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67:1  HALLOWED be He in whose hand all dominion rests, since He has the power to will anything
67:2  He who has created death as well as life, so that He might put you to a test [and thus show] which of you is best in conduct, and [make you realize that] He alone is almighty, truly forgiving
67:3  [Hallowed be] He who has created seven heavens in full harmony with one another: no fault will thou see in the creation of the Most Gracious. And turn thy vision [upon it] once more: canst thou see any flaw
67:4  Yea, turn thy vision [upon it] again and yet again: [and every time] thy vision will fall back upon thee, dazzled and truly defeated…
67:5  And, indeed, We have adorned the skies nearest to the earth with lights, and have made them the object of futile guesses for the evil ones [from among men]: and for them have We readied suffering through a blazing flame –
67:6  for, suffering in hell awaits all who are [thus] bent on blaspheming against their Sustainer: and how vile a journey's end
67:7  When they are cast into that [hell], they will hear its breath indrawing as it boils up
67:8  well-nigh bursting with fury; [and] every time a host [of such sinners] is flung into it, its keepers will ask them, "Has no warner ever come to you?"
67:9  They will reply: "Yea, a warner did indeed come unto us, but we gave him the lie and said, 'Never has God sent down anything [by way of revelation]! You [self-styled warners] are but lost in a great delusion!"
67:10  And they will add: "Had we but listened [to those warnings], or [at least] used our own reason, we would not [now] be among those who are destined for the blazing flame!"
67:11  Thus will they come to realize their sins: but [by that time,] remote will have become all good from those who are destined for the blazing flame
67:12  [As against this,] behold, for those who stand in awe of God although He is beyond the reach of their perception, there is forgiveness in store and a great reward
67:13  AND [know, O men, that] whether you keep your beliefs secret or state them openly, He has full knowledge indeed of all that is in [your] hearts
67:14  How could it be that He who has created [all] should not know [all]? Yea, He alone is unfathomable [in His wisdom], aware
67:15  He it is who has made the earth easy to live upon: go about, then, in all its regions, and partake the sustenance which He provides: but [always bear in mind that] unto Him you shall be resurrected
67:16  Can you ever feel secure that He who is in heaven will not cause the earth to swallow you up when, lo and behold, it begins to quake
67:17  Or can you ever feel secure that He who is in heaven will not let loose against you a deadly stormwind, whereupon you would come to know how [true] My warning was
67:18  And, indeed, [many of] those who lived aforetime did give the lie [to My warnings]: and how awesome was My rejection [of them]
67:19  Have they, then, never beheld the birds above them, spreading their wings and drawing them in? None but the Most Gracious upholds them: for, verily, He keeps all things in His sight
67:20  [And] is there any, besides the Most Gracious, that could be a shield for you, and could succour you [against danger]? They who deny this truth are but lost in self- delusion
67:21  Or is there any that could provide you with sustenance if He should withhold His provision [from you]? Nay, but they [who are bent on denying the truth] stubbornly persist in their disdain [of God's messages] and in their headlong flight [from Him]
67:22  But then, is he that goes along with his face close to the ground better guided than he that walks upright on a straight way
67:23  SAY: "[God is] He who has brought you [all] into being, and has endowed you with hearing, and sight, and hearts: [yet] how seldom are you grateful!"
67:24  Say: "It is He who has multiplied you on earth; and it is unto Him that you shall be gathered [on resurrection]."
67:25  But they [only] ask, "When is this promise to be fulfilled? [Answer this, O you who believe in it,] if you are men of truth!"
67:26  Say thou, [O Prophet:] "Knowledge thereof rests with God alone; and I am only a plain warner."
67:27  Yet in the end, when they shall see that [fulfilment] close at hand, the faces of those who were bent on denying the truth will be stricken with grief; and they will be told, "This it is that you were [so derisively] calling for!"
67:28  SAY [O Prophet]: "What do you think? Whether God destroys me and those who follow me, or graces us with His mercy - is there anyone that could protect [you] deniers of the truth from grievous suffering [in the life to come]?"
67:29  Say: "He is the Most Gracious: we have attained to faith in Him, and in Him have we placed our trust; and in time you will come to know which of us was lost in manifest error."
67:30  Say [unto those who deny the truth]: "What do you think? If of a sudden all your water were to vanish underground, who [but God] could provide you with water from [new] unsullied springs?"