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8:1  (O Esteemed Messenger!) They ask you about the spoils of war. Say: ‘The spoils belong to Allah and the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him). So, fear Allah and keep your mutual matters set aright, and obey Allah and His Messenger if you are believers.
8:2  The believers are only those whose hearts, when Allah is mentioned (before them), are filled with awe (at the very idea of Allah’s Greatness and Might). And when His Revelations are recited to them, they (the ecstatic, delightful, sweet and sublime Words of the Beloved) increase their faith, and they (maintain) their trust in their Lord alone (under all circumstances, and do not look towards anyone other than Him)
8:3  (They) are those who establish Prayer, and spend (in the cause of Allah) out of whatever We have bestowed upon them
8:4  It is they who are (in fact) the true believers. For them are (high) ranks with their Lord and forgiveness and an honourable provision
8:5  (O Beloved!) As your Lord brought you forth from your home (to fight) for (the great cause of) truth, whilst a section of the believers was unhappy (about it)
8:6  They started disputing with you about the cause of truth even after disclosure (of the good news that help from Allah would arrive, and the forces of Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him] would triumph), as if they were being driven towards death and could see (death with their eyes)
8:7  And (recall the time) when Allah promised you that dominance and victory over one of the two groups of (the disbelievers of Mecca) would certainly be yours. And you desired that the (group) without weapons (the weaker one) should fall into your hands, but Allah willed to establish the truth by His Words and cut off the roots of the disbelievers (i.e., their might and splendour through the Muslims’ victory over the enemy’s bigger and well-equipped troops)
8:8  So that (the battle of Badr) might establish (through this great victory) the truth as truth and falsehood as false, even though the wicked might dislike (this decisiveness of the armed conflict between the forces of truth and falsehood)
8:9  (Remember) when you were supplicating your Lord (for support) and He granted your supplication (and said:) ‘I am going to help you with a thousand angels coming in succession.
8:10  And Allah made this (form of help) merely good news in order that your hearts are reassured thereby. And (in truth) there is no (other) help except the help from Allah. Indeed, Allah alone is Almighty, Most Wise
8:11  (Remember) when He brought upon you drowsiness to (provide you a feeling) feeling of peace and security from Himself and sent down upon you water from the heavens to provide you (inward and outward) purity by that and remove from you the filth of Satan’s (heretic suspicions) and invigorate your hearts with (the strength of certitude) and with that make your feet (unshakably) firm
8:12  (O Esteemed Beloved! Also recall the majestic sight of your glory) when (on the occasion of the battle of Badr) your Lord revealed to the angels the message: ‘I am (also) with you (to support the Companions of the Messenger). So, keep the believers firm-footed and steadfast (by good news and support); I will cast awesomeness (of Muhammad’s forces [blessings and peace be upon him]) into the hearts of the (aggressing) disbelievers right now. So, strike at the nape of (the combatant disbelievers’) necks and crush all their tendons and joints (during the war, in response to their plan and war strategy against you).
8:13  That is because they defied Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him). And he who defies Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), then surely Allah will seize (him) with severe torment
8:14  This is (the torment in this world), so taste it (first), and surely there is (another) torment of Hell (as well) for the disbelievers (in the Hereafter)
8:15  O believers! When you combat the disbelievers (in the battlefield), never turn your backs on them, (even if they are) a large army
8:16  And he who turns his back on them that day, except he who is maneuvering in the fight, or he who wants to join one of his own troops (for support), certainly he returns with the wrath of Allah and Hell is his abode and that is (the most) evil abode
8:17  (O soldiers of the Army of Islam!) It is not you who killed the disbelievers (who initiated war against you) but it is Allah Who killed them, and, (O Glorious Beloved,) when you smote (them with pebbles), it was not you who smote them, but Allah smote, (so) that He confers upon the believers great favours from Him. Allah is indeed All-Hearing, All-Knowing
8:18  This is (one favour and bestowal), and (the other is that) Allah does weaken the plots and deceitful strategies of the disbelievers
8:19  (O disbelievers!) If you sought a decisive victory, then the victory (of the truth) has certainly reached you. It will be best for you if you desist (even now). But if you opt for the same (mischief), We shall (also) afflict you with the same (punishment) and your army, may it be of any large size, will not be of any avail to you. And Allah is surely on the side of the believers
8:20  O believers! Obey Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and do not turn away from him whilst you are hearing
8:21  And do not be like those who said (by way of betraying): ‘We have heard,’ whereas they do not hear
8:22  Surely, the worst of the living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb who (neither listen to nor speak the truth and) also do not understand (the truth)
8:23  And had Allah known even a little (inclination towards) good in them, He would (certainly) have made them hear. But (their state of mind is such that) if He makes them hear (the truth), they will (even then) turn away, and they are those who are averse (to the truth)
8:24  O believers! Whenever the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) calls you for some assignment that brings you (eternal) life, present yourselves (immediately), responding to (both) Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) with submissiveness and obedience. And bear in mind that Allah intervenes between man and his heart (with a Glory of exclusive nearness), and that all of you will (ultimately) be gathered towards Him
8:25  And fear the plague which will not afflict exclusively those who are the tyrants amongst you (but its victims will also include those who are accomplices in tyranny or who remain indifferent to it). And bear in mind that Allah is Severe in inflicting torment
8:26  And (call to mind the time) when (numerically) you were small (i.e., in the minority, in the Meccan period,) and oppressed in the country (i.e., economically unstable and victims of exploitation). You were (also) afraid that (the powerful) people would snatch you away (i.e., socially too you were neither free nor secure). So, (after migration to Medina,) He (Allah) provided for you a free and secure abode, and strengthened you with His help (through Islamic rule and power) and supplied you with sustenance of pure and wholesome things (through brotherhood, spoils of war and a free economy) so that you may give thanks to Allah (by means of absolute submission to Allah’s commands)
8:27  O believers! Do not betray the trust of Allah and His Messenger ([blessings and peace be upon him] in paying them what is their due), nor betray your mutual trusts, whilst you know (the whole truth)
8:28  And bear in mind that your riches and your children are nothing but a trial, and that with Allah alone lies the highest reward
8:29  O believers! If you adopt the fear of Allah, (then) He will set for you a criterion (and guidance) to distinguish between truth and falsehood, and will wipe out your sins from your (record) and will forgive you. And Allah is the Lord of great bounty
8:30  And when the disbelievers were engaged in hatching conspiracies against you to captivate you or slay you or banish you (from the country on the one side), they were plotting intrigues, and (on the other) Allah was planning His strategy (to thwart their intrigues). And Allah is the Best of the secret planners
8:31  And when Our Revelations are recited to them, they say: ‘Of course, we have heard. If we desire, we can also compose Verses analogous to that (Word). These are (nothing) but the (imaginary) tales of the ancients.
8:32  And when they said (sarcastically): ‘O Allah! If this (Qur’an) is really the truth from Your side, then rain down upon us stones from the sky (for disobeying it), or seize us with some grievous torment.
8:33  And, (in truth, the matter is that) it is not Allah’s Glory to torment them, whilst you (O Venerable Beloved) are also (present) amongst them. Nor would Allah torment them whilst they are engaged in supplicating Him for forgiveness
8:34  And what might be any other reason that Allah should not punish these (disbelievers of Mecca now after your emigration to Medina), whilst they hinder people from the Sacred Mosque (Ka‘ba), and they do not deserve to be its guardians (or custodians) as well? Its friends (i.e., guardians) are only the righteous people, but most of them do not know (this truth)
8:35  And their (so-called) Prayer at the House of Allah (Ka‘ba) is nothing more than whistling and clapping hands. So taste the torment because you used to disbelieve
8:36  Undoubtedly, the disbelievers spend their wealth (in order to influence and) prevent people from the path of Allah’s Din (Religion). So, presently, they will continue spending it, but later (this spending) will become for them a source of regret (i.e., repentance and despondency). They will then be overpowered (by Allah’s seizure), and those who have adopted disbelief will be driven towards Hell
8:37  So that Allah separates the impious from the pious and puts the impious (i.e., filthy characters) one over the other and heaps them all up together and then casts this (heap) into Hell. It is they who are the losers
8:38  Say to those who disbelieve: ‘If they desist (from their blasphemous acts), then the (sins) which have passed will be forgiven. But if they repeat the same, then the pattern of (multiple punishments given to) the forerunners has passed. (They will also be dealt with the same way.)
8:39  And, (O people of truth,) continue your fight against these (chieftains of oppression and terrorism for the establishment of enduring peace), until there does not (remain) any disruption and Din (the system of compliance with law) is devoted to Allah alone. And if they desist, then Allah surely sees well (the action) that they are accomplishing
8:40  But if they turn away (from obeying Allah), then know that surely Allah alone is your Excellent Protector (i.e., Patron); what an Excellent Protector (Patron) and what an Excellent Helper
8:41  And bear in mind that whatever spoils of war you seize, a fifth of it is for Allah and the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and (the Messenger’s) kindred and orphans and the needy and the wayfarers, if you believe in Allah, and in that (Revelation) which We sent down on Our (exalted) Servant on the Day of Decision (i.e., discrimination between the truth and falsehood), the day (when) the two armies (of the believers and the disbelievers) encountered (in the battlefield of Badr). And Allah has absolute power over everything
8:42  (Remember) when you were on the nearer bank of the valley (the Medina side) and they (the disbelievers) were on the farther bank (the other side) and (the mercantile) caravan was below you; and had you made some mutual appointment (to fight), you would certainly have reached there (at the timings) different from (your) appointment. (But Allah brought you face to face, at the same time, without any appointment.) This took place in order that Allah might lead that matter to completion, which was destined to happen, so that he who had to die might die (with a manifest) evidence to that effect, and he who had to survive might continue to live (with a manifest) evidence to that effect (i.e., the evidence be established for all on the veracity of Islam and the Holy Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]). Allah is surely All-Hearing, All-Knowing
8:43  (Recall) when Allah showed you in your dream (the army of) the disbelievers as small in number. And if He (Allah) had shown (them) to you as greater in number, then, (O Muslims,) you would have felt dispirited, and would have certainly disputed amongst yourselves on the question (of war). But Allah saved the Muslims (from timidity and mutual discord). Indeed, He is Well Aware of the (secrets of) hearts
8:44  And (also remind them of the sight) when He, at the time of encounter (as well), made (the troops of) the disbelievers appear small (just) in your eyes and made you appear small in their eyes (so that both the armies might remain in a heightened state of alert) in order that Allah leads to completion the (total defeat of disbelievers resulting from the full-fledged war) preordained (by Allah). And (eventually) all matters are returned to Allah alone
8:45  O believers! When you encounter any (enemy) army, stand firm and remember Allah abundantly so that you may attain to success
8:46  And obey Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and do not quarrel amongst yourselves lest (growing disunited and weak) you become timid and your impact (i.e., power) loses ground (before your enemy). So be steadfast. Surely, Allah is with those who are steadfast
8:47  And be not like those who came out of their homes exhibiting false pride and showing off to the people and who hindered (the people) from the path of Allah. And Allah has encompassed (with His Knowledge and Power) all the activities they are doing
8:48  And (recall) when Satan made the actions of these (disbelievers) appear attractive to them, and he said (to them): ‘None of the people (can) overpower you today and I am certainly your protector (helper).’ But when both the armies stood (face to face) against each other, he turned on his heels and said: ‘I am indeed averse to you. Certainly, I see what you do not see. Surely, I fear Allah, and Allah is Severe in punishing.
8:49  And (also recall) when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is the disease (of disbelief) were saying: ‘The Din (Religion) of these (Muslims) has made them greatly arrogant.’ But (the truth is that) he who trusts Allah (then Allah is the Sustainer of all his matters). Surely, Allah is Almighty, Most Wise
8:50  And you (will wonder) if you see (the spectacle) when the angels take away the souls of the disbelievers. They continue striking their faces and backs (with hammers and say): ‘Taste the torment of the Fire (of Hell).
8:51  This (torment) is in retribution of those (impious acts) which your hands have sent forward, and Allah does not at all do injustice to His servants
8:52  (The case of these disbelievers is also) like (that of) the people of Pharaoh and those who preceded them. They (too) denied the Revelations of Allah. So, Allah seized them (with torment) for their sins. Surely, Allah is Mighty, Severe in afflicting torment
8:53  This (torment) is because Allah never changes any blessing that He grants affluently to some people till they change their blessed state themselves (i.e., when they commit ingratitude, disobedience and sins and even lose the sense of loss, they are seized by destruction and devastation). And Allah is indeed All-Hearing, All-Knowing
8:54  This (torment too) is on the pattern of the people of Pharaoh and those who preceded them: they (also) denied the signs of their Lord. So, We destroyed them due to their sins, and We drowned the people of Pharaoh (in the river). And they all were oppressors
8:55  Surely, worse than (even) all the beasts in the sight of Allah are the people who disbelieve. So they do not believe
8:56  They are the ones from whom you took a promise (many a time), but they break their promise every time and do not fear (Allah)
8:57  So if you come upon them in the battlefield, then by killing them (for violating the peace treaty) in an exemplary manner, make those who are behind them (also) run on their heels so that they may learn a lesson of warning
8:58  And if you apprehend treachery from a people, then throw their promise back to them on the basis of equality. Indeed, Allah does not like the treacherous
8:59  And let not the disbelievers ever assume that they have escaped (safe and sound). Assuredly, they can never make (Us) powerless
8:60  And, (O Muslims,) muster up as much defence strength as you can (in the form of weapons and equipment of war) and (also formations) of war steeds (i.e., war mounts) to combat them. Cause fear with this (readiness) amongst the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and also those besides them whose (secret enmity) you know not; Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, you will be paid back in full, and you will not be done any injustice
8:61  And if they (the combatant or hostile disbelievers) incline to peace and reconciliation, you also incline to it and put your trust in Allah. Surely, He alone is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
8:62  And if they seek to deceive you, then surely Allah is Sufficient for you. He is the One Who has given you strength with His help and with the believers
8:63  And He (is the One Who) awakened mutual love amongst the hearts of the (Muslims). If you had spent whatever exists in the earth, you could never have inculcated this (love) in their hearts (with all these material resources). But Allah roused that love amongst them (through a spiritual relation). Allah is indeed Almighty, Most Wise
8:64  O (Glorious) Messenger! Sufficient for you is Allah and those Muslims who have committed themselves to follow in your footsteps
8:65  O (Venerable) Messenger! Motivate the believers to fight (for the establishment of peace and human dignity). If there are twenty of you firm and steadfast (in the event of war), they will overpower two hundred (combating disbelievers), and if (one) hundred of you are (steadfast), they will overpower (one) thousand of the (invading) disbelievers because they do not understand
8:66  Allah has, at present, lightened the burden (of His commandment) on you. He knows that there is (some degree of) weakness in you. So (now after mitigation the command is) that if there are (one) hundred resolute and steadfast (men) from amongst you, they will overpower two hundred (combating disbelievers). And if there are (one) thousand of you, they will triumph over two thousand (disbelievers) by the command of Allah, and Allah is with those who remain steadfast. (This is the target fixed for the believers which should be the minimum possible effect of the vehemence of their faith in the battlefield.
8:67  It is not for a Prophet that he should have (disbelievers as) prisoners of war, until he has let much of the blood of these (mischief-monger terrorist militants) in the land. You (people) desire the riches of the world, and Allah intends (prosperity in) the Hereafter, and Allah is Almighty, Most Wise
8:68  Had there not been a prior decree (i.e., command for forgiveness) from Allah, a terrible torment would indeed have seized you for (the ransom) that you procured (from the prisoners of Badr)
8:69  So eat of the lawful and wholesome spoils of war you have obtained and keep fearing Allah. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
8:70  O Messenger! Say to the prisoners of war who are in your hands: ‘If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will bestow on you better than that (wealth) which has been taken from you (as ransom), and He will forgive you.’ And Allah is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
8:71  And (O Beloved) if they want to betray you, they have certainly betrayed Allah before this (as well). And (for the same reason) He has placed some of them under (your) authority. And Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise
8:72  Indeed, those who have embraced faith and have emigrated (for the cause of Allah) and have fought in the way of Allah with their material as well as human resources, and those who have provided (the Emigrants) with shelter and helped (them), it is they who are the real friends of one another. And those who have believed (but) have not emigrated (for Allah), you do not owe anything to them for their friendship till they emigrate. And if they seek help from you in (matters of) Din (Religion), it will be your duty to help them, except against a people with whom you have a (peace) treaty. And Allah is Most Vigilant to all (the works) that you are doing
8:73  And those who disbelieve are the allies of one another. (O Muslims!) If you do not extend (to one another) the same (help and cooperation for the cause of Allah), then great mischief and disruption (for the dominance of disbelief and falsehood) will break out in the land
8:74  And those who believed and emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah and those who provided shelter (to those who sacrificed their households and homeland in the cause of Allah) and helped (them), they are the people who are in fact true Muslims. They are the ones for whom is forgiveness and an honourable provision
8:75  And those who believed afterwards, and left their homes (sacrificing) in the cause of truth, and joined you in fighting (in defence against the aggressing enemies who initiated and imposed war to jolt off the newly born system of social justice, peace and security), they are (also) from amongst you. And (as for inheritance and affinity with blood relations) the relatives have a higher claim on one another in the Book of Allah. Surely, Allah knows best everything