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91:1  And (by) the sun and its forenoon radiance
91:2  And (by) the moon when it ensues it
91:3  And (by) the daytime when it manifests it
91:4  And (by) the night when it envelops it
91:5  And (by) the heaven and That (i.e., The Command) which built it
91:6  And (by) the earth and That (i.e., The Command) which spread it (even)
91:7  And (by) the self and That (i.e., The Command) which molded it
91:8  So He inspired it to its impiety and piety
91:9  He has already prospered who has cleansed it
91:10  And he has already been disappointed who stunts it
91:11  Thamud cried lies in their in ordinance
91:12  As the most wretched of them deputed himself
91:13  Then the Messenger of Allah said to them, "The she-camel of Allah! And (do not hinder) her drinking."
91:14  Yet they cried lies to him. So they hamstrung her; then their Lord devastated them for their guilty (deed), so He leveled it (i.e., destroyed the whole country)
91:15  And He does not fear its Ultimate Outcome