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96:1  READ IN THE name of your Lord who created
96:2  Created man from an embryo
96:3  Read, for your Lord is most beneficent
96:4  Who taught by the pen
96:5  Taught man what he did not know
96:6  And yet, but yet man is rebellious
96:7  For he thinks he is sufficient in himself
96:8  Surely your returning is to your Lord
96:9  Have you seen him who restrain
96:10  A votary when he turns to his devotions
96:11  Have you thought, if he had been on guidanc
96:12  Or had enjoined piety, (it would have been better)
96:13  Have you thought that if he denies and turns away
96:14  Does he not know that God sees
96:15  And yet indeed if he does not desist We shall drag him by the forelock
96:16  By the lying, the sinful forelock
96:17  So let him call his associates
96:18  We shall call the guards of Hell
96:19  Beware! Do not obey him, but bow in adoration and draw near (to your Lord)