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8:1  They ask you about Al-Anfal. Say: “Al-Anfal should go to Allah and the Messenger.” So obey Allah and reform the weaknesses pertaining to and existing amongst your own people. And obey Allah and His Messenger if you happen to be Believers
8:2  Definitely, it is that the Believers are those (who), when Allah is mentioned, their hearts trembled and when His Ayaat are reproduced before them, they (i.e., the Ayaat) increased them in Faith, and on their Nourisher-Sustainer they put their trust
8:3  those who establish As-Salat, and out of what We have given to them they spend
8:4  Those people! They very ones are the Believers in reality. For them are ranks of dignity with their Nourisher-Sustainer as well as forgiveness and a generous provision
8:5  It was with this intention that your Nourisher-Sustainer made you leave your home on the side of justice, and verily, a section among the Believers had been disinclined (to this move)
8:6  They dispute and argue with you about justice, after what became fully evident, as if they are being driven to death and they are loohead of state (directly at it)
8:7  And (bring to mind) when Allah promises you one of the two groups that such and such is for you (to be faced in encounter), and you people desired that the unprepared one may be for you (to be faced in encounter). And Allah intends that He may fully prove the Truth with the help of His Statements, and He may cut off the root of the disbelievers
8:8  So that He may prove the Truth to be true and He may nullify the falsehood even though the Mujrimun felt disinclination
8:9  (Bring to mind) when you seek help of your Nourisher-Sustainer, so He gave a positive response to you (saying): “Indeed, I am Helper to you with a thousand of the angels who come in succession.”
8:10  And Allah did not make it except as a glad tiding, and that your hearts may feel solace thereby. And (there is) no help and assistance except from Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
8:11  When He covered you in slumber as peace and tranquility coming from Him and He makes (rain-) water to descend over you from the direction of the sky, so that He may cleanse you thereby and He may remove from you Rijz of Satan and so that He may strengthen your hearts and He may keep (your) feet firm thereby
8:12  (Bring to mind) when your Nourisher-Sustainer makes Wahi to the angels that: “I am with you. So keep firm those who have Believed. Soon I will cast terror in the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike proximal to (their) necks and smite (over) all fingers and toes of those (disbelievers).”
8:13  Such (is the response to them) as they defied Allah and His Messenger. And whoever defies Allah and His Messenger, then definitely Allah is most severe in retribution
8:14  This is for you (O disbelievers!) So taste it, and surely for the disbelievers is the torment of the Fire
8:15  O you people who have Believed! When you faced those who have disbelieved, in an encounter, then do not turn towards them your backs (with an intention of retreat or surrender)
8:16  And whoever turns to them on such a day (his) back — except as a stratagem for Qital (a just fighting in arms in the interest of Islam), or as an approach towards a group (of your own, who is separated from you) — so indeed (such a one) has drawn upon himself wrath from Allah; and his abode is Hell, and (it is) a bad place to stay
8:17  So you people killed them not. And, but Allah (Himself) killed them. And you did not shoot when you did shoot (from your arrows and other armaments.); and, but Allah (Himself) shot (at them) that He might test the Believers of His Own (in) a fair trial. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower
8:18  This to you (is a reminder), surely Allah: (He is the) One Who weakens the deceitful plot of the disbelievers
8:19  (O disbelievers) if you ask for a judgment, then surely the judgment has reached you. And if you cease (your armed encounter with the Believing military forces), then it will be better for you; and if you counter-attack, We shall (definitely) retaliate and your group shall avail nothing to you even though it became overwhelmingly large. And (be careful) that Allah is with the Believers
8:20  O you people who have Believed! Obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn from him while you are listening (him in some talk, discussion, advice or counselling)
8:21  And be not like those who said: “We have heard,” although they: they do not listen
8:22  Verily, the worst of the moving/living creatures in the Sight of Allah are the deaf, (and) the dumb, those who do not use intellect
8:23  And had Allah known in them (any) good, indeed He would have made them listen. And (even) if He had made them listen, surely, they would have turned away, and they are those who stay away (from the Statements of Al-Kitab)
8:24  O you who have Believed! Respond to Allah and to the Messenger when He called you to that which shall give you life (and shall revive you from a spiritually dead condition), and know that Allah comes in between a person and his heart (to warn him against evil whispering from Satan and to turn him towards a just initiative). And verily, He (it is): to Him you (all) shall be gathered
8:25  And guard against the Fitnah which affects not exclusively those of you who transgressed, and beware that Allah is very Strict in retribution
8:26  And bring to mind when you are very few (and) are kept weak and persecuted in the land: you are in fear that people (in opposition to you) will kidnap you, so He provided a safe rendezvous to you, and assisted you with His Help and arranged you provisions out of At-Tayyibat so that you may be grateful
8:27  O you who have Believed! Betray not Allah and the Messenger and nor betray your Amanaat while you are (in such a state that) you know
8:28  And understand that whatever (is as) your possessions and your children (are also there as a) test and that Allah: with Him (is available) a mighty reward
8:29  O you people who have Believed! If you pay obedience to Allah He will develop for you, Furqan and shall write-off from you your sins and shall grant forgiveness for you. And Allah is the Possessor of the Great Bounty
8:30  And (bring to mind) when those who disbelieved plot against you that they may imprison you or they may kill you or extern you; and they make a scheme and Allah makes a scheme, and Allah is the Best of the planners
8:31  And when Our Ayaat are reproduced before them, they said: “Surely, we have heard: if we wish, surely, we (would have) said similar to this. This is nothing except writings in straight lines belonging to those who went before.”
8:32  And bring to mind when they said: “Beloved Allah! If this is: it (is the only) Al-Haqq from You, then rain down on us stones from the sky or You come to us with a painful torment.”
8:33  And Allah is not (such) that He may bring upon them (His) torment while you are in them and Allah is not a Bringer of punishment to them while they: they seek forgiveness
8:34  And what is for them that Allah will not punish them while they obstruct from Al-Masjid-al-Haram although they are not its guardians. (There are) no guardians to it except Al-Muttaqun but most of them do not know
8:35  And their Salat in the vicinity of The House remains nothing except emission of sound (with no sincerity, devotion or reverence) and placement of hands in various positions (without being submissive in humility). So taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve
8:36  Verily, those who have disbelieved spend their wealth (and possessions) so that they may obstruct people from the Path of Allah. So they will (continue to) spend it, afterwards it will become an anguish over them. Afterwards they will be overpowered. And those who have disbelieved, will be gathered unto Hell
8:37  in order that Allah may distinguish the wicked from the clean and place the wicked (stuff): some of it over some (other of it), then make this (stuff) into one heap, then cast it into Hell. Those: they (become) the losers
8:38  Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (disbelieving, repent and accept the contents of Al-Kitab) whatever has definitely passed away (as bad deeds) will be forgiven to them. And if they repeat, then surely, has appeared in the past (Allah’s) pattern of behaviour with the predecessors
8:39  And make Qital against them until there remains no Fitnah, and the Religion becomes, in its entirety, dedicated to Allah. Then if they ceased, then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do
8:40  And if they turned back, then know that Allah is your Maula, (what) an Excellent Maula and (what) an Excellent Helper
8:41  And know that whatever you acquired (or collected) as the spoils of war in the form of anything, then (it is so) that one fifth (1/5th) of it is assigned for Allah and the Messenger, and for the near relatives and the orphans, and those in need and those (who become penniless or needy while) in travel — if you have Believed in Allah and in that which We sent (i.e., made evident and clear) on Our Abd on the Day of Criterion, the Day when the two forces faced each other (in the encounter). And Allah is All-Capable over all things
8:42  When you are by the nearer side and they at the farther side and the riding column lower down to you: and if you had made a mutual promise, surely you would have differed about the time period but (you were made to face each other) so that Allah may give decision in the matter which stands accomplished (as a prediction from Allah) — so that may be annihilated who must perish in an open and evident (encounter), and continue to stay who must stay after an open and evident (encounter). And indeed, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower
8:43  When Allah showed them to you, during your sleep, as a small (military force), and if He had shown them to you as a large (military contingent), you would surely have been discouraged, and you would surely have disputed in (mahead of state a) decision. But Allah saved (the situation). Certainly He is All-Aware about the state of the (hearts in the) chests
8:44  And when He makes you people see them when you got interlocked (with the infidel-force) in your eyes as a small (military force); and side by side makes you (appear) small in number in their eyes — so that Allah may give decision in the matter which stands accomplished (as a prediction from Allah). And to Allah are matters made to return
8:45  O you people who have Believed! When you faced a group (in any encounter to defend, prove or establish Islam), then be fully firm and propagate and glorify Allah (through the Statements in Al-Kitab) exceedingly so that you may attain success
8:46  And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not create mutual disputes lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and show perseverance in patience. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient and perseverant
8:47  And do not become like those who came out of their homes boastfully and to be seen of men and they hinder (people) from the Path of Allah. And Allah is All-Surveillant over what they do
8:48  And when Satan made their (evil) deeds seem fair to them and said: “No one is irresistible for you this Day out of mankind and indeed, I am very near to you (to provide you further help).” But when the two groups came in sight of each other (and the encounter was just to begin), he (i.e., the Satan) slipped away on his two heels and said: “Indeed, I stand absolved of you and surely, I see what you do not see. Verily, I am afraid of Allah and Allah is very Severe in retribution.”
8:49  When say the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease: “Their Religion has involved these people into fanaticism.” And whoever puts trust in Allah, then surely Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
8:50  And if you see when the angels bring death over those who have disbelieved: they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): “And taste the punishment of the blazing Fire
8:51  This is because of that which your hands have sent in advance and surely, Allah is not unjust for (His) subjects.”
8:52  Like the situation of the followers of Fir’aun and those before them: they disbelieved in the Ayaat of Allah, so Allah seized them for their sins. Surely Allah is All-Powerful, very Severe in retribution
8:53  This is so because Allah did not become One Who removes a grace which He has bestowed to a nation unless they (i.e., the members of a nation) change what is (good) in their ownselves, — and that Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower
8:54  Like the situation of the followers of Fir’aun and those before them: they belied the Signs of their Nourisher-Sustainer, so We destroyed them for their sins and We drowned the followers of Fir’aun and they all were transgressors
8:55  Verily, the worst of the moving-living creatures in the Sight of Allah are those who have disbelieved, so they shall not Believe
8:56  those with whom you made a covenant, then they break away their covenant each and every time and they do not pay obedience (to Allah)
8:57  So if you interlock (yourself) with them in War — then by (routing) them strike terror in those that are behind them per chance they get admonition
8:58  And if what you fear from a nation as treachery, throw back to them (their covenant) on equal terms. Surely, Allah does not like the treacherous people
8:59  And must not assess those who have disbelieved that they have gone forward (and won). Surely, they will not frustrate (any of the Divine Plans)
8:60  And accumulate and pile against them whatever you could — out of the power (of soldiers and armaments) and out of a network of mounted cavalry — you shall strike terror through it (in) the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and (also) others besides them; you do not know them, Allah knows them. And whatever you spend of any thing in the Cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you in full and you are: you shall not be wronged
8:61  And if they inclined to peace, then you incline for it and put (your) trust in Allah. Verily, He: He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower
8:62  And if they intend to deceive you, then verily, Allah has sufficed you. He it is Who has supported you with His Assistance and through the Believers
8:63  And He has developed love and affection between their (i.e., the Believers’) hearts. If you had spent, whatever is in the earth altogether, you could not have developed love and affection between their hearts, but Allah developed love and affection amongst them (for one another). Certainly He is All-Mighty, All-Wise
8:64  O you Prophet! Allah has sufficed you and to that who has followed you out of the Believers
8:65  O you Prophet! Motivate the Believers for Qital. If there are twenty steadfast amongst you, they will overpower two hundred. And if there be a hundred steadfast amongst you, they will overpower a thousand of those who have disbelieved, because they are a nation who do not understand
8:66  For the time being Allah has lightened (expectations) from you, and He has known that there is weakness in you. So if there are of you a hundred steadfast, they shall overcome two hundred. And if there are a thousand of you, they shall overcome two thousand under Permission of Allah. And Allah is on the side of those who are perseverant
8:67  It is not for a Prophet (i.e., it suits him not or it is not expected of him) that (the infidels) may become, under him, prisoners (as an outcome of a treacherous catch or a silent kidnapping) unless and until (the Muslim Force) engages (itself) in open and declared war on the earth. You desire the benefit of this world, and Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter (also). And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise
8:68  Had it not been a written ordainment from Allah already available, a severe punishment would have touched you in what you took (as permitted in your thoughts)
8:69  So consume what you have received (as your share) out of the spoils of war as lawful and palatable, and pay obedience to Allah. Certainly, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Continuously Merciful
8:70  O you Prophet! Tell to that who is in your hands out of the prisoners (of war): “If Allah knows in your hearts (any) good, He will give you better than what has been taken away from you; (may be Allah grants you Faith as a very handsome reward during your captivity), and He may grant Forgiveness for you. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful.”
8:71  And if they intend betrayal to you, so, indeed, they have betrayed Allah before, so Allah snatched power from them. And Allah is All-Aware, All-Wise
8:72  Verily, those who Believed and migrated, and strove hard with their possessions and their selves in the Cause of Allah; and those who provided (them) asylum and they (also) helped (them) — these (are acting): some of them as auliya to some (others). And those who Believed and did not emigrate: (there is) not to you out of (any responsibility) for their protection in any form until they emigrate. But if they seek your help in Religion then it is your responsibility (to provide) help — except bypassing a nation when there is between you and between them a treaty (prohibiting such a help). And Allah is All-Seer of what you do
8:73  And those who have disbelieved — some of them are auliya to some (others). If you (Muslims) do not do it (and do not become allies to one another, and do not become interlinked in Muslim brotherhood), there will be Fitnah on earth and a great mischief
8:74  And those who Believed and emigrated and strove hard in the Cause of Allah, and those who gave (them) asylum and they (also) helped (them) — those people: they are the Believers, in truth. For them is forgiveness and a generous provision
8:75  And those who Believed afterwards and emigrated and strove hard along with you, so they are of you. And those who have (links through) the wombs, some of them have an upper hand over some (others) in the Book of Allah (regarding inheritance). Verily Allah is All-Aware with all things