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67:1  The Most Blessed One is God Who has the dominion of creation in His hand and is capable of doing anything that pleases Him
67:2  God has created the phenomena of death and life in order to see what kind of good deeds man will accomplish. God is Almighty and Forgiving
67:3  God is the One Who has created seven universes one engulfing the other. Observe and observe again to see if you may detect any fault in the dominion of the creation of the Most Gracious
67:4  Continue observation after observation till the result put you in the state of awe about the vastness and the flawlessness of His Dominion
67:5  God has adorned the lowest universe with the sources of light [probably a reference to the Quasars], being used as missiles against the devils [perhaps the reference is to anti-matter which will be destroyed immediately in contact with the matter] and prepared for them a blazing fire
67:6  As far as those who disbelieve in God, they will be subjected to the torture in Hell. Indeed the Hell is the worse place to end up in
67:7  Anytime that the disbelievers are thrown into Hell they will hear its roaring as it boils up
67:8  The Hell Keepers will ask them in rage: “Did not anybody warn you of this moment?”
67:9  They will reply: “Yes, indeed a Warner came to us but we mocked at him saying: God has not revealed anything to you; you and your followers are indeed wrong.”
67:10  Then they will say with sorrow: “If we had listened, we would not have ended up here in Hell.”
67:11  So they will acknowledge their sins, but it will be too late to ask for God’s forgiveness
67:12  Forgiveness, and a great reward, is for those who are mindful of their unseen Lord during their earthly life
67:13  It is alike for God whether you murmur secretly or speak loudly in public. God hears everything. He even knows your secret thoughts
67:14  How is it possible that the Creator does not know his creature? Your Lord knows the finest mysteries and he is the Most Aware
67:15  He is the One Who has made the earth hospitable for you. Roam its corners, find your provision and know that one they you will return to meet your Lord
67:16  It is only in account of God’s mercy that you walk so proudly on earth…
67:17  …. without being constantly afraid of a sudden quake, swallowed by earth or destroyed by a twister
67:18  As a warning, I (God) destroyed the disbelievers of the past with terrible natural disasters so that man be grateful for the security that his Lord has provided for him on earth
67:19  Do the disbelievers not see the birds above them who spread their wings and close the? Non but your Merciful Lord is upholding them in the sky. Know that God watches over [not only the birds but over] everything
67:20  Tell Me, is there any army in the universe mightier than God, the Most Gracious, to help you when you are in need? What a pity that the disbelievers simply do not get it
67:21  Tell Me, who is going to feed you, if the Most Merciful decides to cut your provision? What a pity that the disbelievers deny the simple facts
67:22  Tell Me, which one is better, walking upright on a smooth road or putting head down like the cattle and following rest of the herd
67:23  Mohammad, tell them that: “God is the One Who created you at first place and enabled you to see and to hear and to think. What a pity that most of you do not use these faculties as a sign of being grateful to your Creator
67:24  Tell them the Creator is the One Who let you spread all over the world and He is the One Who will gather you from every corner of the earth to face His Justice
67:25  Jokingly they ask: “When will this happen?”
67:26  Tell them: “Only God knows when. I do not know the time. My only job is to warn you.”
67:27  When the Day of Judgment arrives, their faces will look like the criminals who are being led to the prison. Then they will be said: “This is the time that you were wondering when it will happen.”
67:28  Tell them: “Suppose God answered your prayers and destroyed Mohammad and other Muslims, what will it profit you? You should worry about yourselves as to how you will save yourselves from the punishment of God.”
67:29  Tell them: “God is the Most Merciful to us for the simple reason that we believe in God and in God we trust.”
67:30  Tell them: “If God decides to dry up your source of the water [that you take it for granted], who else beside God you have to turn to restore to you the running springs of water