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47:1  Those who disbelieved and hindered (others) from the Way of Allah, He allowed their deeds to follow a wrong track
47:2  And those who Believed and did righteous deeds and Believed in accordance with what has been delivered to Muhammad, for it is Al-Haqq coming from their Nourisher-Sustainer, He absolved them of their misdeeds and improved and reformed their state
47:3  This (is so) because those who disbelieved have followed Al-batil. And that those who Believed have followed Al-Haqq coming from their Nourisher-Sustainer. Thus Allah sets forth for mankind their similitudes
47:4  When you became interlocked (in an armed encounter) with those who disbelieved, then smiting the necks (becomes obligatory) until the stage when you have fully subdued them. Then firmly establish the process of arrest. Then if whatever generosity (is to be done, it would be done) later on; and if whatever ransom (is to be eccepted it also would process later on. Generosity or ransom do not apply) untill the war lays down its burdens (i.e., it has completely exhausted its fury). That (is the Law). And if Allah desires, He will surely implement retribution on them; but (He prefers a bitter fight) so that He may test some of you through some (others). And those who are slain in the Way of Allah — so He will never let their deeds be lost (or go in vain)
47:5  Soon He will guide them and set right their state
47:6  and admit them to the Garden which He has fully introduced to them
47:7  O you people who have Believed! If you provide help to Allah, He will help you and make your footholds firm
47:8  And those who have disbelieved, then for them is destruction and He allowed their deeds to follow a wrong track
47:9  This (happened) because they hated what Allah has sent down (as His Permanent Scripture); so He made their deeds go as waste
47:10  Have they not then travelled through the earth, so that they may watch what became the final end of those (who inhabited the earth) before these people? Allah made the destruction descend on these people; and for the disbelievers — similar to it
47:11  This is because Allah is Maula (Protector, Ally, Helper, Master) of those who have Believed and as those who are disbelievers — there is no Maula for them
47:12  Certainly, Allah will admit those who have Believed and have done righteous deeds into Gardens, flow underneath them rivers. And those who have disbelieved enjoy and eat as the four-legged animals eat, and the Fire (will be) their abode
47:13  And how many of the towns — that (had been) mightier in power than your town which has driven you out — We have annihilated, so there was no helper unto them
47:14  Is then that, who is on Bayyinah (‘Clear Proof’) coming from his Nourisher-Sustainer — like one for whom the evil of his deed has been made fair-seeming to him, and they followed their vain desires
47:15  The example of the Garden which has been promised to the righteous individuals: therein are rivers of water, not that which changes (its colour, taste or smell), and rivers of milk whose taste changes not, and rivers of fermented liquid — a delight to those who may sip, and rivers of honey — purified and cleansed. And for them, therein are available from all kinds of fruits as well as forgiveness proceeding from their Nourisher-Sustainer. (Is such a righteous individual) like that who is an abider in the Fire? And they were made to drink very hot water, so it cut off their intestines
47:16  And among them is that who will listen to you until when they dispersed from your presence, they said to those who have been given Al-Ilm (‘The Knowledge’): “What is that which he uttered just now?” They are those Allah has put a seal over their hearts, and they have followed their vain desires
47:17  Those who accepted Guidance, He increased them in Guidance, and He bestowed on them their piety
47:18  Do they then await (any thing) other than the Hour, so that it may come upon them out of a sudden (and they remain unprepared for it)? So surely, have gone forth pre-requisites to it. Then how (will it be useful) to them, when it (the Hour) has already arrived on them — zikrahum (a reminder unto them). [The emergence of the Last Prophet (33/40), the swift assault by Yajuj and Majuj (18/92-99, 21/96) and the appearence of Daabbah to admonish the people (27/82) are the three pre-requisites for the Doom's Day]
47:19  So do realise that it (is so): La ilaha ill Allah [(there is) no god except Allah]; and ask forgiveness for your sin and for (the sins of) the Believing males and Believing females. And Allah knows the site and state of your activities and movement, and your (final) resting place
47:20  And those who have Believed say: “Why is not a Surah sent down?” So when a decisive Surah has been sent and Qital (an armed encounter) has been mentioned therein — you have seen those in whose hearts is sickness — they look towards you with the look of one who has a shadow of death hanging over him. But preferable for them (is) —
47:21  obedience and a straight forward statement. And when the decision (for Qital) became firm, then if they had remained truthful to Allah (in their commitment), surely it would have been better for them
47:22  Would you then be tempted if you gained authority, that you may create mischief on the earth and cut off your wombs (i.e., sever your ties of kinship)
47:23  Those individuals are those whom Allah has cursed so He has made them deaf and has blinded their sights
47:24  Would they then not ponder deeply in Al-Quran, or (is it that) on the hearts (are set) locks of their own
47:25  Verily, those who have turned away on their backs after Al-Huda became fully evident unto them — Satan has seduced them, while (Allah) has sanctioned a temporary respite for them
47:26  That is because they said to those who hated what Allah has sent down: “Soon we obey you in some of the matters.” And Allah Knows their secret (thoughts)
47:27  Then how (will they protect their integrity) when the angels will cause them to die? They will smite their faces and their backs
47:28  That is because they followed which angered Allah, and they disliked His pleasure and assents. So He made their deeds go waste
47:29  Have those in whose hearts is sickness assessed that Allah will not expose their ill-wills and filthy plans
47:30  If We think proper We will show them to you, then you surely recognised them by their marks and signs; and surely you would recognise them in the very tone of their statement. And Allah Knows your deeds
47:31  And surely, We shall test you until We know Al-Mujahidun (those who strive hard) amongst you, and As-Sabirun (the perseverent and steadfast individuals), and We will verify the news about you
47:32  Verily, those who have disbelieved and they have hindered (people) from the Way of Allah, and have created hurdles for the Messenger after what became manifestly clear to them as Al-Huda — they will never hurt Allah in the least, and soon He shall make their deeds go waste
47:33  O you who have Believed! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and render not vain your deeds
47:34  Surely, those who have disbelieved and they have hindered (people) from the Way of Allah, then they have died and they (remained) disbelievers — so Allah shall never grant forgiveness unto them
47:35  So feel not weak and ask not for ceasefire, and you are those who must have the upper hand, and Allah is alongwith you, and He will never lookdown your performances
47:36  Certainly, what (is a fact is that) the life devoted to this immediate world (becomes) a play and sport. But if you accept Faith and pay obedience, He will pay you your rewards and will not ask for your possessions
47:37  If He will ask you for that, then (also) pressurise you — you would covetously withhold and (thus) He will expose your ill-wills (and undesirable intentions)
47:38  So you people are indeed those individuals: you are called upon that you may spend in the Cause of Allah. So amongst you is that who behaves as a niggardly person. And whosoever behaves as niggardly, so surely what (is a fact is that) he becomes niggardly against his own Nafs. And Allah is the Self-Sufficient while you are the needy. And if you will turn back He will bring in place a nation other than you, then they will not be your likes