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93:1  I swear by the morning light (when the sun starts to illuminate the earth; adDhuha),
93:2  And by the night, the time of tranquility.
93:3  Your Rabb has not forsaken you nor is He displeased with you!
93:4  Surely, the eternal life to come is better for you than the present one.
93:5  Your Rabb is going to give to you and you are going to be well pleased!
93:6  Did He not find you an orphan and gave you refuge?
93:7  Did He not find you lost (unaware of your essential reality) and guided you to the reality?
93:8  And did We not find you poor (faqr, in nothingness) and made you rich (with infinity – baqa, i.e.)? (Did we not make you a servant of the Ghani? Did we not enrich and emancipate you?)
93:9  So, do not look down on the orphan,
93:10  And do not scold the one who inquires and wants!
93:11  Express the blessings of your Rabb!