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al-`Alaq (The Clot, Read)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Clot, Read(al-`Alaq)
96:1 (O Beloved!) Read (commencing) with the Name of Allah, Who has created (everything).
96:2 He created man from a hanging mass (clinging) like a leech (to the mother’s womb).
96:3 Read, and your Lord is Most Generous,
96:4 Who taught man (reading and writing) by the pen,
96:5 Who (besides that) taught man (all that) which he did not know. Or Who imparted to (the most eminent of) mankind (the chosen Prophet Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him] without using any pen) the whole knowledge that he was not aware of before.
96:6 (But) the fact is that (the disobedient) man rebels,
96:7 For the reason that (apparently) he finds himself self-sufficient (in the world).
96:8 Surely, (every man) has to return to your Lord.
96:9 Have you seen him who prevents,
96:10 The servant (of Allah) when he prays? Or The (beloved and the exalted) servant of Allah (Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him]) when he offers Prayers.
96:11 Well, imagine! If he had been rightly guided;
96:12 Or if he had commanded (the people) to be pious (how beneficial it would have been)!
96:13 But see now when he has rejected (the true Din [Religion]) and has turned away (from you, what torment is he going to face?)
96:14 Does he not know that Allah monitors (minutely all his conduct)?
96:15 Beware! If he does not desist (from the denigration of the Holy Prophet [blessings and peace be upon him] and antagonism against the true Din [Religion]), We shall certainly grab his forehead and drag him by the forelock,
96:16 His lying (and) sinful forehead!
96:17 Then let him call his companions (for help).
96:18 We too shall soon call (Our) guards (the angels appointed to inflict the punishment of Hell).
96:19 No indeed! Do not pay any heed to his doings and, (O Esteemed Beloved,) persist in prostration and keep drawing near (to Us more and more).


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