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45:1  +[ M\m.
45:2  The sending down the Book successively is from God, The Almighty, The Wise.
45:3  Truly, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the ones who believe.
45:4  And in your creation and what He disseminates of moving creatures are signs for a folk who are certain,
45:5  the alternation of the nighttime and the daytime and what God caused to descend from the heaven of provision. He gave life with it to the earth after its death and the diversifying of the winds—signs for a folk who are reasonable.
45:6  These are the signs of God We recount to thee with The Truth. Then, in which discourse, after God and His signs, will they believe?
45:7  Woe to every false, sinful one!
45:8  He hears the signs of God being recounted to him. Again, he persists as one who grows arrogant as if he hears them not. So give him good tidings of a painful punishment!
45:9  And if he knew anything about Our signs, he took them to himself in mockery. Those, for them is a despised punishment.
45:10  Behind them there is hell. What they earned will avail them not at all nor whatever they took to themselves other than God as protectors. And for them will be a tremendous punishment.
45:11  This is a guidance. Those who were ungrateful for the signs of their Lord, for them there is a punishment of painful wrath.
45:12  God! It is He Who caused the sea to be subservient to you that the boats may run through it by His command and so that you be looking for His grace and so that perhaps you will give thanks.
45:13  And He caused to be subservient to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth. All is from Him. Truly, in that are signs for a folk who reflect.
45:14  Say to those who believed: Forgive those who hope not for the Days of God that He give recompense to a folk according to what they had been earning.
45:15  Whoever did as one in accord with morality, it is for himself and whoever did evil, it is against himself. Again, to your Lord you will be returned.
45:16  And, certainly, We gave the Children of Israel the Book, the critical judgment and the prophethood and We provided them from what is good and We gave them advantage over the worlds
45:17  and We gave them clear portents of the command. And they are not at variance until after the knowledge drew near them through insolence among themselves. Truly, thy Lord will decree between them on the Day of Resurrection about what they had been at variance in it.
45:18  Again, We assigned thee an open way of the command so follow it and follow not the desires of those who know not.
45:19  Truly, they will never avail thee against God at all. And, truly, the ones who are unjust, some of them are protectors of some others. But God is Protector of the ones who are Godfearing.
45:20  This is a clear evidence for humanity and a guidance and a mercy for a folk who are certain.
45:21  Assumed those who sought to do evil deeds that We will make them equal with those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality? Are their living and dying equal? How evil is the judgment they give!
45:22  And God created the heavens and the earth with The Truth so that every soul would be given recompense for what it earned and they, they will not be wronged.
45:23  Hadst thou considered he who took to himself his own desire as his god and whom God caused to go astray out of a knowledge, sealed over his having the ability to hear and his heart and laid a blindfold on his sight? Who, then, will guide him after God? Will you not, then, recollect?
45:24  And they said: There is nothing, but this present life of ours. We die and we live and nothing causes us to perish but a long course of time. And there is for them not any knowledge. Truly, they are but surmising.
45:25  And when are recounted to them Our signs, clear portents, then, disputation had not been but that they said: Bring our fathers if you had been ones who are sincere.
45:26  Say: God gives you life. Again, He causes you to die. Again, He will gather you on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt but most of humanity knows not.
45:27  And to God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And on a Day that the Hour will be secure, on that Day the ones who deal in falsehood will lose.
45:28  Thou wilt see each community one who crawls on its knees. Each community will be called to its book: This Day you will be given recompense for what you had been doing.
45:29  This is Our Book that speaks for itself against you with The Truth. Truly, We registered what you had been doing.
45:30  Then, as for those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, their Lord will cause them to enter in His mercy. That will be the winning the clear triumph.
45:31  But as for those who were ungrateful: Be not My signs recounted to you? Then, you grew arrogant and you had been a folk, ones who sin!
45:32  And when it was said: Truly, the promise of God is true and the Hour, there is no doubt about it. You said: We are not informed about the Hour. Truly, We think it but an opinion and we are not ones who ascertain it.
45:33  And shown to themselves will be the evil deeds they did. They will be surrounded by what they had been ridiculing.
45:34  It would be said: This Day We will forget you as you forgot the meeting of this your Day. Your place of shelter will be the fire and there is not for you any one who helps.
45:35  This is because you took to yourselves the signs of God in mockery and this present life deluded you. So this Day they will not be brought out from there nor will they ask to be favored.
45:36  So The Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of the worlds.
45:37  And His is the domination of the heavens and the earth. And He is The Almighty, The Wise.