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92:1  I swear by the night when it covers over,
92:2  And by the day as it radiantly appears,
92:3  And by the One who created the male and the female (active and receptive energies),
92:4  Indeed, your efforts are of different intentions.
92:5  He who gives (both of himself, i.e. his constructed identity, and from himself, i.e. from that which is valuable for him) and protects himself,
92:6  And believes in (confirms) the Most Beautiful (Names) (to be his essential reality),
92:7  We will ease him towards ease.
92:8  But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need (for purification and protection),
92:9  And denies the Most Beautiful (to be his essential reality),
92:10  We will ease him toward the most difficult (to a life veiled from the knowledge of the reality and the sunnatullah)!
92:11  And when he falls (into Hell) his wealth will be of no avail to him.
92:12  Upon Us is guidance to the reality.
92:13  And indeed, to Us belongs the eternal life to come and the present one!
92:14  I have warned you of a blazing Fire.
92:15  Only the most unfortunate will be subjected to it.
92:16  Who had denied and turned away (from his essence)!
92:17  But the one who sought protection will be kept away from it.
92:18  The one who spends his wealth on others to become purified (rather than hoarding),
92:19  And he does this not for a return (nor as the return for anything)!
92:20  Only for the sake of the countenance of his Rabb, the Most High!
92:21  And indeed, he will be pleased!