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57:1  All things in the Heavens and the Earth glorify Allah; the Almighty, the Wise.
57:2  The Heavens and the Earth are in His control; He gives life, death and has absolute control over all things.
57:3  He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Unseen and the Knower of all things.
57:4  He created Heavens and the Earth in six days, then established Himself on His Throne as befits Him. He knows what goes inside the Earth and what comes out from it, and what comes down from the sky, and what goes up. He is with you wherever you are, and sees whatever you do.
57:5  He has the control of the Heavens and the Earth and all things will return to Allah.
57:6  He extends the night into the day, and the day into the night, so varying the length of day and night. He is the Knower of the secrets of the mind
57:7  Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and spend from what He has handed over to you. The believers who spend in Allah’s way will have a great reward.
57:8  What is the matter with you that you don’t believe in Allah, when the Messenger calls you so that you may believe in your Lord? He has already taken a pledge from you, if you are believers.
57:9  He reveals clear teachings to His servant, to take you out of darkness into light, and treats you kindly.
57:10  Why don’t you spend in Allah’s way? All things in the Heavens and the Earth belong to Allah. None of you can be equal to him who spent and fought before the victory of Makkah. Their status is far higher than those who spent and fought afterwards. However, Allah promised to be generous to all. He is fully aware of what you do
57:11  Who will give Allah a beautiful loan so that He may multiply it for him, and reward him generously?
57:12  On that Day you will see believing men and women with their lights shining ahead of them, and on their right-hand side. Believers! Here is good news for you today: a home in Paradise with streams running beneath it, where you will live forever. This is the supreme victory.
57:13  That Day, hypocrite men and women will ask the believers, “Wait a moment, let us benefit from your light.” They will be told, “Go back and get the light.” Then a wall with a gate will be put up between the believers and them. Inside the wall is divine benevolence and comfort, outside is pain and suffering.
57:14  The hypocrites will then call to the believers: “Weren’t we with you?” “Yes, but you succumbed to your temptations, you were hesitant to believe, full of doubts, and you were deceived by false hopes until the Divine Command came. The deceiver deceived you!
57:15  Today, no ransom will be accepted from you or from the disbelievers. Your home will be the Hellfire; that will be your residence, and a wretched destination.
57:16  Hasn’t the time come for the believers, that their hearts submit humbly to Allah’s remembrance and the revealed truth? Don’t be like the ancients, who were given the Scripture, and with passing of time their hearts hardened; they were mostly lawbreakers.
57:17  Know, Allah gave life to Earth when it was lifeless, that’s how We explain for you the signs, so you may understand
57:18  Men and women who gave charity as a beautiful loan to Allah will have it multiplied for them, and will be generously rewarded by Allah.
57:19  The believers in Allah and His messenger are the truthful and the martyrs in the Sight of Allah. They will have a special reward and a light. The deniers of Our Scripture are the people of Hell
57:20  You should know, the worldly life is a sport and an amusement, an attraction, showing off among yourselves and wanting more wealth and children. The rain is an illustration of it; the farmer delights in the rapid growth of his crops, then they dry and he sees them turning yellow, then turn into dry stubble. In the Hereafter there will be severe punishment for the disbelievers, but for the believers forgiveness and His Divine pleasure. The life of this world is a provision that deceives.
57:21  Therefore, compete with each other for Your Lord’s forgiveness and Paradise, its breadth is like the breadth of the Heavens and the Earth, prepared for the believers of Allah and His messengers. That’s Allah’s grace; He gives it to who He pleases. And Allah is the Most Gracious
57:22  Any disaster on Earth or to yourselves is written down before it happens; this is easy for Allah.
57:23  Its purpose: to ensure you don’t become hopeless because of your loss, nor boast about your gain. Allah doesn’t like the braggarts,
57:24  or those who are miserly and tell others to be miserly. If anyone turns away, remember Allah is Self-Sufficient, deserving of all Praise.
57:25  We sent our messengers with clear proofs, the Book, and Scales of Justice so people may establish justice. We sent down iron; a strong metal with many benefits for people, to see who uses this to help Allah and His messengers, without seeing Him. Indeed, Allah is the Strong, Almighty
57:26  We sent Nuh and Ibrahim, and blessed their children with prophethood and the Book; some of them were guided, but most were lawbreakers.
57:27  We sent more messengers in their footsteps, including Isa son of Maryam, to whom We gave the Gospel. We filled his follower’s hearts with compassion, and they invented self-denial, which We hadn’t prescribed for them. They invented this to seek Allah’s pleasure, but failed to fulfil its requirements. Those who believed, We rewarded them, but many were lawbreakers
57:28  Believers, be mindful of Allah and believe in His Messenger, so you are given a double share of His Kindness. He will offer you a light to walk in, and forgiveness. Allah is the Forgiving, the Caring.
57:29  Let the People of The Book know, they don’t control Allah’s grace, that’s in Allah’s hand; He gives it to anyone He wants. Allah’s grace is vast