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45:1  H. (Ha), M. (Meem) the Surah opens with these introductory letters from the Arabic Alphabet to draw attention to the miracle of the Quran which though written in the people's tongue, cannot be emulate
45:2  It -the Quran- is a Book that is emphatically revealed by Allah in complete glory, featuring Him as the guide, and who could be a better guide than Allah, AL-Aziz (the almighty), AL-Hakim (the Wise
45:3  The heavens and the earth are teeming indeed with signs and symbols expressive of acts of miraculous nature serving to demonstrate divine Singleness, Uniqueness, Omnipotence and Authority for those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues
45:4  And in the special creation* of you people , and in the propagation of the animal kingdom all around , are signs and symbols serving to demonstrate divine omnipotence and authority for people who ponde
45:5  And the variation in duration besides the constant alternation and succession symbolic of the night and the day*, and the rain Allah sends down from the floor of the vault of heaven wherewith He revives the earth after it has suffered death,** and the air in motion in the various directions and of varying degrees of force*** perceptible to the senses and the variation in weight and pressure are indeed signs emblematic of His Omnipotence and Authority, for people who reflec
45:6  So, these are cosmic signs characteristic of the vast scale of the universe and its changes which We relate to you O Muhammad in truth by inspiration actuated by the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). If they -the infidels- refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs; what then will convince them if this Quran and these signs do not
45:7  Denunciated shall be every sinful liar who intentionally asserts what is false and relates it to Allah, and clothes himself with the ugly vesture of wickedness
45:8  A vesture of wickedness that makes him counsel deaf to Allah's revelations when they are recited, declaring to him what is in conformity with truth and in agreement with reality. He intentionally closes his heart's ears and exercises inordinate self-esteem as though he lacked his sense of hearing. Tell him O Muhammad to expect a condign punishment
45:9  And when he -this wicked- commits to memory any of our revelations or hears of any of our signs demonstrating Omnipotence and Authority, he turns them into ridicule, and his vanity blows malicious mockery. Such persons are incensed with multiple wrongs; they shall suffer multiple humiliations and a mortifying punishment
45:10  Hell awaits them and asserts them as her own and shall beset them on all sides. There and then nothing they earned, accomplished or gained here will be of advantage to them nor will those whom they adopted besides Allah and held in reverence and veneration avail them benefit or afford them help, and they shall suffer grievously
45:11  This Quran features the spirit of truth guiding into all truth; and those who refuse to acknowledge its revelations and deny Allah's signs demonstrating Omnipotence and Authority shall suffer excruciating pain and be put to torture
45:12  Allah is He who reduced the sea* to a state of subjection under your dominion and authority so that ships may float thereon for transportation by His invisible acting force that produces their motion, that is besides being of service in effecting your objects sought after of His bounty so that your bosoms would hopefully surge up and answer thanks
45:13  And He reduced for you all that the heavens and the earth contain to a state of subservience: heavenly bodies, earth, water, air, fire, deserts. All, like yourselves and your belongings, are not really your own, but His. Here, there and everywhere are signs with prodigies emblematic of Omnipotence and Authority sensed by those who consider matters and ponder their cause
45:14  Say O Muhammad to those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues to forgive and give up resentment against those who do not expect with desire nor desire with expectation the days when Allah requites like for like and repays a people with what is commensurate with their deeds
45:15  He who does what effects a good purpose and what is consonant with equity, and his deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety will have benefited his own soul, and he who is wrongful of actions and instills evil in his works will have lost his own soul; then ultimately to Allah, your Creator, shall all of you be brought back
45:16  Allah asserts: " We gave Bani-Israel (the Children of Israel) the Book and authority and soundness of judgment in the choice of means and ends and bestowed on them the Divine prerogative of Prophethood, We provided them with victuals of the various good and wholesome kinds of provisions, and they wore Our favour to the end that We preferred them above all peoples*. (At the time when idolatry and aetheism prevailed
45:17  And We presented them with clear divine evidence serving as the ground for belief, yet they did not move to disagree among themselves and be at variance until they had received informative knowledge and intellectual acquaintance with the truth. They, then, vented what their breasts* have forged of enmity, ill- will and envy occasioned by their contemplation of your superior advantages. But Allah shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection on the strained points upon which the whole unreasoning turns
45:18  Then We determined for you O Muhammad the statute, the perfect exemplar of excellence, the statute which We ordained for the Messengers before you. So, act upon it and in accordance with it and do not gratify those who knowingly deviate from the path of righteousness, nor act upon their desires
45:19  They are of no advantage to you nor can they avail you protection from Allah's punishment. In fact the perverse who are wrongful of actions joined in mutual intimacy, whereas Allah is the friend and protector of those who are eminent in piety; they enjoy His special favour
45:20  This Quran is a spectacle of truth guiding people into all truth and inducing those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues to lift to Him their inward sight and entertain expectation of His mercy which is imbued in this Book
45:21  Or do those whose deeds are haunted with evil, conceive in their minds that We assess them in life and death in the same value We ascribe to those whose hearts have been impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety? How absurd and irrational is their judgment
45:22  And in accordance with reason and truth did Allah create the heavens and the earth, and the truth is unfolded to their own view demonstrates omnipotence and authority. He purposed to requite every soul with what is commensurate with its qualities and its actions, and they shall not be wronged
45:23  Have you seen O Muhammad the one who is possessed by the idea directing him emotionally to take his personal vanity as his deity and look up to it in adoration, knowing that he is wrongful of action! and on that ground did Allah lead him into error and deny him intellectual hearing and close his heart's ears and veil his mind's eyes and dispose him to denseness of intellect! So conditioned, who then, besides Allah, can guide him to the path of righteousness? Will you people not ponder
45:24  And those who deny future life think aloud the thoughts passing through their minds: "There is only this present life " they say, " we die and as the grass upon the earth shall our posterity be ", then they shall also die and their posterity live, until time does away with life and reduces this world into a useless form and all time shall appear but short time, but indeed as no time". So they think, and with their ignorance of the facts, their action of evidence fails to convince their minds, and their supposition is formed on grounds admittedly insufficient
45:25  And when Our clear and evident revelations are recited to them indicating Our Omnipotence to effect Resurrection, the only reason they bring in support of their notion existing only in thought is the same argument they always advance, thus: "Bring Our fathers back to life, if indeed what you claim be true."
45:26  Say to them O Muhammad: "Allah has brought you to this world and caused you to exist from nothingness and He occasions your death when you end your days, then brings you together on the Day of Resurrection, the Day giving no occasion to doubt or uncertainty". But most people do not realize this fact nor do they bring vividly before their minds Allah's Omnipotence to effect what He will
45:27  And to Him belong the sovereignty and the absolute controlling power of the heavens and the earth, and when the predetermined final Hour arrives at the defined time, there and then, shall those who assert falsehood lose their way and incur the loss of every attribute they formerly possessed
45:28  And you shall see every nation falling on their knees with horror driven through them compounded of pain and fear. Each nation in its corporate character is being called to account according to their good or bad books, and be told: "Today you are requited with what is commensurate with your deeds"
45:29  This is Our Book of Records in which entry of your deeds has been made in truth. We have kept a register in which Our angels committed to writing every word, deed and event in a precise manner affording indisputable evidence of all matters in question
45:30  So that those who believed with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety, shall Allah, their Creator, welcome into the realm of His mercy; a state of supreme triumph
45:31  But as to those who denied Allah, they will be told: "Have Our revelations not been recited to you but you exercised inordinate self-esteem, and you obstinately determined to criminate yourselves by allusion to falsehood; an allurement by which you fell and were a people of sin!"
45:32  "And when it was related to you by Our Messenger that the promise of Allah is the absolute truth and that the predetermined final Hour is an undoubted and inevitable event, you always stated explicitly": “We do not profess to know what the predetermined final Hour is, nor do we recognize it; in effect our opinion of it is only a supposition formed on grounds admittedly insufficient”
45:33  There and then shall their deeds of iniquity, and their actions of an evil savour present themselves to them and be on view, and now on all sides shall they be beset by the same material and immaterial things they turned into ridicule
45:34  And they are told: "Now is the Day we forget you and you will be left to twist and turn in the scorching flames of Hell, in vindication of the right you had willfully forgotten; You neglected the noble discourse, addressed to you; you disregarded Allah and His Omnipotence to effect what He will, and you failed to advance what would serve as a future security on this momentous Day, therefore it serves you right to be in Hell which punishes wrong and avenges crime, and no one now can afford you help"
45:35  "A penalty imposed on you people in the train of blowing malicious mockery at Allah's revelations and signs which demonstrated Omnipotence and Authority, and you were also deceived by the sensuous enjoyment you regarded as the chief object of life". Therefore, now such persons will not be delivered out of it nor will they be reproached
45:36  Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and of this world and the world to come and of the state of past, present and future existence
45:37  It Him befits the unique attribute of " Proper Pride " as well as the glory, majesty and splendour attendant upon the manifestation of His Supreme Being in the heavens and on earth And He is AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)