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67:1  Blessed is He in Whose Hands is the control, and He has power over all things
67:2  He Who created death and life, that He may make evident which of you is best in conduct, and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving
67:3  He Who created the seven heavens, one above another. No lack of proportion will you see in the creation of God, the Merciful Benefactor. So turn your vision again, do you see any flaw
67:4  Then turn your vision twice more. Your vision will come back to you humbled and fatigued
67:5  And We have equipped the lowest heaven with torches, and We have made them as weapons to drive away the devils, and have prepared for them the penalty of the blazing fire
67:6  For those who reject their Guardian Evolver is the penalty of hell, and miserable is that destination
67:7  When they are cast therein, they will hear the drawing in of its breath as it blazes forth
67:8  Almost bursting with fury. Every time a group is cast therein, its keepers will ask, “Did no warner come to you?
67:9  They will say, “Yes, indeed a warner did come to us, but we rejected him and said, ‘God never sent down anything. You are no doubt in great error.’
67:10  They will further say, “Had we only listened, or used our intelligence, we would not be among the companions of the blazing fire.
67:11  They will then confess their sins, but forgiveness will be far from the companions of the blazing fire
67:12  As for those who fear their Guardian Evolver, though unseen, for them is forgiveness and a great reward
67:13  And whether you hide your word or publish it, He certainly has knowledge of the secrets of all hearts
67:14  Should He not know, He Who created? And He is the One Who understands the finest mysteries, and is well acquainted with them
67:15  It is He Who has placed the earth at your disposal, so traverse through its tracts and enjoy the sustenance which He provides, and to Him is the resurrection
67:16  Do you feel secure that He Who is in heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth when it shakes
67:17  Or do you feel secure that He Who is in the sky will not send against you a violent tornado, so that you will know how terrible My warning is
67:18  But indeed the people before them rejected it. So terrible was My rejection
67:19  Do they not observe the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them in? None can hold them up except God, the Merciful Benefactor. Truly God the Merciful Benefactor is He Who watches over all things
67:20  Who is there that can help you? Not even an army, besides the Merciful Redeemer's. In nothing but delusion are the unbelievers
67:21  Or who is there that can provide you with sustenance if He was to withhold His provisions? No, they persist in impiety and in flight
67:22  Is then one who walks headlong with his face groveling better guided or one who walks evenly on a straight path
67:23  Say, “It is He Who has created you and made for you the faculties of hearing, seeing, feeling, and understanding. Little thanks is it you give
67:24  Say, “It is He Who has multiplied you through the earth, and to Him will you be gathered together.
67:25  They ask, when will this promise be fulfilled, if you are telling the truth
67:26  Say, “As for the knowledge of the time, it is with God alone. I am sent only to warn clearly and publicly.
67:27  Then when they see it nearby, grieved will be the faces of the unbelievers, and it will be said, “This is that which you were inviting.
67:28  Say, “Do you see that God can destroy me, and those with me, or He can bestow His mercy on us. Yet who can deliver the unbelievers from a terrible penalty?
67:29  Say, “He is God, the Merciful Benefactor, we believed in Him, and we put our trust in Him. So soon you will know which of us it is that is in manifest error.
67:30  Say, “Look, if your stream is lost one morning, who then can supply you with flowing water?