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96:1  READ IN the name of your Lord who created ―
96:2  created Man from clots of blood
96:3  Read! Your Lord is the Most Bountiful One
96:4  who by the pen taugh
96:5  Man what he did not know
96:6  No! Man transgresse
96:7  in thinking himself his own master:²
96:8  for to your Lord shall all return
96:9  Consider the man who rebuke
96:10  Our servant when he prays
96:11  Consider: does he follow the right guidanc
96:12  or enjoin true piety
96:13  Do but consider: if he denies the Truth and pays no heed
96:14  does he not realize that God sees all
96:15  No! Let him desist, or We will drag him by the forelock
96:16  his lying, sinful forelock
96:17  Then let him call his helpmates
96:18  We will call the guards of Hell
96:19  No, never obey him! Prostrate yourself and come nearer