal rendition of Surah The Clot, Read(al-`Alaq)
96:1 Read in and with the Name of your Lord, Who has created –
96:2 Created human from a clot clinging (to the wall of the womb).
96:3 Read, and your Lord is the All-Munificent,
96:4 Who has taught (human) by the pen –
96:5 Taught human what he did not know.
96:6 No indeed, but (despite all His favors to him), human is unruly and rebels,
96:7 In that he sees himself as self-sufficient, independent (of his Lord).
96:8 But to your Lord surely is the return (when everyone will account for their life).
96:9 Have you considered the one who would impede and forbid
96:10 A servant (of God) when he prays?
96:11 Have you considered if he is (and surely he is) on the right way;
96:12 Or exhorts others to righteousness and piety?
96:13 Have you considered if he himself denies the truth and turns away (from it)?
96:14 Does he (who would impede the servant in his Prayer) not know that God sees (all that people do)?
96:15 No indeed! If he does not desist, We will certainly seize and drag him by the forelock,
96:16 A lying, sinful forelock!
96:17 Then let him summon (to his help his) council,
96:18 We will summon the guards of Hell.
96:19 By no means! Pay no heed to him (in his attempt to prevent the Prayer), but prostrate and draw near (to God).


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