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96:1  Recite in the Name of thy Lord Who created.
96:2  He created the human being from a clot.
96:3  Recite: Thy Lord is the Most Generous,
96:4  He Who taught by the pen.
96:5  He taught the human being what he knows not.
96:6  No indeed! The human being is, truly, defiant.
96:7  He considered himself self-sufficient.
96:8  Truly, to thy Lord is the returning.
96:9  Hast thou thyself considered he who prohibits
96:10  a servant when he invoked blessings?
96:11  Hast thou considered if he had been on guidance
96:12  or commanded God-consciousness?
96:13  Hast thou considered if he denied and turned away?
96:14  Knows he not that God sees?
96:15  No indeed! Truly, if he refrains himself not, We will, surely, lay hold of him by the forelock,
96:16  a lying, inequitable forelock.
96:17  And let him call to his conclave.
96:18  We will call to the guards of hell.
96:19  No indeed! Truly, obey thou him not but prostrate thyself to God and be near to Him.‡