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58:1  Allah heard the woman who pleaded with you about her husband and complained to Allah, and Allah heard your conversation. Allah is the Hearer, the Seeing.
58:2  Those of you who divorce their wives by Zihar should know that they are not their mothers. Their mothers are those who gave birth to them; they are saying something horrible and false. Indeed, Allah is Pardoner and Forgiver.
58:3  Those who divorce their wives by Zihar, and then decide to take back what they have said, must free a slave before they sleep together. This is what you have been ordered to do. Allah is fully aware of what you do.
58:4  Anyone who can’t do this must fast for two consecutive months, before sleeping together. If he is unable to do that, then he should feed sixty needy people. This will be a proof of your faith in Allah and His Messenger. These are the boundaries of Allah. And for the disbelievers is painful punishment
58:5  Those people who opposed Allah and his Messenger have been disgraced, like those disgraced before them. We sent clear signs, and for the disbelievers is humiliating punishment.
58:6  The Day Allah raises them up they will be told what they did. Allah has taken account of all they did, but they forgot it. And Allah is Witness of all things
58:7  Don’t you realise Allah knows what is in the Heavens and the Earth? There is no private conversation between three people but He is their fourth, if five He is their sixth; whether they are few or more, He is with them wherever they are. Then, on Judgement Day, He will tell them what they did. Indeed, Allah knows all things
58:8  Haven’t you seen those who were forbidden to hold private conversations, yet they return again and again to do what they were forbidden? When they talk privately, they conspire to do that which is sinful, hostile and disobedient to the Prophet. When they come to you, they greet you with what Allah doesn’t greet you with, and they tell themselves: “Why doesn’t Allah punish us for what we said?” Hell will be sufficient for them; they will burn in it. What a wretched place of rest.
58:9  Believers, when you talk in private, do not plot to sin, create hostility towards, or disobedience of the Messenger, but talk about goodness and being mindful of Allah. Be aware of Allah; you shall be gathered before Him.
58:10  Any other kind of private conversations are the works of Satan, which makes the believers unhappy; he can’t harm them except by the will of Allah. So the believers should put their trust in Allah
58:11  Believers, when you are asked to make room in congregations then do so, Allah will make it spacious for you. If you are told to get up from your place then do so; Allah will raise the ranks of the believers among you, particularly those who have knowledge. Allah is aware of what you do
58:12  Believers, before you consult the Messenger privately, offer charity for the consultation. That’s a good practice and purification for you. If you can’t offer anything, then you will still find Allah Most Forgiving, Most Kind
58:13  Are you afraid of offering charity before your private consultation? If you haven’t done so, Allah has forgiven you; so perform the prayer, and pay the Zakat and obey Allah and his Messenger. Allah is fully aware of what you do
58:14  Have you seen those who befriend a group with whom Allah is angry? They are neither from you nor from them, and knowingly take false oaths.
58:15  Allah has prepared a severe punishment for them. What they are doing is evil.
58:16  They take their oaths as shields, so they can stop people from the path of Allah; for them is a humiliating punishment.
58:17  Neither their wealth nor their children will benefit them in the slightest against Allah. These are people of the Fire; they shall live there forever.
58:18  The Day Allah raises them up, they will swear before Him as they swear before you now, thinking it will help them. Be aware, they are liars.
58:19  Satan has control over them, and has made them forget the remembrance of Allah. They are the party of Satan. Be aware, these are party of the Satan, they are the losers.
58:20  Those who opposed Allah and his Messenger are the most despised
58:21  Allah has declared: “I and My messengers will always be the winners.” Allah is Strong and Almighty.
58:22  You won’t find those who believe in Allah and the Last Day dedicated to those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they are their parents, or children, or brothers or relatives. These are the ones whose hearts Allah has strengthened with faith, and helped them with a spirit from Himself. He will take them into gardens with rivers flowing beneath them, where they will live forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. These are the party of Allah. Be aware, the party of Allah will win